Fires of war: chapter 1

Nov 22nd, 2017
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  1. Tags: Salamander, Lizardman, Centaur, Mild smut
  3. From Ashes
  5. ~~~
  7. A single day can change so much. Yesterday I was another apprentice warrior. Today I'm supposed to be our village's hero. Am I supposed to feel proud or am I supposed to be nervous? Thinking these things I turn my head to the freshly dug earth.
  9. 'Here lies the hero Welsh, Last of the beast slayers'
  11. Hard to believe he was gone. In the end, it wasn't an enemy that had taken him, but time itself. This man was my grandfather and mentor. While we weren't close, he was the man who had raised me after my father had disappeared. Or abandoned after what welsh had told me on his deathbed.
  13. "Boy, come here."
  15. "You need something, old man?"
  17. "I ain't got much time left. There are some things I need to tell you. You're gonna be my replacement."
  19. This didn't come as a surprise. Our village Lommel wasn't a huge city or town and of the few soldiers we had, I was the most capable.
  21. "I kinda figured it was gonna be that way."
  23. "Don't interrupt what I have to say, ya brat! Anyways, You're gonna be the hero of this place and I want you to take that knife your father left behind."
  25. That "knife" he was referring to was a holy sword known as Arondight. My father had found and used it before he disappeared. It was planted in a clearing in the nearby forest the day he vanished. It's treated as a sacred place since and hasn't been disturbed. The day my father had disappeared a magical barrier was projected around our town that warded off the monsters.
  27. "Don't you think that's overkill? We haven't had to deal with any enemies in almost 20 years."
  29. "The world has been changing more rapidly by the day boy. Makes me miss the days we just stabbed and bludgeoned the beasts til they fell. We're lucky for this barrier your dad left, but we can't count on it forever. Those things have been terrorizing the rest of the country and they've only been gaining momentum. There's no time for being sentimental to a guy who left us."
  31. "You're always going off on the guy, but he protected us and was able to somehow create that barrier. At least give him a little credit."
  33. "That's actually another thing I wanted to talk to you about. This doesn't leave this room."
  35. Checking to see that the door and windows were closed, I nod my head.
  37. "Your father was a great hero, but the day he left he abandoned us. He wasn't pursuing an enemy, it was your mother he was chasing. I'm not sure of the specifics, but the enemies had started to retreat at that point. Your mother was acting hysterical and started running towards their direction and your father chased after them. There were no bodies found and there was no point in leaving his sword behind unless he betrayed us.
  39. "This is different than what everyone has been led to believe. If you knew this why haven't you told everyone this instead of painting him as some self-sacrificing hero?"
  41. "Because heroes can't fall. We inspire people against the darkness that grows every day. Those beasts have gotten smart. Some people are starting to give up, think maybe they can reason with them."
  43. "And you think my dad had that same idea?"
  45. "I don't know. When he fought those things he hesitated. I should have helped him, reminded him of what those things really are. He was the first to fight what those things had become. Maybe expecting him to purge them when they have human faces now was just too much to expect right away. But I just always attacked him over his weakness, maybe that's what those things wanted. I've been a fool for so long. All that anger and hate I had for him, now it's just nothing but regret. But crying over what's been done isn't going to do anything. I only hope I've done a better job of teaching this time."
  47. "This is a lot to take in. I'm not sure if I can even measure up against these things."
  49. "It'll take some time before you're as good as your father or even me, but I think you'll get there boy. That sword is also your trump card."
  51. Arondight is supposed to weaken monsters just by being close to it. It's also supposed to be more effective against them than a normal sword.
  53. "Still the barrier is holding, we might not get a ton of trade, but we're not hurting. Seems like we'll be fine for the time being"
  55. "We can't count on that thing forever, the beasts will figure a way in soon enough. You have to be ready for that. You're a good warrior, I think you'll make good things happen."
  57. I couldn't help but laugh at his unusual behavior
  59. "Huh, you must be biting the dust to talk like that, old man."
  61. "Hmph, I try and be nice and that's how you treat me? Anyways it's not just about you, the people here are counting on you."
  63. Figuring the conversation is over I start to leave before Welsh grabs my arm and pulls me towards him.
  65. "Boy, you're not just living for yourself anymore. You got the lives of everyone here on your back. The title of hero isn't an easy one to carry, but it's an honorable one. Don't drag it through the mud and it'll take care of you."
