Ilya Gallahar

Jul 23rd, 2020 (edited)
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  1. Name: Ilya Gallahar
  2. Gender: Female
  3. Age: 15
  4. Height: 5' 6”
  5. Weight: Somewhat light
  6. Body Development: Lithe, thin, a little lanky.
  7. Appearance: Light blond hair that transitions to dusty blue-grey at the tips, often bound in a circular braid around the back of her head. She has a peachy complexion, a diamond-shaped face, and deep amber eyes. Two scars are visible on her face, one across the left side of her nose, and the other at the right corner of her mouth. And while it's not immediately obvious, she does not cast a shadow.
  9. Magical Outfit: The most striking thing would have to be the pure white cloak that shrouds her, hood included. The rest of her attire consists of an odd take on a sailor uniform, colored black with minor red highlights. It features a shirt that bares her midriff, a skirt that stops just above the knees, thigh-high stockings, and sleek boots. She also wears bracelets on both wrists and a choker around her neck, all of which are made of varying colored matte stones.
  11. Weapon: Her weapon consists of a broken sword blade made of what looks like jade, complimented by an ornate gold line extending several inches from the broken bottom. It's a little over four and a half feet long, and at its widest, it's about 5 inches, though it tapers to a respectable point. Down at the broken part, there is part of a gold-lined semicircle that seems to have been intentionally created in the blade. It is wielded telekinetically.
  15. SCS Sheet:
  17. Origin: Contract
  18. Age: 15
  19. Body: Average
  20. Spec: Time
  21. Outfit: Flowing
  22. Weapon: Melee
  23. Power: Tentacles
  24. Perks: Awareness, Martial Training (Acrobat), Enhanced Weapon, Incognito, Environmental Sealing
  26. Patron: Hothri (Horror)
  27. Patron Benefits: Marked, Takes One to Know One, Genki Girl, Mystic Might, Physical Prowess, Gifted Item
  28. Patron Drawbacks: Bane, Mind Bent, Fearsome Reputation, Big Brother, Vendetta
  30. STR: 11
  31. AGI: 6
  32. VIT: 9
  33. MAG: 11
  34. LCK: 8
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