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  1. <tr style="  white-space: nowrap;overflow: hidden;text-overflow: ellipsis;resize: horizontal;">
  2.     <th>Riga</th>
  3.     <th>Codice</th>                    
  4.     <th>Descrizione</th>
  5.     <th>UM</th>
  6.     <th>Pz x conf</th>
  7.     <th>Num conf</th>
  8.     <th>Qta</th>
  9.     <th>Prz Un</th>
  10.     <th>Importo</th>
  11.     <th>Iva</th>
  12.     <th>Prezzo IC</th>
  13.     <th>Valore IC</th>
  14.     <th>Operazione</th>
  15. </tr>
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