The Plushie Store

Apr 15th, 2019
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  1. >You are Anon.
  2. >And right now, you’re browsing through a number of sites on incognito mode.
  3. >This time, though, you don’t have your pants around your ankles.
  4. >Instead, you’re on a mission.
  5. >You’ve been dying to get some sort of plushie to help get rid of the feels at night, because you’re a worthless, lonely fuck.
  6. >But instead of a relatively-normal-but-still-degenerate body pillow, you’re looking for something a little more… niche.
  7. >You’ve always had an embarrassing crush on a certain character from a certain cartoon, and, after receiving a hefty bonus from work, you’re ready to act on your fantasies.
  8. >Yes, even those ones.
  9. >And you’re not looking for some cheap $20 clearance-bin special, either: you want the real deal.
  10. >But there are very few online stores offering what you’re looking for.
  11. >The evening slowly gives way to a somber night as you continue your search, trying to find the perfect pony plush.
  12. >You’re almost ready to call off the search, but, at last, you find it.
  13. >An online retailer with a webpage that’s been translated from Chinese (and poorly, at that) and an incomprehensible name has exactly what you’ve been looking for.
  14. >From the pictures, the soft, delicate-looking plush toy stands about two feet tall: a good size for cuddling.
  15. >You click through the image gallery eagerly, pausing at a revealing shot of the plush’s ample flanks and the small pocket under the its fabric tail.
  16. >U-Unf
  17. >Sure, the price is a little up there, but you have to have it.
  18. >You click the “buy now” button and proceed to an infuriatingly buggy checkout page.
  19. >There are all the normal boxes: payment information, delivery address, and shipping options.
  20. >You notice an odd choice, though, in the last window: one of the options reads “Immediate Delivery”.
  21. >You laugh.
  23. >The retailer must be trying out a drone system or something like that, or maybe it’s just poorly translated.
  24. >Either way, it doesn’t look like it costs more than regular shipping, so you check the box and finalize your purchase.
  25. >The page changes to a simple confirmation window, with a small blurb of text that reads “Thank you! Now enjoy you are plush”.
  26. >The poor grammar gets another laugh out of you before you lean back in your chair, your thoughts already swimming with images of your new purchase.
  27. >And now all you have to do is wait for delivery.
  28. >Before you can relax, a gurgling in your stomach breaks you out of your daydreaming, and you instinctively put a hand on your stomach.
  29. >You snap up when, instead of feeling normal skin, your hand brushes across what feels like soft, sensitive fabric.
  30. “What the fuck?”
  31. >The feeling sends shivers down your spine, and if you weren’t so freaked out you’d keep doing it.
  32. >You look down and notice a small patch of yellow peeking out from between your shirt and your pants.
  33. >Quickly, you throw off all but your boxers and stop in your tracks as you take in the yellow fabric covering your skin.
  34. >You tug at the edges and scratch the material, but all that results in is a wave of pleasure radiating from the spot you poked at.
  35. “What the hell is going on?!”
  36. >Why does it feel so good to touch it?
  37. >This can’t be happening.
  38. >You watch in horror as the patch of fabric begins to spread out, covering most of your abdomen and filling your gut with a tingly, weightless sensation, like you’re filling up with fluff.
  39. >Your ass, now entirely covered in the yellow cloth, plumps up before your eyes, and you bite back a gasp.
  40. >The fabric continues to spread down your legs, and you jump out of your chair in shock, only to land flat on your face.
  41. “W-Why can’t I stand up?”
  43. >Adrenaline rushes through your system as you look down at your legs, which are shifting before your eyes.
  44. >The tips of your toes curl in as the same fabric grows over them, leaving a pair of soft, plush hooves in their place.
  45. >The cloth on your torso quickly spreads to meet with the cloth on your feet, and once they meet, they join together with… stitches?
  46. >You reach a finger down and poke at the pink threads running along your inner thigh and choke back a cry of surprise.
  47. >It feels so real, like your legs are completely made of fabric.
  48. >You hesitantly probe with your finger, pressing down on the fabric of your leg.
  49. >It’s so soft and squishy; do you even have bones anymore?
  50. >You’ve all but lost all feeling in your legs now, and you lie on the floor completely helpless as you watch what used to be your legs reshape themselves into something completely unnatural.
  51. >You grit your teeth, anticipating the pain and agony of your bones shifting and grinding together that never materializes.
  52. >Instead, the weightless feeling of your lower body spreads up to your chest, and you groan in irritation as you feel fabric bunch up at your tailbone.
  53. >Wait, how did you feel that?
  54. >Slowly, you roll over on your side and watch as pink fabric grows out of your ass to form a long, flowing tail.
  55. >With a hand, you pull down your boxers, and you freeze as you see a familiar embroidered emblem on what used to be your hips.
