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  1. @SANews  - Good Afternoon brothers and sisters!
  3. First of all, I would like to thank everyone for your great work and effort and I'm really proud of each one of you! Keep up the great work lads. :chart_with_upwards_trend:
  5. :loudspeaker: @Filip Paxton#8592 has been working in this agency so hard since he joined us and has been helping me a lot in everything, always bringing up suggestions and working only for the seekness and success of SANews agency! Filip showed only the great activity and hard work with Human resources division and SANews in general!
  6. :drum: It is my big pleasure and honor to announce that @Filip Paxton#8592 is going to be promoted as my second assistant therefore ***Ast. Network Producer***!! :clap:
  8. Let's keep moving forward! :mortar_board:
  10. @Bén Béckman#7895 has been serving this agency under Los Santos Journalist division since more than 2 months and showed great activity, she is also one of the people who helped me quite few times by bringing up suggestions and ideas to improve this agency from good to perfect, she has been also a Senior reporter for around a month and proved the loyality for both of the faction and division! Absolutely this incredible work and effort won't go unnoticable! @Bén Béckman#7895 is being promoted to **Newscaster** and **Acting Director of Los Santos Journalist division**! We wish her the best of luck with her position and looking forward to see her as the Director! :clap: :newspaper:
  12. @SANews Let's move on to the divisions/work shoutouts! :hzg:
  14. **Los Santos Journalist division/articles best performers**
  15. :first_place: @Ezeoc#0718 - Travis made around a lot of articles since he joined us and I'm really proud of his work! Keep it up brother!
  16. :second_place: @Finn.#2665 aka Youssef Minrez - Finn as well did two articles with a great quality about factions and gangs, I'd also like to thank Finn for his service as LSJ as he has been appointed today as E&E member!
  17. :third_place: **Taylor Marie** - He did as well two articles with great quality and I'm proud of him!
  19. I would like to thank everyone for your great articles and I'm more than sure that you'll keep up the good work and looking forward for more names in the next announcement!
  21. **Events & Entertainment division/Events best performers**
  22. I would like to thank everyone with no exceptions as we really did a great job in this period! especially:
  23. :medal: @Filip Paxton#8592 For taking care of the lottery and being the most active cash holder & @Ezeoc#0718 for selling a great amount of tickets this period and of course everyone who made events such as @Bén Béckman#7895 - @Finn.#2665 - @Hammond#0240 etcetera! sorry if I forgot to mention your name but I really appreciate everyone's work!
  25. **Human Resources division best performers**
  26. :first_place: Of course the first one to mention here is @Trench#3139 who tries his best to review the applications as fast as he can! I really appreciate your work and I'm looking forward to see you in a higher position!
  27. :second_place: @Filip Paxton#8592 the second best performer in reviewing applications and work is definitely gonna be Filip who always try his best to keep everything perfect and do an incredible work!
  28. :third_place: @Ezeoc#0718 And of third best performer is Travis who recently joined the Human resources division and is and still trying his best to keep everything perfect and review applications as fast as he can! Good job man and I'm sure you'll be one of the best high commands members in the future!
  30. @SANews Lastly and not least, **High-commands best performers**:
  31. :medal: I cannot mention High-commands team without mentioning @!Paul#2134, @Filip Paxton#8592, @Tony®#9869 and @Trench#3139! I really appreicate your work and I'm just speechless how helpfull you're and how much I and SANews owe you! Thank you so much for helping me in everything and I'm sure you're going to be brilliant and achieve higher positions!
  32. =================================================================================
  33. That's all for today's announcement brothers and sisters! Keep up the excellent work and thank you so much for everything you did to keep our agency the best! Merry Christmas :hzg: :chart_with_upwards_trend: :tada:
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