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  1. [01:01 AM]   Aspen Gold sits back on
  3. [01:04 AM]   Hannah Briggs giggles and gives the cutie a hip squeeze, rolling that jean-clad lap up against the babe's booty~
  5. [01:09 AM]   Aspen Gold rolled her hips down atop that denim covered bulge, tight yoga pants hugging those toned hips. And everything else. "We really should do this more often~" she purrs before leaning in to lock lips with her friend, arms looping behind Hannah's neck
  7. [01:11 AM]   Hannah Briggs let out a little giggle, her fingertips digging in a bit more firmly before dancing up along the cutie's ribs. "Mnh, you're not gonna find any disagreements here~" she crooned, a definitive flex of that tenting bulge adding all of the subtlety of a rocket to the conversation. "Though I think you might make a little more progress in front of my lap, rather than on it~" she teased
  9. [01:15 AM]   Aspen Gold giggles softly at that flex beneath her, and gives her hips a few playful bounces, defined but soft cheeks bouncing atop her friend's lap. "I dunno, I reckon I could do plenty up here" she teases before sliding out of the tattooed babe's lap and on to the floor in front of it, needy hands sliding up those denim clad thighs before getting to work at the fly, Aspen's enhanced chest barely contained by the sports bra keeping her covered.
  11. [01:19 AM]   Hannah Briggs smirked at the remark. "I don't doubt that for a second, babe~" she teased, watching as Aspen slid down between those spread open thighs and got to work. Hannah lifted her hips a bit, and once the fly of her jeans was undone, the tattooed beauty was quickly aiding her friend in getting that pesky fabric down around those pale thighs. Hannah hadn't bothered with panties today, and once those jeans were kicked aside, Aspen would be greeted to the looming sway of a thick, rapidly swelling spire of sweat-slicked, ivory meat jutting out obscenely from between Hannah's legs. "But I like you better down here. It's a good look~" she teased, gazing down at the gorgeous face obfuscated by that massive pillar~
  13. [01:23 AM]   Aspen Gold tugged and pulled at those annoying pants as Hannah wiggled to help her get em off. Once they were dealt with, her gaze turned up to meet that one eyed monster's. The tan brunette almost went crosseyed. "Holy fuck..." she muttered under her breath. Aspen was big herself, but Hannah was otherworldly. Both hands curled around that pillar off fuckmeat, stroking gingerly, like she was afraid if she angered it it might bite her.
  15. [01:29 AM]   Hannah Briggs couldn't help but laugh at the girl's response , practically reading her mind. "Don't be shiy~ She doesn't bite." the brunette teased, her hips surging forward to thrust through that double-fisted grip, a sigh of relief escaping her lips in tandem with a thick, pearly bead of gooey pre-nut slathering itself across Aspen's palms. Hannah's heartbeat could be felt in that massive monolith, pumping blood thorough pencil thick veins that throbbed against Aspen's hands, the raw heat of the pale pole increasing as it reached a full, steely hardness in mere moments. "Fuck...that's gonna look so good stretching out your ass~" she winked.
  17. [01:34 AM]   Aspen Gold pursed her lips as Hannah teased, and leaned in as she thrusted through her fists, soft lips sucking at those smooth fun factories, slurping kisses while she built the courage to work her way towards the top. She held tight at the base as she traced that thick cum vein lips and tongue working against it till she reached the leaking crown. The promise of what was to come made the wrestler groan in a mix of fear and anticipation. She silenced herself by sucking the broad tip past her lips, stretching even them wide for the tattooed stud's pleasure. She bobbed as best she could, and worked her tongue at the tip, wriggling it against the eye of that lovecraftian fuckflesh. Her fists worked the rest, smearing the saliva that flowed from her lips and mixing it with what pre she didn't manage to swallow down
  19. [01:38 AM]   Hannah Briggs felt those enormously overstuffed nuts flex and throb at the idle laps of tongue, each overeager in anticipation of draining their contents deep into the gorgeous wrestler soon enough! As Aspen's lips coiled around the very tip of the oversized meat, Hannah let out a lustful sigh, her hips not relenting in their surging, rocking fact, they only increased in pace and vigor, pushing through the squeezing grip, and brutishly forcing several inches of girthy, ivory pole deeper into Aspen's reluctant maw. "Nngh...that's up for me, slut~" she teased. "Trust're gonna want to get all of this dick wet.." she forewarned. Without much regard for the poor girl's well being, Hannah was lifting from her seat slightly, forcefeeding the warm, wet hole with inch after inch of studly she-dick.
