A Doujin Where Shikinami is the Secretary Ship 3 [Typeset]

Feb 4th, 2016
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  1. A Doujin Where Shikinami Became the Secretary Ship 3 Translation
  3. [A Doujin Where Shikinami Became the Secretary Ship 3]
  4. [P. 5 ... The Fleet's Alarm Clock]
  5. [P. 9 ... Sharing]
  6. [P.11 ... On the Other Side of the Glass]
  7. [P.12...Focused on you]
  8. [P.13...Warm Days 1]
  9. [P.14...Warm Days 2]
  10. [P.17...Happy Time]
  11. [P.26...Back Cover]
  13. >Winter
  14. >[The Fleet's Alarm Clock]
  15. >For the Secretary Ship
  16. >This is the toughest season.
  17. >Next up...
  18. >[feedback]
  19. >Wake the fuck up--!
  20. >Hawaaaaahh?!
  22. >The sun's already out! Get up and get to work!
  23. >Oy oy!
  24. >[Well if you're going to do this...]
  25. >Could you give me five hours or so....
  26. >So you'll wake up at noon?!
  27. >Shikinami, Shikinami,
  29. >THis could go on forever. Let's try something a little quicker and easier.
  30. >Commander, it's mealtime!
  31. >Ayanami!!
  32. >You!!!
  33. >What are you doing?!!
  34. >Mm....
  35. >Loosen alrea... | Uwaah?!
  37. >Eh? Are you letting me go
  38. >Ahhhh--no good, I can't get 'em off.
  39. >Ayanami, how tight did you make these?!
  40. >This is okay too.
  41. >Eh, Commander?!
  43. >[Sharing]
  44. >Why won't this room warm up...
  45. >Well, it's a big room and there's only one heater.
  46. >...Oy, then don't hog it.
  47. >Uwah?!
  49. >Here, got some for you.
  50. >...Commander.
  51. >Hm?
  52. >I can tell you're just trying to slack off.
  53. >Ah.
  55. >[On the other side of the GLass]
  56. >Commander's so slow--...
  57. >[Idiot]
  58. >Shikinami | Commander
  60. >[Focused on You]
  61. >Commander, how do you manage to always accumulate this much work?
  62. >If you want me to be honest, it's probably because Shikinami is everywhere...or something.
  63. >As long as she's nearby I can't control my gaze.
  64. >But 24/7 is a little too much~
  65. >....? There something on my face?
  66. >Ah...
  68. [Warm Days 1]
  69. >Achoo!
  70. >A Flu?
  71. >Mm--seems like it.
  72. >If only somebody could take care of me...
  73. >Don't wanna [it's embarassing]
  74. >Commander! Are you okay?!
  75. >Do you want medicine?
  76. >Why don't you hurry up and take a nap? I'll go and get a facemask for you!
  78. >[Warm Days 2]
  79. >Oy--are you really alright?
  80. >Yeah, I told you I'm fi--
  81. >How is that fine?!
  82. >Normally she's so lazy
  83. >why's she so full of vigor now?
  84. >Don't push yourself.
  85. >Mm--I wouldn't mind a nap
  86. >but wouldn't SHikinami have to do all this?
  88. >Does Commander really take workplace courtesies that seriously?
  89. >Real talk though I just want to be around Shikinami longer.
  90. >[Commander...]
  91. >Don't do something crazy.
  92. >Ahhhh~ It's hotter than ever...
  93. >Eh?!
  95. >The Admiral, she?!
  96. >The Commander, she?!
  97. >Got Promoted?!
  98. >To think that even the Commander could...
  99. >Just the idea of how much more work we'll have is making me worry
  100. >[Sigh]
  101. >You don't seem too happy.
  103. >How can I not be happy? | the thought that I'll have to hurry to keep up is a bit of a burden.
  104. >You say that, but Shikinami'd never give up her secretary ship job, right?
  105. > bully.
  106. >Ufufu...
  107. >Uuu~~mmm....
  109. >[Congrats] [Admiral] [On] [Your] [New] [Rank] (Literally: Congratulations Admiral on your Promotion]
  110. >Oh wow
  111. >I heard that you guys were planning to hold a party, but I didn't think you'd all were going full tilt.
  112. >This Promotion's probably all the Admiral's going to get for a while... | We should party hard when it's time to party, eh?
  113. >Well, you do have a point....
  114. >[Put the Admiral's Presents here]
  115. >Ah--Shikinami, | It's almost time to start. Could I ask you to bring the Admiral?
  116. >[Ah...] Mm.
  118. >They're going to get impatient if you don't head down.
  119. >How can I just give up time with just the two of us?!
  120. >Not my fault if everyone gets mad...
  121. >[Note: These are Chocolate Cigarettes (ココアシガレット)a type of candy. This one is a Coffee Cigarette.]
  122. >Well then, let's wait a little more then...
  124. >Mmm....
  125. >What was that, some kind of magic trick? | Or have I actually gone blind?
  126. >Sorry, I don't know how to make ad ove appear.
  127. >...I was also wondering what I could give you.
  128. >But in the end, I couldn't figure it out.
  129. >I don't know what's special.
  130. >So I figured that I would do something different instead of limiting myself to the physical...
  132. >So
  133. >I figured I was wondering whether staying by your side counts as a gift...
  134. >Could this be a confe--...
  135. >Guuuh?!
  136. >Like hell!
  138. >Don't misunderstand,
  139. >I just said I'd be working alongside your lazy ass!
  140. >Who do you think is responsible for your promotion?
  141. >[Who has to fight to wake you up every morning] [To the point of drifting off in class?]
  142. >[Who taught herself cooking?]
  143. >[Who will have to keep walking alongside the Commander from here on out?]
  144. >There's a lot else too...
  146. >But even so, even through all these problems, Shikinami will keep being my secretary ship, right?
  147. >You bully...
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