  56. >C-Could you be… ?
  57. >This is impossible.
  58. >There’s no way that just buying a plush pony on the Internet could actually…
  59. >The sensitive yellow fabric continues to move upward, reaching all the way to your shoulders.
  60. >You quickly pull off your boxers, noting with horror the flexibility of your new lower half, while the other hand runs along the soft fabric of the… of your tail.
  62. >The feeling of fingertips running along the furry material makes your eyes roll back in your head and your tongue loll out of your mouth.
  63. >You barely bite back a moan as you continue petting your new tail, and your other hand begins to work its way down to Anon Jr.
  64. >Thankfully, the fabric hasn’t covered up your dick, and you waste no time in channeling all the pleasure that being petted fills you with and putting it to good use.
  65. >But, soon enough, the feeling of being scratched and rubbed far outweighs the meager pleasure you get from masturbation, and you put the other hand to work massaging your ample, plump flanks.
  66. >That sets off the most powerful orgasm of your life, sending waves of pleasure throughout your entire body almost instantly, and you can’t help but eagerly run your fingers along your plush new flanks, savoring their generous amount of give.
  67. >But your massaging grinds to a halt as you notice the yellow fabric pulling your dick inside you.
  68. >Suddenly, you remember a certain detail that makes your heart drop into your stomach.
  69. >If you’re really turning into the plush that you bought, and it had an opening in the back…
  70. “Oh, fuck no!”
  71. >You try desperately to keep your dick from retreating inside you, but all your hand meets is the smooth fabric of your new opening.
  72. >And if the fabric covering your ass was hypersensitive, then the material around your folds is even more so.
  73. >Hesitantly, you move to reach a finger inside your new, plush snatch, but you stop in your tracks as you pull your hand away from your opening and it comes back as a yellow hoof, covered in fabric.
  74. >The arousal quickly drains away, and you’re left terrified and helpless again as the changes continue.
  75. >The cloth wastes no time in spreading down both your arms, leaving them numb and soft as they reshape and lose their dexterity.
  77. >Two small lumps of fabric form on your back, quickly growing into stylized, nonfunctional wings.
  78. >You stifle a gasp as yellow fabric quickly moves up your neck, covering your entire face.
  79. >When the cloth washes over your ears, you feel them slowly move up your head and change shape, until two perky pony ears are resting on the top of your head.
  80. >Your hair puffs up as more fabric replaces it until a long pink mane curls down the back of your neck, the very tip of the fabric mass encroaching on your field of vision.
  81. >You feel your face push out until you have a soft pony muzzle, a burst of fear gripping you as you feel your eyelids close of their own accord.
  82. >After a second of terrifying total blindness, you can see again, although the colors look more saturated and vivid now and your field of vision seems to be larger.
  83. >You hold back a scream as your lips press together and seal shut, a thin line of pink stitching turned up in an innocent smile replacing them.
  84. >You try to sit up, but you find yourself completely immobile as you flop to the floor.
  85. >A tingling sensation overwhelms you as the room around you grows bigger… and bigger… and bigger still.
  86. >Are you shrinking?
  87. >When your surroundings finally finish growing around you, you’re left lying on your side, with your head lying against the cold floor.
  88. >You can’t move, you can’t speak; hell, you can barely think.
  89. >What are you supposed to do now?
  90. >The sound of a key turning in your apartment’s door shocks you out of your stupor, and you see a shadowy figure carrying a duffel bag walk into your room.
  91. >”There you are.”
  92. >You feel a hand wrap around you and you find yourself rising up in the air until you’re face-to-face with an average-looking man.
  93. >Trying your damnedest to ignore how good it feels to be held, you stare furiously at your captor.
  95. >”I bet you’re glaring at me right now, huh? Too bad you can’t really do that anymore.”
  96. >He unceremoniously dumps you in the small duffel bag, and your vision goes dark.
  97. >You can feel the bag bouncing around as you leave your apartment complex, before eventually being set down in what feels like a car.
  98. >The drive takes ages, but, finally, the bag is unzipped and you’re deposited on a small desk.
  99. >Your captor turns you to face a computer monitor, and you’re left staring at an ebay auction page.
  100. >The pictures are the same ones as the website you had bought your plushie from, and the description is much of the same, just written in actual English.
  101. >Bidding is up to an obscenely high number, and the countdown timer is ticking down dangerously close to zero.
  102. >”I’m sure you’re wondering why I turned you into a plushie. But, honestly, I’m a little tired of saying the same shit to every toy that passes through my hands. Having the same one-sided conversation over and over again gets boring after a while.”
  103. >You hear the sound of a can of beer being opened behind you, and your kidnapper lets out a sigh.