  20. [01:44 AM]   Aspen Gold did her best to swallow and widen her jaw as Hannah fucked up in to her mouth off of the couch cushions. She nodded with a wet sound at the warning, her eyes watering up as the stud battered the back of her throat, those plush lips stretched thin around the invading ivory. Despite the discomfort, one of Aspen's hands drifted down, popping her own sizable rod free of it's lycra prison so she could slowly stroke at it and alleviate some of her own pressure, pre drooling from that tan dick while the brawler drooled pre down Hannah's
  22. [01:50 AM]   Hannah Briggs had her head rolling back, eyes closed tight as she enjoyed the warm, slurping mouth reluctantly gagging along that pale pillar, before snapping forward to catch a glimpse of Aspen freeing that sunkissed shaft. With a deviant smirk, Hannah had an idea. Slowly she pushed up off of the couch cushions into a stand. "" she murmured, mostly to herself as she gently...or well, as gently as she could with over a foot of cock cramming into Aspen's mouth, laid the wrestler down across the floor. Straddling her friend's face, Hannah pivoted, swinging her legs about, so that she could take over for the poor girl. Leaning down, Hannah gave that tanned slab a few priming strokes, just in time to start humping downward, setting those pent-up nuts on a collision course with Aspen's nose. Sweetening the deal, Hannah leaned in, planting her lips around the tip of the wrestler's leaking shaft, and offering a gentle reprieve to the ensuing throat ravaging in the form of gentle, slurping sucks along her friend's tip~
  24. [01:54 AM]   Aspen Gold: (Huff. People's. Gimme a bit)
  25. [01:54 AM]   Hannah Briggs: No worries~!
  26. [02:17 AM]   Aspen Gold: (So much huff)
  27. [02:17 AM]   Hannah Briggs smooches
  28. [02:17 AM]   Hannah Briggs: Poor thing
  29. [02:51 AM]   Aspen Gold: (Aaaand finally free)
  30. [02:52 AM]   Hannah Briggs giggles
  31. [02:54 AM]   Aspen Gold: Too late there to pick back up?
  32. [02:55 AM]   Hannah Briggs: I'm up for awhile still!
  34. [03:00 AM]   Aspen Gold's eyes popped wide as Hannah stood up, the sucking brunette not sure just what the towering shestud had in mind. She swallowed around the pale dick, and slowly pumped her own right up until Hannah started to maneuver and lay her on her back. Aspen breathed hot through her nose, and spluttered at the tattooed babe's tricky shift, cock twisting within her gullet. Strong hips bucked up off the floor when Hannah offered up a return on the wrestler's investment, that thick slab pulsing in appreciation, pre pearling at her tip before it rolled down the side. The new slightly more equal setting had Aspen redoubling her efforts, head bobbing up off the floor out if sync with her hips, toned body rolling wavelike on the floor to slurp and feed dick all at once
  36. [03:04 AM]   Hannah Briggs couldn't help but tip the scales in her favor; soon, the lewd oral swapping was anything but equal, with Hannah casually nursing along the first few inches of the babe's toned, drooling prick rather least in contrast to the way that plump, pale backside was wobbling to and fro in it's effort to drive down, probing the depths of Aspen's throat. Hannah groaned lustfully around the burgeoning shaft oozing it's creamy bounty across her tongue, her fat, pendulous sack swinging down to clap rudely against Aspen's nose with every eager, sawing pump, dredging up a thick, cloying sheen of slippery throatslop that she was sure to put to good use....but not until she made sure her friend's pretty dick was properly drained, first~!
