Experience with T3 LFT

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  1. [EU][PC] Player with some T3 experience is looking for a serious and preferably well managed team ready to start ASAP
  3. Uplay: Chapie.
  4. Discord: Worius#4017 (I have TS)
  5. Age: 19
  6. Region: EU
  7. Country: Bulgaria
  8. Language: English
  9. Timezone: Last paragraph
  10. Rank: Plat2 (avg 3900mmr)
  11. Level: 145
  12. Hours: 350+ in game
  14. I am done trying to prove anything with ranked. If my rank is a major problem, move on.
  15. I dont have a duo partner/stack, thus it is too much of a hustle to try and rank up as a SOLO player.
  16. Originally, I wanted higher MMR but as you should know most games are out of ones control.
  18. I'm willing to invest as much time as needed to improve both with the team and individually.
  19. I don't panic no matter the situation and I believe I'm capable of competing on the next level.
  20. I practice various stuff daily. I know maps vertically and my callouts are good.
  21. I have experience in T3 team and have been to multiple open tournaments and scrims.
  22. Toxicity is something I don't like and refrain from. Criticism is welcome.
  23. Also good at making strats and obviously have higher expectations than CL.
  25. I admire R6S complexity as well as the way teamwork wins over anything else.
  26. I have played in diamond pubs.. I have played with/vs pros and party stacks.
  27. Honestly, I am surprised how little these things mean as in the end the better team wins.
  29. I prefer teams ready to go practice as five with a good schedule.
  30. I don't want any of that ranked "anxiety".
  31. I am ready to go practice in scrim, faceit, ranked... anywhere.
  32. Biggest problem I have is easily tiltable people. I don't need any of that as it is
  33. just pointless having to endure random shouts and useless paragraphs how one died.
  34. I don't need some unseen before PMA, what I'm saying is that I don't
  35. want a team that is already defeated in a 0-2 score from simply just tilt.
  37. Everything I demand, I offer.
  39. The teams schedule should be around 11:00 EEST to 22:00 EEST.
  40. I can and will stay past 22:00 in an ongoing tournament, scrimming or simply practicing.
  41. I just don't want the team practice or w/e to start after 22:00 EEST every single day.
  43. Past game achievements:
  44. GE in CSGO and a couple of months in ESEA
  45. Overwatch reaching GM (4300mmr)
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