Speed 6

May 26th, 2022
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  1. Tora-ou, which had been lowered, tracked Ikki’s heart with its tip.
  2. (Facing him again, the pressure really is incredible.)
  3. There was no point at which he could break into Moroboshi’s
  4. range.
  5. (I don’t think I can use speed to disturb his zone like I did in the
  6. tournament’s first round.)
  7. Ikki reasoned this out.
  8. He was referring to how close his victory against Moroboshi in the Seven Stars Sword-Art Festival had been.
  9. That victory had been less through true power and more about a surprise attack. Moroboshi hadn’t known enough about Ikki, which let Ikki get a major cut in on him before his eyes had gotten used to Ikki’s speed.
  10. The bleeding from that cut had lowered his oxygen circulation.
  11. With his eyesight weakened by that, Moroboshi had been unable to
  12. follow Ikki’s sudden acceleration.
  13. However, Moroboshi was different now.
  14. He was in perfect condition, and moreover, he now knew about
  15. Ikki’s use of Twin-Wings’ style.
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