31/03/2016 - KTOS

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  1. 31/03/2016 - KTOS
  3. The Following bugs have been fixed.
  5. 1. When pets killed monsters, Achievements / Monster kill counts were not increasing.
  6. 2. In a party without setting the distribution and related items to individual, the items were dropping for individual acquisition.
  7. 3. It was impossible to redeem  items from the marketplace if the total-weight exceeded 100%
  8. 4. The [Old Kepa] Monster in [Kanteen Forest] was not Registering in the Adventure Journal.
  9. 5. When a [Red Socket Mage] Monster was knocked back, the position of the monster was abnormal.
  10. 6. Ashaq Dungeon 2F Collection Box was disappearing.
  11. 7. Accessory Dealers icons were not appearing on the mini-map in towns until you talked to them.
  12. 8. Blue Woodspirit was dropping sleeping gas items.
  13. 9. Fixed a problem with [Yellow Colifly]'s attack motion on the map [Ruklys Hall of Fame]
  14. 10. The attack property of Goblin warriors magic skills were Slash Property.
  15. 11. Tooltip on the item [Venom] is changed from 'Deals 6165 Damage over 10 Seconds ' to 'Deals Damage over 10 Seconds'.
  16. 12. Moving in Combat or Jumping / Running whilst equipped with a Rapier or Musket caused Hair to not appear animated.
  17. 13. Quest [Can't be taken away (2)] will deplete [Food Scraps] Items when used, When the [Food Scraps] have been fully consumed,  The guidance message has been modified so that it only appears once. ( Previously it would Spam the notification until you got more scraps )
  18. 14. During Card Duels, Sometimes an error message would appear.
  19. 15. Fixed a problem where deleting the Chat-Macro text would result in the text re-appearing.
  20. 16. Textures on some NPCS Will be modified.
  23. Some Quests have Been Changed:
  24.  1.  Repeatable Quests have been added to the following areas:
  25. Tenet Church 1F
  26.     - Quest: ์ฒ ์ €ํ•œ ์ค€๋น„
  28. Gateway of the Great King
  29.     - Quest: ๊ณ ์ง‘์Ÿ์ด
  30.     - Quest: ํ‹ฐ๋Œ ๋ชจ์•„ ์—ญ์‚ฌ์ฑ…
  32. Overlong Bridge Valley
  33.     - Quest: ๋ฒผ๋ž‘๋์— ์„  ํ˜ธ๊ธฐ์‹ฌ
  35. Kvailas Forest
  36.     - Quest: ์˜ค๋กฏํ•œ ์‹ ๋…
  37.     - Quest: ์ตœ์„ ์„ ๋‹คํ•˜์—ฌ
  38. Dadan Jungle
  39.     - Quest: ๋งŒ๋ณ‘ํ†ต์น˜์•ฝ
  41. Letas Stream
  42.     - Quest: ์˜ํ”์„ ์‚ผํ‚จ ๋ชฌ์Šคํ„ฐ
  44. Pelka Shrine Ruins
  45.     - Quest: ํ•ด๋…์ œ ํ”ž๋ณธ ์ˆ˜์ง‘
  48. 2.  Rewards have been added to some Side Quests
  49.     - Existing Rewards should be claimable from the Marketplace.
  50.     - The Following Side Quests have received the Rewards:
  51. [Table of Quests Affected TBA]
  53. The Following updates have been applied:
  55. 1. Exciting Spring event will commence!
  56. - Must be online 1 Hour a day, Event rewards will be dispatched via mailbox.
  57. - Please Refer to the Events Page for Further information.
  59. Event Page Notice (KR) :
  61. 2. A neutrality function has been added to the Guild System.
  62.     - If you Check the [Declare Neutral] button in the Guild UI, the guild will become neutral.
  63.     - A guild under the neutral state cannot declare war or be declared upon for war.
  64.     - A guild cannot change to a neutral state during war.
  65.     - When a Guild is set to Neutral state, It will not automatically change back, it must be done manually.
  66.     - The Neutral state can only be set by the guild leader.
  67.     - There is a 7 day delay between changing from Neutral state.
  68.         โ€ป The delay was originally 30 days, but due to feedback it has been changed to 7 days.
  70. 3. You can now Declare War on up to 3 Guilds at a time.
  72. 4. A Dye-Section has been added to the TP Store, Introducing 2 new Hair Colours in game.
  73. - [Ash Blond Hair Dye] and [Ruby Hair Dye] have been added to the Store. They are Priced at 49TP Each.
  74. - After obtaining the hair dye and consuming the item, it is possible to change colour at anytime under F1>Character Settings>Hairstyle Color
  75. - The Dye Applies to whatever character the Dye was purchased on.
  77. 5. Rental costumes that can be purchased with silver have been added. Costumes have a 7-day duration after purchase.
  78. - [Orsha Soldier Costume - M/F], [Jurus Costume - M], [Grita Costume - F] Have been added.
  79. - The costumes cost 498,000 silver and are sold by the Klaipeda / Orsha / Fedimian Accessory dealers.
  80. - Orsha Soldier Costume (M) : Swordsman Classes (M)
  81. - Orsha Soldier Costume(F) : Swordsman Classes (F)
  82. - Jurus Costume: Wizard Classes (M)
  83. - Grita Costume : Wizard Classes (F)
  85. 6.  Archer / Priest Circle 3 Costumes now have grant different visual effects when worn.
  86.     - Archer Costume : Idle Attack, Running , Multi-Shot Skill
  87.     - Priest Costume Animations: Idle Attack, Running , Mass Heal Skill
  89. Some skills have received some changes:
  91. 1. In Mouse Mode, Double clicking not letting [Swordsman] type characters sprint will be fixed.
  92. 2. Hoplite - Fixed a bug where you couldn't select the location to jump to with [Long Stride] on the keyboard settings.
  93. 3. Psychokino - When using [Psychic Presure] at the same time a monster attacks, fixed a problem where SP would continue to drain until 0%.
  94. 4. Fencer - [Preparation] Tooltip has been updated - 'Block' is now 'Block Rate'
  95. 5. Fletcher - Fixed a problem where Poison property monsters were receiving less damage from the [Bleeding] effect on [BroadHead] Skill.
  96. 6. QuarrelShooter - [Teardown: Enhance] Attribute icon will be changed.
  97. 7. Oracle - Fixed a problem When killing monsters under the [Death Sentence] effect would cause a players client to crash.
  98. 8. Fixed the bug where using [Skyliner] and [Rush] simultaneously caused no cooldown to apply to [Rush] when used.
  100. Source :
  101. Translated by Gwenyth @TOS Forums.
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