  67. "I'll do what I can, but Welsh I think you're just being paranoid. we've been fine for close to 20 years now and nothing has changed."
  69. "I hope you're right, boy. Go back to training or whatever it is you kids do nowadays."
  71. That was the last conversation I had with him before he passed. Hard to believe that old bastard was gone. We might not have been close, but he did take care of me and I'm here today because of him. The least I could do was honor his last request.
  73. The forest clearing wasn't too far from Welsh's grave and I can lay eyes on my father's memorial.
  75. "This spot is the last place the Hero Bryant fought the enemies of man and the spot he formed the barrier that protects us to this day"
  77. I had many thoughts come to mind reading this, was Welsh right? Had my father betrayed us? What really happened here? Part of me felt that it was wrong to vandalize what up until yesterday I believed to be my father's deathbed. But like welsh said it wasn't about me anymore. I'm not gonna get the answers I want here. I'm just here to take Arondight. Turning my head I cast my eyes on it.
  79. The holy sword was a double-edged 2 handed long sword that was silver in color. Taking a breath I pick it up. Holding it I find that it was much lighter than normal swords of this size. I felt something stir through me as I wielded it. I didn't feel any different. The only way I could describe it is it felt like something was watching me. Was it the sword itself?
  81. Picking up the leather sheath, I return Arondight to its proper home and feel at peace again. It's time to return home and show my face to the people. I might not be my father or grandfather, but I was the hero now and I wasn't going to disappoint.
  83. Walking through the forest, I noticed smoke billowing from the town. Did a fire break out? I start to pick up my pace to a jog. It might not be exactly in the job description, but I had a duty to help the people of the village in case of natural disasters too. A crash comes to the right of my path and a mounted rider blocks my path.
  84. No, not a mounted rider, this was one of the monsters. The thing had the upper body of a woman, but where her legs should begin is the start of a horse's body. Catching sight of me, it looks shocked at seeing me.
  86. "Ah."
  88. I unsheathe Arondight and get into a protective stance. Before I can react, it immediately turns back to the direction it had entered from and flees. I start to give chase, but quickly realize that I'll never catch it with its inhuman speed. I change my path to the village. Welsh had been right that the monsters would break through, but this fast? Steeling myself I rush to Lommel. This was what I was trained for. I have to protect the village.
  90. After What felt like an eternity I finally get to my destination. Reaching the entrance I look around and behold the chaos. There are flames covering most homes. Fences everywhere are smashed. The place looked abandoned, was I too late? Looking around I find the homes are empty. Working my way to the end of the village I find a group of people and start to make my way towards them. Getting a closer look I see that the villagers left there are mostly young to older men. They're restrained and being guarded by a single monster. One of the villagers, an older farmer makes eye contact with me. I quickly signal for him to keep his silence, to which he nods. The monster has, In place of human arms and legs green scaly ones. Where there should have been ears, it had fins coming off the side of its head. Running from it's back was a green lizard's tail. I grab the handle of Arondight, but before I can jump in the horse monster from before runs up to the guard. Deciding to wait for a better opportunity I hide before they notice me and get ready to launch a surprise attack.
  92. "What's wrong? did you find something while scouting?"
  94. "Yes, a man has taken the catalyst and is on his way here."
  96. "Find the captain and inform her of this, I'll start escorting the last of the prisoners."
  98. There's no more time to wait. I run towards the lizard monster unsheathing Arondight and prepare to eliminate it. I pull the sword back and aim for its neck. Before my blow can land, it notices me and blocks my attack with its arm. It lets out a scream as my sword tears through its arm, leaving a deep wound.
  100. "Dammit my arm"
  102. While I wasn't able to take it out in one shot, the wound on its scaly forearm was bleeding heavily.
  104. "GO, get the captain now!"
  106. The horse monster That had been too stunned to move now takes off past the exit and is quickly gone. This was the best opportunity I had to save the villagers. I cut the distance between us and go to slash at the guard's neck again. Its able to duck under the attack and draw its own sword. I charge again but it's able to deflect this blow with its own sword. This monster is skilled in sword combat, but it's only using its good hand. Thinking this I unleash multiple attacks at it. Its able to deflect each one, but is getting pushed back. I deliver an overhead slash aimed at its head. The monster is able to deflect it as well but loses its balance. Taking advantage of this, I shoulder tackle it and send it to the ground. Before it can get up, I mount it and place my sword at its throat. A push and it'll be over. Before I take that action I notice the monster's face. Its eyes are closed, tears running down its face. I can't let them take the villagers, but why can't I move my hand the short distance to rescue them? It's reaction felt human, is that why I'm hesitating? Is this what had happened to my father? I swallow and tighten my grip on Arondight. This is no longer about me or how I feel, I have to save these people.
