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  1. Kamui: Nishiki-san, what’s wrong?
  2. Kamui: You seem out of energy…
  3. Nishiki: Eh? Ah, Kamui.
  4. Kamui: Are you okay? Are you hurt somewhere?
  5. Kamui: Or are you not feeling well or something?
  6. Nishiki: Oh, no.
  7. Nishiki: It’s nothing that exaggerated.
  8. Nishiki: However, I am hungry…
  9. Kamui: Eh? You’re hungry?
  10. Kamui: And I thought you were really hurt.
  11. Kamui: If that’s the case, just have a little candy…
  12. Kamui: Here… please eat it.
  13. Nishiki: Eh? It’s okay?
  14. Kamui: Yes, since it’s small
  15. Kamui: Although I don’t think it will fill your stomach…
  16. Nishiki: Ah, thank you.
  17. Nishiki: *munch munch* *choking noises*
  18. Kamui: Ah…!
  19. Kamui: It’s gone in an instant.
  20. Nishiki: Pwaa! You saved me!
  21. Nishiki: Thanks, Kamui!
  22. Nishiki: I will show my gratitude someday!
  23. Kamui: It’s good to have you back in spirits.
  24. Kamui: If Nishiki-san became healthy again, it was good.
  25. Nishiki: No, no! I’ll feel bad if I don’t pay you back!
  26. Nishiki: You know, are there a few things you want me to do?
  27. Nishiki: Oi, oi, don't hold back!
  28. Kamui: Uh… he’s staring so hopefully at me…!
  29. Kamui: But I really can’t come up with… anything.
  30. Nishiki: Ah, you came up with something?
  31. Kamui: Well, I was thinking of going shopping in town.
  32. Kamui: Instead of going alone, I’d rather go with Nishiki-san.
  33. Kamui: I think it’ll be fun, so can you go?
  34. Nishiki: Eh? You’re fine with such a thing?
  35. Nishiki: Of course, let’s get some bargains!
  36. Kamui: Fufufu, good.
  37. Kamui: So! I’ll tell you when we leave.
  38. Nishiki: Yup! I’m looking forward to it.
  40. Kamui: Thanks for going shopping with me today, Nishiki-san.
  41. Nishiki: No, no, I did it because you gave me the candy. No problem! I wonder, exactly what is it that you want to buy?
  42. Kamui: Yeah. I wanted to have some equipment made since it was damaged, and we would be done quickly thanks to Nishiki-san.
  43. Nishiki: Fufun! So you’re leaving the decision to me then? What about… that tall guy over there has nice aesthetics.
  44. Kamui: Fufu, that’s right. I’m surprised Nishiki-san chose someone with good workmanship. I didn’t see him before there, but it’s probably good.
  45. Nishiki: Probably! It was also fun for me. Shopping together, it was interesting to look around!
  46. Kamui: Fufu, if Nishiki-san also enjoyed it, it was a great success!
  47. Nishiki: Yeah! Well, I wonder if I was able to properly pay you back?
  48. Kamui: Of course! Thank you.
  49. Nishiki: Yeah yeah! It feels good doing things for humans! …Oh! I also bought something because the mood was good.
  50. Kamui: Something?
  51. Nishiki: Eh? No, it’s nothing.
  52. Kamui: Is that so?
  53. Nishiki: Hey, Kamui! When you have time, there’s something I want to show you.
  54. Kamui: Okay.
  55. Nishiki: Alright, I promise! Well then, later! fun fu—n ♪
  56. Kamui: Oh, Nishiki-san, I had fun today. What would you want to show me…?
  58. Nishiki: Oh, Kamui! Here, here!
  59. Kamui: Hello, Nishiki-san.
  60. Nishiki: I said I wanted to show you something… I brought it now! Yeeeees, thiiiis! (lit はーいっ、コレでーす!that’s fucking cute)
  61. Kamui: This is…? A tube…
  62. Nishiki: Huh? You don’t know what this is? It’s a kaleidoscope.
  63. Kamui: Kaleidoscope?
  64. Nishiki: Yes, yes! You see, there’s a hole here. And then, try turning this tube.
  65. Kamui: I understand. …Wow…! The pattern is moving around and sparkling! It’s very beautiful.
  66. Nishiki: Right? In fact, I bought it when we were shopping together.
  67. Kamui: What? But I thought Nishiki-san didn’t buy anything that day…
  68. Nishiki: I thought of it when I looked at your delighted face on the way home. Though I ached to buy it, I turned back because I wasn’t able to endure it! I mean, I thought you would be delighted if I showed you this!
  69. Kamui: I was! Thank you, Nishiki-san.
  70. Nishiki: Fufun. After all, it was a good idea. As expected!
  71. Kamui: Fufu, that’s the first time I saw something so beautiful. Can I look at it again sometime?
  72. Nishiki: Do you want to take it?
  73. Kamui: No, that’s what you bought. It’s fine if I can show it sometimes.
  74. Nishiki: To everyone? But… yeah. Everyone can enjoy it together! Then, it’s definitely okay.
  75. Kamui: Yes!
  77. Kamui: Nishiki-san. Can I see the kaleidoscope?
  78. Nishiki: Of course! Here.
  79. Kamui: Thank you. It’s still beautiful… I don’t ever get tired of looking at it.
  80. Nishiki: Ahaha, No way did I think you’d like it that much. …Kamui. After all, this kaleidoscope is yours.
  81. Kamui: No, that’s what you bought! I don’t get it.
  82. Nishiki: Hmm… well, the kaleidoscope is trying to bring us together. So… it’s killing two birds with one stone… kind of.
  83. Kamui: Kill two birds with one stone? What do you mean?
  84. Nishiki: Oh, uh, the… uh… unfortunately, I’m not going to say it now.
  85. Kamui: …?
  86. Nishiki: I mean, the kaleidoscope shows two things together at any time? In other words… I wonder if it wants you and I to be… together forever.
  87. Kamui: Eh…
  88. Nishiki: …Hey, Kamui. There’s another reason I bought this kaleidoscope. In it, you see a lot of different patterns. When I look in it, I think it’s a lot like you. Your face is always changing to interesting expressions… and I thought it was beautiful. I’m thinking… ‘Cause I like to look at you.
  89. Kamui: Nishiki-san…
  90. Nishiki: From now on, I want to look at you a lot. It’s really fun to be with you. I adore you for letting me have such a feeling! It really makes my life full… so will you accept it?
  91. Kamui: …Yes, of course. I also love Nishiki-san. I also watch your expressions go round and round, like a kaleidoscope.
  92. Nishiki: !! Thanks! I’m very happy! Your face is bright red, it’s very cute… it was good to take the plunge and confess.
  93. Kamui: Please, no more, it’s embarrassing.
  94. Nishiki: Ahaha, don’t be embarrassed! I’m just saying you’re cute.
  95. Kamui: But still, it’s embarrassing.
  96. Nishiki: But, now I must repay your gratitude… I’m worried about the future (he’s talking about being in debt to Kamui again)
  97. Kamui: Are you really that grateful?
  98. Nishiki: Yeah. Of course. I swear on this kaleidoscope, over our life I will return the favor to you.
  99. Kamui: I… I understand. Please give me your hand… thank you.
  100. Nishiki: Yessss. Well, that’s a lot of time. So I’ll return it slowly, little by little.
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