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  1. [Episode 6: Long May She Reign (LEAKS!! + New Ramin Djawadi Songs)]
  3. Using a throwaway to protect my identity. There have been some leaks but this is the legit one. HBO is scaring people with Bran on throne on purpose to punish the leakers and terrify people. It's very mean, actually, but they'd never give us that ending because it would destroy HBO at peak of GoT popularity. If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask. **This is not a fleak. Keep reading if you want to be convinced.**
  5. #Highlights of the episode
  7. * All the actors have knocked it out of the park with this one. They've put in all of their resources in the final episode. This is obviously how GRRM wanted the show to go. D&D both wrote and directed this but it was obviously because they wanted all of the glory. It's honestly a very great final episode.
  9. * There is a shot of Mad King at the start that lasts for first 10 minutes or so.
  11. * Peter Dinkage & Emilia Clarke have been absolutely the best in this one. These are their absolute peak performances: Emilia's with Dany telling Jon "if you have any last words now is the time" while crying in throne room and Tyrion during his speech in throne room that resembles Joffrey's murder trial as well as finding Jaime's hand.
  13. * Songs by Ramin Djawadi: **"Burn Them All", "A Lion Still Has Claws", "Long May She Reign".**
  15. >Burn Them All: Plays during Mad King's scene which is in the intro. It's sort of Light of The Seven mixed with Dracarys. Very intense and very powerful.
  17. >A Lion Still Has Claws: Plays during Tyrion resigning as Daenerys' hand; it's a really tense version of Rains of Castamere.
  19. >Long May She Reign: Plays at the end of the episode, Targaryen themed song with Game of Thrones opening (Like The Children OST).
  21. ___
  23. The episode starts off with a throwback to Mad King. Not Bran vision, btw. The scene lasts for about 10 minutes and it is very powerful. He is overlooking KL like Cersei (many parallels in the episode, keep that in mind) and saying how they are all going to pay, that he is going to burn them all. Jaime is arguing with him and Mad King is set to light up KL. Jaime stabs Mad King and you all know how that went, except it starts transitioning with the camera panning in downwards while Mad King keeps loudly saying "BURN THEM ALL" (What did The Mad King say when you stabbed him in the back? - He's been saying the same thing he was saying for hours) going all dimmer and dimmer till it echoes with the camera panning down to black and in transition where Tyrion appears and Mad King's voice is still echoing somewhat.
  25. Next scene is Tyrion going through the sacked KL and looking at all the terror and pain Daenerys caused. There are Unsullied and Dothraki going past him and hurt women and children are burned up on the sidelines. Tyrion is grossed out and horrified but suddenly he comes across a Golden Hand from the rubble which is all fucked up from the rocks. It's a scene that resembles Davos finding Shireen's toy and Peter Dinklage does a very amazing performance here that actually made me tear up (I like to think I am not an easy crier but this episode is incredibly emotional and this scene is one of them).
  27. Daenerys is being crowned, with the top of throne room all blown up. Jon is there but not close to her; thematically it shows how distant he is from Daenerys. He looks at her like how Jaime looks at Cersei during her crowning (remember the parallels) and she is looking back at him with a sort of smile but that looks both unhappy and happy at the same time. Tyrion comes in the throne room then with Jaime's golden hand and he tosses it at Daenerys' feet. Tyrion is saying that Varys was right, how Daenerys is going mad, how she killed his brother and how he doesn't want to be her hand of the queen anymore. Drogon looks menacing but Tyrion doesn't care. He resigns and throws the pin on the floor but Daenerys doesn't let him leave. He tells Tyrion to bend his knee and Tyrion responds "You are not The Queen I bent my knee to. I will not". GreyWorm seizes Tyrion and he tells Daenerys that he wants a trial by combat. At this point, Dany is going off the rails (plus there is no one to fight for Tyrion) and she refuses him that right. She orders Tyrion to be imprisoned for tomorrow's execution and Jon is seeing all of this but he can't help him. Tyrion gets taken away to be executed publicly later.
  29. Drogon is around Dany all the time because Drogon is one of the only few Dany can have around besides Jon. Jon tries to talk some sense into her but Dany tells Jon to come with him to their new kingdom and she offers him her hand. At first Jon is looking at it like he doesn't want to do it but he does it in a forced non happy way. Holding their hands, they both walk out of the throne room with the KL people, Unsullied and Dothraki down below. Daenerys gloats about her victory over KL and Unsullied & Dothraki all cheer. Daenerys tells KL that she's come to be their queen and that she will make them all live happily but to "bend their knees or she will destroy them" (a throwback to Stannis + I Choose Fear). The people aren't happy as Daenerys tells them to bend their knees but Drogon comes up and roars and, of course, everyone bends knees. Jon and Dany are still holding hands but Jon releases hers as Dany glances at him surprised and kind of sad. She tries to reach in again but Jon refuses.