  108. "STOP!"
  110. Looking up I see a similar creature to the one I have pinned. It had the same lizard hands, feet, ear fins, and tail. The most dramatic difference was the color of these parts were red and had a flame growing on its tail. I'm suddenly thrown to the side as the beast under me uses its tail to yank my hand holding Arondight away. I scramble to my feet and prepare myself for its counterattack. Instead, it had scrambled to where the new beast was. I also notice that Arondight was in its hands. The monster's hands were burning holding onto the holy sword. As this happened more of those green lizard monsters appeared behind the one with the flame. This was bad, If I hadn't hesitated I could have freed the villagers. Thinking of what I could do to fight these beasts the leader of them started speaking to its followers
  112. "Take the prisoners and return to the camp, make sure she gets some healing as well. That sword is not to be lost. I'll take care of this man."
  114. The flame lizard's followers quickly follow its orders and start to round up the villagers. The villagers are struggling to break free, with a few being dragged by the monsters. I have to do something. I rush straight to the flame lizard before changing course and head to the green lizard wrapping Arondight in cloth. Before I reach it, I'm knocked to the ground by the flame lizard. The rest of the monsters rush away with my sword and the villagers. I quickly rise to my feet preparing for another attack that never comes.
  116. "We don't have to do this."
  118. "How can you say that after what you've done!"
  120. "We're not your enemies. We want to help all of you."
  122. "You have a funny way of showing it, Return those villagers and we can settle this peacefully."
  124. Backing away, I put my hands in front of me ready to strike. Being disarmed and it still having a weapon meant victory was close to impossible, but I can't give up as long as the villagers were in harm's way
  126. "Fine, we'll do it your way."
  128. The monster then undoes its sheath and sword and tosses them behind. Unsure of its intentions but wanting to take advantage of its foolishness I rush towards it. Reaching it, I feint a left and switch to a right aimed at its core. It buckles slightly. I push this to my advantage and grab the back of its head and wind my knee back. Before I can deliver the blow, It pushes me forward and tackles me to the ground. Before I can react I take a sharp blow to the head. As it brings it's hand back I pull its other arm out from under it and throw my weight over it reversing our positions. I deliver a punch of my own to its head and grab its arms and pin them. It gives me a calm look.
  130. "Do you usually pin a girl you just met down like this?"
  132. "what?"
  134. I feel something coil around my leg and pull me off the monster. Before I can get to my feet, I'm kicked away by it. It's able to return to its feet.
  136. "You're pretty well trained, but you're still too green."
  138. Getting up, I prepare to rush in again but stop when I notice it faces. It had a grin and the small flame on its tail had nearly doubled in size.
  140. "What's the matter? scared?"
  142. I wasn't going to let it make a fool of me. I throw caution to the wind and rush it.
  144. "Predictable."
  146. Reaching the monster I throw a quick jab at its head. It's able to sway from my strike. Following up I throw another aimed at its side. it's able to dodge this one as well. Switching things up I throw a roundhouse kick aimed at its knees. The monster is able to stop it and before I can pull back its tail wraps around my ankle and tugs me off my feet. Before I can react it places its foot on my chest.
  148. "With a little more experience you could be a challenge for me."
  150. It started to grind it's foot into my chest painfully.
  152. "What were you thinking when you hurt that girl? Did you feel proud? scared?"
  154. Its foot comes off my chest. I quickly roll away as it follows up with a kick to where my body was a moment ago. Struggling to my feet I scramble away from the monster.
  156. "What's the matter? Don't you want to slay the big bad monster?"
  158. Putting up my hands I prepare to block its attacks and take notice of its heavy breathing. As it gets closer, I can feel heat washing all over me. Its tail flame was now at the same height as it's head. The monster rushes me trying to grab me before I dodge it. It quickly lashes its tail at my feet. I'm able to jump over it, but quickly have to cover my face as the heat from its tail is blinding. Before I can recover it grabs me in a bear hug.
  160. "Don't go cold on me now! the fun is just beginning."