  38. [03:09 AM]   Aspen Gold choking on that fat cock, and the promise of nothing less than a gaping looming, Aspen was well and truly out of comfort zone. It was driving her crazy. Her back arched, toned midsection pushing towards Hannah's. Even the lazy nursing had her painfully stiff rod throbbing heavily, pre drooling for the tattooed shestud to enjoy. The gags got louder as Hannah got rougher, funnily enough. Throatslop and pre cum bubbling from the corners of her mouth and pouring down her features with every backstroke of Hannah's soft hips.
  40. [03:12 AM]   Hannah Briggs decided to bring her hands into the fray, the bobbing of those warm, plump lips drawing deeper as Hannah took more of Aspen's length into her mouth. Ivory digits wrapped along the base of the wrestler's cock, pumping in firm-gripped, shallow strokes. The other sought out the tanned, spit-drenched flesh of that swollen sack below, rolling, kneading, and squeezing those churning jizz-tanks. But even as the 'giving' increased, the taking kept ramping up, with deep, sawing pumps claiming the deepest reaches of Aspen's throat every other second, Hannah showing no signs of stopping as she savagely rut her friend's throat raw~
  42. [03:16 AM]   Aspen Gold the tender kneading to her swollen balls, the added hand and extra warm depth of the hung babe's mouth was all too much. Aspen's hips bucked and those trained muscles flexed obscenely, veins rising beneath taught skin as she unloaded in the dominant woman's mouth, her balls tightening, pulsing between those soft fingers while the tan spire throbbed with each heartbeat. The swallowing halted around Hannah's cock, Aspen losing sense of what she was doing as her peak hit, awash in lustfueled bliss while her hands squeezed down on the tattooed stud's soft cheeks
  44. [03:21 AM]   Hannah Briggs had diligently worked to milk those tensed up orbs, drawing out that rather potent climax in record time...but Hannah couldn't help but ramp up her teasing. As soon as the tattooed babe felt the first rope of warm, gluey jizz splattering across her tongue..she pulled back! Those silky lips quickly left Aspen's cock, the firm, squeezing pumps subsided, and her hand fled from pulsing, draining nuts to rest against the cutie's thigh. Hannah giggled to herself, nuzzling down to hilt her cock balls-deep in Aspen's throat as she watched those fat, creamy ropes of jizz rocket up, only to come raining back down against the poor wrestler's untouched pole. "Good girl~" she crooned with a snicker. "Making such a mess."  
  46. [03:31 AM]   Aspen Gold whined and groaned at the cruel treatment, her spit slick pole throbbing above her perfect hips, muscled thighs tense and flexing with each pulse of that abandoned cock, thick creamy ropes arcing beautifully in the air only to land back down on thighs and abs in an obscene Jackson Pollack. Meanwhile the fighter had to tap out in Hannah's soft ass when the realization she hasn't breathed in well.over a minute set in, her face a red mess
  48. [03:35 AM]   Hannah Briggs sufficiently sated, Hannah rather lazily rolled off from the poor girl's face, dragging that massive, sloppy prick out from the deepest reaches of Aspen's throat. Giving the cutie a moment to catch her breath, Hannah admired the sight; the poor girl's face was positively caked with a disgusting mix of spit, pre-nut, and sweat. "Somehow you look even prettier like that~" she teased, reaching out to stroke a hand through the babe's hair. "Roll over, though. We're not done...not yet~" she smirked, a hand moving down to pump at that mammoth fuckpole jutting out iron-hard between her thighs.
  50. [03:40 AM]   Aspen Gold laid flat, legs collapsing to the floor as Hannah let her free. Deep breaths pulled in through a clogged throat, and after coughing up some more mess, Aspen relaxed for a moment, head tipping backwards to look up at Hannah as she pumped that obscene spire. A shiver rolled along her spine at the instruction, but slowly that toned body twisted, till the brawler's sculpted ass and muscular back were in view, her back arching to lift her hips as her knees pulled up beneath her, the pose alone enough to spread her cheeks and show off the dusky ring between those tan globes. Far too tight.
