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NEW Illuminati message found

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  1. NEW Illuminati message found hidden in a cam girl site. Some /b/ros on 4chan found this while playing around. When you get to the chat room, its a video look of flashing masonic symbols, pictures of the Catholic chruch, and some girl talking about the new world order and the "Illuminatus" (I guess illuminatus means Illumnati?). Anyway...check this out.
  4. >Go to site http://safelinktracker.com/go/v5PSZ_bD9yp/DEFAULT
  5. >Make free account
  6. >After logged in, look at the top right of the screen. Theres a search box.
  7. >Type in "Illuminati" and press "Search"
  8. >Go to the room called "Illuminati"
  9. >Have your mind blown!
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