  104. >”Let’s just say that there are people that will pay lots of money to own an object that used to be a human being, and you’re the poor sonofabitch that took the bait.”
  105. >The webpage changes abruptly as the bidding ends and your captor opens up a new page on his computer.
  106. >”Looks like you’re going to Washington! You’re going to make your master very, very happy, you know that?”
  107. >He scratches the fur along your back, and almost immediately, waves of pleasure surge through you.
  108. >But as quickly as he started, he lets up, and you’re left with a feeling of empty longing.
  109. >The sound of a printer running behind you snaps you out of your haze, and you quickly feel yourself being picked up again.
  111. >You’re led over to a small cardboard box filled with packing peanuts.
  112. >”You’re going in there, if you haven’t figured it out already.”
  113. >The gravity of what’s about to happen overwhelms you, but there’s nothing you can do to resist.
  114. >You’re submerged up to your embroidered eyes in styrofoam peanuts, and you silently struggle against your useless body.
  115. >But the feeling of a small object being slid into your opening quickly overcomes your senses, especially when it starts to buzz.
  116. >”This should take care of whatever’s left in there. Have a safe trip.”
  117. >The bullet vibe that your captor slipped into your snatch overwhelms you as it buzzes away, and you barely notice as the box is sealed up.
  118. >It feels so easy to lose yourself in the pleasure, to just drift away entirely…
  119. >You try to fight it, but it’s no use.
  120. >The feeling is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before, but despite the waves of ecstasy that radiate through your body, you’re never able to cum.
  121. >The pleasure just builds and builds, pushing you closer and closer to orgasm, but never pushing you over the edge.
  122. >The relentless assault on your senses continues for what feels like years.
  123. >You beg and plead with any higher power that’s listening to finally cum, but you only end up just a hair closer until you’re on the absolute razor’s edge.
  124. >The pleasure is unbearable.
  125. >After a while, it’s all you can think about.
  126. >You barely notice the changes in your surroundings until you’re pulled from your box and bathed in light for the first time in an eternity.
  127. >Still, the vibrator buzzes away, and you try your best to focus on something, anything.
  128. >The face of the man holding you comes into view; for someone who just dropped tens of thousands of dollars on a Fluttershy plushie, he isn’t all that bad looking.
  130. >He notices the vibrator buzzing away inside you and unceremoniously pulls it out, leaving you mentally whining and begging for it back.
  131. >”You’ve been a naughty little mare, haven’t you?”
  132. >His words wash over you, bringing new thoughts and ideas from deep inside you.
  133. >Master.
  134. >Obey.
  135. >He turns you around and you hear his fly unzip, and before you know it, the head of his cock is pressed against your opening.
  136. >”I bet you want it more than you could ever imagine.”
  137. >Silently, you beg and plead for him to fuck your new snatch, and, after a few tantalizing seconds, the tip of his cock pushes inside of you.
  138. >In your smaller form, it feels absolutely massive, like it’s tearing you apart.
  139. >And you love it.
  140. >”F-Fuck, you’re tight, huh?”
  141. >He pounds away at you, using you like the toy you are, until you’re closer to orgasm than you ever thought possible.
  142. >You need to cum so badly…
  143. >But you know that you’ll only be able to cum once Master cums.
  144. >After all, you’re just a toy… and toys don’t cum before their Masters, right?
  145. >That sounds right.
  146. >He pumps away and stars dot your vision.
  147. >After a while, all you can think about is the cock thrusting in and out of you.
  148. >”Get ready, toy.”
  149. >With a cry, he slams into you and bottoms out as load after load of hot, sticky cum is pumped deep inside you.
  151. >The feeling finally sends you over the edge, and weeks of pent-up arousal at the precipice of orgasm come crashing down as pleasure completely overwhelms your senses.
  152. >Your Master stays inside you until he’s spent, leaving a small splash of seed on the cloth of your back as he pulls out.
  153. >Slowly, you come back to your senses, still basking in the afterglow.
  154. >You never thought that you could ever experience pleasure like this.
  155. >After such a powerful orgasm, all you want to do is cuddle with your Master.
  156. >But he tosses you onto a pile of dirty clothes in the corner of his room.
  157. >”I’ll wash you later. But for now, enjoy being a toy, you dirty slut.”
  158. >The lights turn off and the door slams shut, your Master’s footsteps echoing down the hall.
  159. >Since you landed in the pile face-down, you can barely see anything.
  160. >And as the afterglow continues to dominate your senses, complex thoughts start to be replaced by simpler ones.
  161. >You need your Master.
  162. >You love your Master.
  163. >And you want your Master to fuck you again.
  164. >Why did Master leave?
  165. >Were you a bad toy?
  166. >You want your Master back.
  167. >You want to be a good toy.
  168. >For Master.
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