Walnut-A Peppered Cejire

Dec 24th, 2013
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  1. >Be Pepper Dust.
  2. >Sitting down in your living room couch you were drained from being dragged all over Ponyville by Cejire to buy her expensive clothes from the Fleur De Lis isle of clothes store for your buddy Anon while he was out on a ridiclious adventure with Noise, Hexferry, Caramel, & Flicker in Everfree Forest.
  3. >Taking a small breathe of air with your own dust coming off you, you sneezed. Looking up at the ceiling with nothing better to do you decided to take a nap to pass the remaining time till Anon returns for his friend.
  4. >But before you could even close your eyes you heard Cejire's voice echo throughout your house calling you to come into the guest room where she was at.
  5. >Sneezing you got up from your comfortable couch, and proceeded down your hallway till you arrived in the guest room in the back where there was nothing, but shopping bags full of clothes all over the floor, and bed of your back room.
  6. >Looking over to the side you could see your closet door open with Cejire wings sticking out. Blinking you asked what did Cejire want with you as you saw her wing twitch.
  7. "Pepper Dust your here good." She said beginning her sentence before continuing "I want you to tell me what do you think of this?" Cejire asked you before stepping out from behind the closet wearing short black lingerie clothing with gold trimmings onto the side of them that matched her coat, and slender frame.
  8. >Blinking at Cejire you didn't utter a word stunned. Looking away then at you Cejire then did a little twirl around in it asking you to tell her how does it look on her, and if Anon would like it. Taking a breathe you were still stunned a Cejire's majestic body. Dat slender frame of hers, dat luxurious coat of hers, dat ass she has all of which she was saving for anon.
  9. >Biting the bottom portion of your lip you couldn't say a word to Cejire as you felt yourself becoming aroused all of a sudden by looking at her. Backing up to the door you knew you had to go before Cejire noticed, but was stopped on her asking you how does she look again.
  10. >Taking a gulp Cejire just glared at you angrily as you tried to look away from her, but you kept becoming more sexually aroused the more you wanted to just take a glimpse of her again.
  11. >Slowly Cejire then started towards you which made your heart bounce before she came to a complete stop saying "Oh my.", and you knew why she would say that as she spotted your hardened penis. Turning red you knew you just made the entire situation awkward.
  12. >Standing in complete silence Cejire then started towards you in a slow manner. Frozen and not saying anything she then came to a complete stop at the side of you.
  13. Opening her mouth Cejire said in a lust voice to you "There are some things I want to try with Anon one day. But since he won't let me get nowhere close to the inside of his pants I better try them on a live dummy." before bending her downwards to your dick making say "Gaah!" out loud.
  14. >Panting at what was going on, and hearing Cejire sniff your penis she opened her mouth saying "It feels funny" which was kind of embarrassing for you before she continued where she left off by saying "But there's something arousing about this smell."
  15. >Then feeling some wet touch the tip your of penis your wings went straight up as you know it was Cejire's tongue. Telling her not to lick it as it was dirty, Cejire ignored you and before you knew it you could feel your penis inside of Cejires mouth.
  16. >Letting out moans of pleasure you couldn't believe that you were having sex with Cejire as she started to suck on your dick. Puffing out moans as minutes passed you could not longer hold your nectar in, and trying to alert Cejire ahead of time about what you were about to do you stuttered by saying "Ce-Ce-Cejire I..I'm g-ggonna.", but it was already too late as you let out a massive load into her mouth.
  17. >Forced to swallow all your nectar Cejire released your penis from her mouth coughing. Blushing violently at what you have done you apologized to her, but Cejire stopped you.
  18. >Pressing her hoof on your chest Cejire pushed you down to the ground, and up against the door frame of the back room. Then getting on top of you with her face up against yours, and her plot rubbing against your hard shaft you two locked lips.
  19. >Cejire withdrawing from the both yours & her kiss she rose up on her hind legs moving her lingerie panties to the side revealing her wet vagina with her own special nectar running down her leg. Looking up at her you knew what she was about to do.
  20. >Slowly & steadily aligning your shaft to her vagina, Cejire began to lower herself down onto your penis letting out large moans of pleasure. At first when you were inside Cejire she was tight, but the further you went in the more easy it was to slide inside of her..
  21. >When she fully went down she leaned forwards buried herself inside your coat. Then raising her plot up with her letting out some small squeaks that you never heard her to before she went back down on your shaft like a cowgirl.
  22. >Cejire getting faster while continuing to ride you with her squeaks of pleasure getting louder inside your fluff you began to become close. Grabbing onto her soft plot with your hooves Cejire withdrew her head from your fluff revealing her blushing red face before the both of you locked lips once more.
  23. >Then in Cejires last movement going all the way down your dick you came inside of her making your entire body tighten. After you were you were exhausted with Cejire pulling away from your lips her panting heavy.
  24. >Looking up at each other you wanted to say something to her, but couldn't so you simply smiled which she returned except adding an adorable squeak into it. Then hearing a few "Uh's."come from behind you at the door, you looked back to see Anon in his suit, and tie standing there. Opening your mouth at the shock of Anon standing there looking at you completely inside Cejire.
  25. >Wanting explain what was going to Anon you tried to utter a word, but couldn't as Anon simply turned around away from you, and Cejire and started walking saying to the both of you "I'll come back later.".
  26. >Then Cejire yelling at Anon as he started to walk away with her faced still red said "Anon wait! It's not what it looks like. I was practicing for you." before she lifted up off your dick, and taking after him with dripping nectar between her legs.
  27. >Laying where Cejire & Anon left you then sneezed as your dust came off on to you.
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