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  1. ---------- de_inferno T Side ----------
  2. [--Pistol--]
  3. ENCE
  4. Regenedaes
  5. Astralis - menake banana leat leat ve noten boostim ve after mehake le flash ve poretz
  6. [--Anti Eco--]
  7. Anti Eco Fast Split A - rishon sam moly banan ve nade ve after sam smoke la arch ve ani nishar ba ninja mahzik back
  8. Anti Eco Slow Split A - tofsim banana ve az hozrim le split A ve ani nishar ba ninja mahzik back
  10. [--Gun Rounds--]
  11. Astralis Fast A take - re-molotov banana , flash banana , hold flank
  12. NAVI Explode B - flash over Banna , if need after another one , smoke Ruins
  13. 3B ani be A - oleh kuh o site im awp
  14. Mousesports tfisa B - sam smoke fallen ve flash smola
  15. Siyomet Lion - yesh smoke lion + smoke kuh + flash pit meundas + moly ofanaim
  16.                ve double peek la hs ve aharon mahzik et ha off anlge site
  17. Siyomet Windigo - smoke cut off + smoke arch , yozim betiming me ha smoke
  18.                   aharey ha fake palace ve short ve im yesh mosifim smoke library
  19. Siyomet Furia B - flash valliance ve ole al ha c1
  20. Furia 4Mid Control - sam flash meha teala ve im orgim smoke moto
  21. B explosion Valliance - pop flash + smoke ruins fast from window pos
  22. Astralis mid control - flash la short me ha teala smola ben ha delet la kir ba emza
  23. Tricked Split A - lokeah peek mid im yesh awp , sam flash astralis , smoke la HS pit , ve flash lameal a site ve ba leahzik arch
  24. Tricked Apps - mahzik mid , after smoke moto + flash site ve moly cold from mid
  26. Default Fast banana Valliance :
  27. First : Flashing wall and molying sandbags.
  28. Second : Nading somthing and pushing with the first guy
  29. Third : Flashing BIG flash
  30. Fourth : Flashing the awper pick.
  32. ---------- de_inferno CT Side ----------
  33. [--Pistol--]
  36. [--ForceBuy--]
  37. Vici Force Buy -buy p250 and (nade+x2 flash+smoke) , flash HR ,  double nade car from c1
  38.                 together and then play smart with the utility
  40. [--Anti Eco--]
  41. Anti Eco Passive - long mahzik
  42. Anti Eco aggresive- rishon moly teala sheni sam flash le double peek from short
  44. [--Gun Rounds--]
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