  31. Arya is in the shot, with Unsullied around her. She is set on killing Daenerys but Jon spots her and excuses himself from Dany to go speak to Arya. The crowd sets up as Dany returns in the throne room and Jon and Arya walk through the torched KL. Arya insinuates that she will kill Dany but Jon tells her that Drogon is always there and that even if she does try it will mean certain death. She keeps going on how it doesn't matter, how she will sacrifice herself no matter what and that she will want to put Jon on the throne. Jon tells Arya he doesn't want the throne, that Dany has gone mad, imprisoned Tyrion, that they won't ever get it and that he just wants to go back North. He begs Arya not to do it, that they will both go back North, where a Stark belongs. Arya remembers what Hound told her and she tells Jon that she will not kill Daenerys and will go back.
  33. Jon returns back to Daenerys and she lights up when she sees him but Jon has come to break away. **This whole scene is the greatest scene of S8 so far, IMO.** Drogon is there with Daenerys, right beside her. She attempts to flirt and kiss Jon and Jon pauses and tells her that they need to talk, that he can't stay here. That he belongs back North and that Dany has changed. Daenerys is visibly sad and depressed here, more than she's ever been before, and she starts begging for Jon not to leave her. Here are the actual quotes, I memorized them because Emilia's performance was so fucking good during this (its actually heartbreaking and sadtastic) I think I watched it at least five times: "Please, Jon. I've told you I've never begged before. Please.. don't leave me. You're the one of few I have left. We can be happy. Stay with me. I can be your Queen. We can rule together".. but Jon is set on leaving. He tells her that he cannot stay and that he is sorry, that a Stark does not belong in The South.
  35. He begins walking away from her but suddenly Daenerys stands up from the throne and says in a sort of broken and teary voice "If you have any last words, now is the time". Jon pauses and turns to her with Daenerys up on throne and Jon at the bottom of the stairs. Dany is crying and Jon pauses as he looks at Drogon and tells her "I don't believe you" (parallels parallels). He turns to walk away and as he makes a few steps and it looks like he is just walking away, you suddenly hear Daenerys saying "Dracarys" in the most depressed tone yet.. but Drogon disobeys her. She falls at the throne sobbing loudly while Jon exits KL.
  37. It cuts away to Jon at Winterfell (major teleport but its one episode to wrap up, and with how good the episode is its sort of worth it). He is up on a hill and he looks at WF which is still sacked from EP3. He goes through the gates and meets Sansa who is praying. She sees Jon and hugs him so tightly and asks him what happened. Jon tells her and Sansa asks about The North again. Jon tells Sansa The North will be safe while Jon is king but Sansa says she wants North to be free and independent. Jon tells Sansa that North will never be free & independent as long as there are seven kingdoms and a Targaryen rules. That he's made a mistake and that he should have stayed beyond the wall with wildlings because they are truly the free ones.
  39. In comes Brienne as Sansa's guard to find her and Jon together. She sees Jon but no Jaime and Brienne is already shocked. She asks Jon where Jaime is and he gives her this very sad brooding look and tells Brienne that he died back in KL. Brienne is so visibly shaken but she is so strong that her lip just quivers and like Sam she asks Jon & Sansa if she can excuse herself. Jon & Sansa make their way to the Godswood and he asks if Arya arrived, and that she should have arrived before Jon. Sansa said that she hasn't heard a thing from Arya, so Jon thinks Arya went to kill Daenerys and sacrifice herself. He makes his way to Bran but before he asks, Bran replies with "She is safe and she is going back to where she belongs" as he saw Jon coming. Jon is relieved.
  41. Near final scene is Tyrion in a cell at night time. Its all dirty and gross and filthy where they've put him, rats running around and stuff. In comes a Dothraki to pull Tyrion by his hair and out. At first it seems like Tyrion is being taken to his execution but they make their way in towards shore with a boat there and a ship nearby waiting. It turns out that the Dothraki soldier was Arya who is helping Tyrion escape. Tyrion asks why, and Arya responds that he's helped her sister Sansa and that by doing this she is repaying her debt to him. They make their way to the ship and Davos is there. Tyrion asks where are they going and Arya says "To the free city of Braavos". Tyrion asks why isn't she going North and Arya replies that "The north will never be free" and that she doesn't belong there, that she belongs in Braavos like how Nymeria left with her pack. The bells ring as they sail away into dawn/sun rising and everyone is alerted to Tyrion escaping.
  43. The final scene is a wrap up, where Ramin Djawadi's "Long May She Reign" plays. The ending is bittersweet, as we were promised. Daenerys is The Queen of Ashes, but has iron throne. Starks are back at WF but WF will never be truly free. Arya is alive but not going back with her family or to WF, her place is with Braavos. Tyrion is alive but in exile. Davos as well, and he won't go back to Westeros; he is going back to his smuggling ways. Gendry has Storm's End and isn't a bastard but no Arya with him. Bronn is only one who gets a sweet ending but thats just fanservice stuff and I love Bronn so meh. We also get a scene with Tormund and Ghost, and a really really beautiful shot of Northern Lights as their make their way North. The season ends with Daenerys on throne and everyone saying "Long May She Reign". The end.
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