  162. Attempting to break free, it feels like it's getting even hotter.
  164. "Keep struggling, fight desperately, Or will you just give in?"
  166. I slam my knee into its ribs. I feel it's grip give before readjusting to a painful crushing force. Continuing the attack, I can feel it's grip weakening. I rear back my head and slam the top of my skull into its forehead. I feel it release me and fall to my knees. Before I can rise to my feet, I get slammed onto my back. As I try to get up it takes my hands in its own and pins them over my head. Trying to buck it off me, it's tail constrict around my knees leaving me completely immobile.
  168. "Not bad, but it looks like you're done. Why don't you make this easy and just submit yourself to me?"
  170. I put everything I have into breaking free, but its strength outmatches my own.
  172. "Fighting until the end huh? How noble, but it's time to end this."
  174. The monster flashes its sharp teeth at the end of its statement. It moves its face towards me, opening its mouth. Fear overwhelms me and I close my eyes and turn away from my imminent death. I feel its hot breath crash over my neck and start to involuntary shiver. The monster's sharp teeth touch the skin on the side of my neck and closes its mouth. I feel the pressure from its teeth slowly increase, but surprisingly, they never pierce the skin. It starts to suck on the skin. Its teeth dig into the skin. It's slightly painful, but in a strange way, I find myself getting excited. After a moment of this, The monster's mouth leaves my neck and moves to my ear.
  176. "I've left my mark on you."
  178. Before I can react, its teeth are on the top tip of my ear. I can feel the pressure of its teeth, but it's more gentle this time. It lightly nips my ear and starts to move its tongue over it as well. I can only stay still in fear of doing anything to provoke it. My heart feels like it will leap from my chest at any moment.
  180. "You may call me a monster, but your body seems to think otherwise"
  182. As she- it says this, its thigh moves forward putting pressure on my stiffening cock. I instinctively spring backward, but with it holding pining me all I succeed in doing is to grind my bulge into its thigh.
  184. "Oh, are you starting to see things my way? I wouldn't mind if you did."
  186. I can't understand what its thoughts are, but any more of this and I will lose the remaining will to resist it and do something I'll regret. Using the last of my strength I push its arms off me while it's distracted. Sensing my opportunity and With my arms free I blindly start throwing punches at the monster in a panic. The weight on my chest disappears and I quickly attempt to crawl away from the monster.
  188. "That hurt you bastard!"
  190. I feel it send a kick to my ribs sending me rolling away and taking my breath away. I curl my body into a ball. While nothing was broken from that blow, my body was in great pain. I hear it running towards me. Panicking I cover my head with my arms and try to make myself as small as possible. Its footsteps slow as it reaches me, and for the second time, I brace myself for death.
  192. "Are you alright? I'm sorry, I didn't mean to hurt you, do you need help getting up?"
  194. Why? Why doesn't it just end this? Does it enjoy seeing me suffer? I'll force it o end this. I shakily rise to my knees, holding onto the place it had kicked me.
  196. "Get away from me, you abomination!"
  198. Struggling, I get to my feet and put my hands in front of me.
  200. "I'll stop you monsters from hurting anyone else!"
  202. My hands are shaking, breathing comes to me hard. I can't even stand properly due to the pain. I'm nothing but a failure at this point, but the least I could do was die with dignity. The monster looks at me, not bothering to take a fighting stance.
  204. "You can't do anything in the shape you're in. You've lost, Spare yourself from any more pain."
  206. I hobble as fast as my legs will move and throw a punch with all my weight behind it at its face. It quickly dodges and I feel myself start to fall.I catch myself on my hands and knees and try to get up. Before I can my vision turns black as I feel my head snaps back. I feel weightless and start to feel a pounding in my right eye. Arms grab my back and pull me forward.
  208. "I'm sorry."
  210. The monster?
  212. "I didn't mean to take things that far. We're still a distance away, but I'll take you to our healer."
  214. I try to struggle, but my limbs are sluggish and weak.
  216. "The fight's over, you showed your strength and passion. You can take your revenge on me later if you feel it necessary, but for now, you need to rest."
  218. "Stop, The villagers..."
  220. "They'll be ok, we'll talk about many things later, but for now, just rest."
  222. I feel myself lifted off the ground and realize the monster is carrying me. The oppressive heat I felt coming off it was gone, and only a warmth remained. As it starts to carry me down the path to its camp, I get one last glimpse at Lommel. The fires had died and now the dying smoke fades into the sky.
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