  52. [03:44 AM]   Hannah Briggs smiled as she watched her girl simply do as told, rolling up into the perfect position for taking a cock as big as Hannah's. The tattooed beauty was quickly on her feet, scurrying up behind the wrestler's upturned booty, a hand clapping down on either cheek as she pried them apart. A long, slick glob of spit drooled from pursed lips, splashing down across that puckered star. No where near enough, but it would have to suffice...Hannah was far too eager to put in the time prepping that poor ass, much to Aspen's dismay. With an audible thwap! that fat, meaty slab of spit-drenched dickmeat was nestled between two tanned buns, grinding roughly across that wrinkled star. Wasting no time, Hannah gripped at the base of her shaft, pushing, prodding, and forcing that pretty little muscle to yield to her demands. Grunting groans of frustration echoed out as Hannah fought with the vicelike tightness of Aspen's asshole, but before long, she found herself inching that tight backdoor apart. Slowly, but surely.
  54. [03:50 AM]   Aspen Gold swallowed hard as Hannah got behind her. She'd wanted this, sought it out even. Someone who could take her for the ride for a change. She'd more than met her match this time, the champ gasping loudly at the slap and spread of her cheeks. The grinding that followed inly served to prove to her what exactly she was in for, that thick slab huge against her taught star. The wrestler braced herself as the broad glans pressed against her, fingers curling in the carpet while she breathed deep and did her best to relax that rarely used ring. When Hannah finally got her way, Aspen's face twisted, mouth in a wide O that almost rivaled what was happening at the other end. Almost. Tight ring stretched wide, but the pulpy walls beyond embraced the shestud lovingly, hot flesh enveloping that pale rod while Aspen groaned out loudly throughout the deep intrusion.
  57. [03:54 AM]   Hannah Briggs leaned forward, her hand running in a long, gentle caress starting at the base of Aspen's spine, and ending with a firm grip on the babe's shoulder. With the head of her cock anchored within the velvety embrace of that too-tight fuckhole, Hannah was ready to lay some pipe. Sheer force guided the way, Hannah's strong hips pushing forward with persistence, sinking deeper, stretching wider, and working it's way into the snug, clenching grip of that tender little cocksleeve. " fucking tight, babe~" she groaned out. It took awhile, but soon Hannah had the first few inches of her cock rooted into Aspen's backdoor. Shallow, firm pumps began to saw those reluctant muscles apart, breaking down any shred of resistance as the tatted up stud worked to leverage that little ring apart, burrowing deeper, and deeper with each passing second.
  59. [04:02 AM]   Aspen Gold groaned out through Hannah's steady intrusion in to her guts. That ring stretching wider and wider as the tatted stud plied her trade. Hannah Briggs, professional pipe layer. Aspen was struggling, muscles tense as Miss Briggs opened up depths that had really never been touched. Beneath her that tan rod was already swollen again, throbbing between her thighs and leaking a steady stream of precum on to the floor beneath her. It all got better once Hannah was pumping her hips, those slight draws back making a world of difference for a babe who wasn't used to buttfuckings, let alone from someone as...impressive as Hanmah. "
  60. fucking big. You're gonna break my ass" she muttered under a strained breath.
  62. [04:02 AM]   Aspen Gold: (Interruptions >.< won't be too long though)
  63. [04:03 AM]   Hannah Briggs: (No worries!)
  65. [04:06 AM]   Hannah Briggs chewed roughly at her lower lip, her hips picking up speed as she forced more and more of that turgid pillar into Aspen's backdoor. Before long, well over half of the absolutely mammoth fuckpole was pumping in and out, dragging those clinging inner walls along with it as Hannah forced the poor girl to simply take it. "Nngh...break~? More like..." she grunted, another inch or two of pale, gut-wrenching meat disappearing into the poor bitch's colon. "Reshaping...remolding.." she continued, a hand swinging down to clap roughly across one of those plump, tanned cheeks, the other still firmly gripping at Aspen's shoulder as Hannah worked tirelessly to sink herself balls deep into that forcibly accommodating ass. "Into what it was meant for~" she blurted out, an air of finality to her words, accompanying a triumphant smack of Hannah's bloated, churning nuts against Aspen's taint, that poor little assring clamped around the very base of Hannah's shaft~
  67. [04:23 AM]   Aspen Gold: (Few minutes, sorry, got dragged on a snack run. Took longer than expected)
  68. [04:28 AM]   Hannah Briggs: All good~
  70. [04:41 AM]   Aspen Gold's body rocked and jerked with each thrust Hannah made in to it, the peak of each motion accompanied by a breathy grunt as another section of cock burried inside of her. The tan beaut's prostate pulsed hard benwath the ivory spire that was grinding past it, every muscle in Aspen was working, no exclusions. Her ring clenched as best it could around the tattooed babe's girth, but it had already lost that battle. The walls beyond were snug, but welcoming, constricting around the pumping piston as it drove through them. Her head snapped back when hips met her ass and heavy balls slapped her taint. Hips bucked, and those inner walls clamped and milked at the shestud's hidden rod. She was cumming. Again. Body stretched to its limit and the mindnumbing thought that all that dick she'd marveled at was now deep in her ass, she lost it. Untouched cock spasmed and throbbed, another batch of thick seed spurting out on to the floor while the brawler crooned out sweetly, muscular nod trembling as the pleasure worked through her nerves
  72. [04:49 AM]   Hannah Briggs simply leaned forward even more as she felt that already impossibly tight tunnel gripping at the fat, throbbing rod hidden away within. With her lips nibbling at Aspen's neck, Hannah growled into her ear, feet shuffling to position themselves on either side of the cutie's upturned ass as the fat, pale pole began to well and truly hammer that pristine fuckhole. Crouched over the wrestler's ass, Hannah plunged downward again and again, heavy nuts beating off of those plump cheeks as that battering ram of a cock forced it's way past Aspen's prostate and into her core with every ass-rippling thrust. Every swing of those pendulous nuts would signal them tightening, that heavy cock throbbing, a tell-tale sign that Hannah wasn't going to stay the course for too much longer in the silky depths of hat clamping hole. "Nngh...good..slut~ So..tight.." she growled, mostly to herself as she breathed hot, throaty groans along Aspen's neck
  74. [04:53 AM]   Aspen Gold grunted and groaned, her cock throbbing away beneath her, prostate pumping away for force her thick load through that stiff rod. The constant battering only dragged it out, Aspen's cock throbbing, drooling mess long after her orgasm would usually have ended. She twisted and arched as Hannah laid claim to her guts, and let out a gasp when those strong muscles gave way amidst the rolling pleasure. Flat on the floor in her mess, cock laid out behind her between those muscular thighs, and Aspen's ass was finally relaxing around the big beast that had thoroughly hollowed it out.
  76. [04:56 AM]   Hannah Briggs carried on for what couldn't have possibly been more than a few minutes, though it certainly felt like hours; deep, methodical, probing thrusts. Again, and again, restlessly, ruthlessly slamming her way through those clenching walls. Eventually, all good things had to come to an end, and that savage rutting was no exception. With a breathy, growling groan, Hannah slammed her hips home just a few more times, and began to unload. Thick, cloying ropes of glue-thick ballbatter surging from the very tip of her cock, buried balls-deep inside as she drained her potent load into the deepest reaches of Aspen's bowels, redecorating those strained walls in a pearly shade of creamy white. Slumping down atop the wrestler, Hannah sighed in delight, pinning Aspen beneath her weight as she let those pent up nuts drain completely within the silken grip of her new bitch~
  78. [05:02 AM]   Aspen Gold groaned sweetly as Hannah unloaded in her ass. The spent brunette smiling wide as the big shestud collapsed on top of her. She twisted her head aside, to nuzzle and kiss at her friend's cheek "fuck~"
  80. [05:03 AM]   Hannah Briggs: ♥
  81. [05:08 AM]   Aspen Gold: <3
  82. [05:09 AM]   Aspen Gold: Sorry bout all the interruptions!
  83. [05:11 AM]   Hannah Briggs: No problem~
  84. [05:12 AM]   Aspen Gold:
  85. [05:12 AM]   Aspen Gold: Was exactly the scene I've been craving though<3
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