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  1. For example if someone’s kink is just to be treated badly by their partner, that can be done without sexual activity like just insults and all. And whether the action is sexual and/or romantic is determined by the people who are involved and how they feel.
  3. Some things to me sound "kinky but not sexually kinky" and that's the best way I know how to describe it
  4. Aren't kinks about being sexually stimulated?
  6. I've always assumed that kink stuff was just automatically related to sex and getting off on your own and stuff, because of how it was always framed in media
  8. I don’t really have an opinion.
  10. You can express an interest in kink and enjoy being around it without actually wishing to partake
  12. Strong association and not used much in other capacities
  13. You can have a kink without sexual interest
  15. There are people with kinks (stuff that's not normally what people are into but they are) that aren't sexual and are just things they like to do without involving sex.
  16. I dont have any experience, couldnt say
  17. Never thought about it much
  19. Psychological research. Even if it not involved with the act of sex  The same portion of the brain is related.
  21. I don't think I really know what kink actually entails so I'm not informed enough to answer
  22. Everyone's experience is unique.
  23. Just seems so...
  24. Kinks can physically arouse for some, mentally arouse for others. And sometimes kinks can be a mixture of both for people. It's not always sexual, and that is how I came to understand my kinks.
  25. It is sexual for the person who has the kink/fetish if it contributes to their sexual interest.
  26. Most of my kinks are just appreciation of certain styles and aesthetics, although there probably are some sexual ones.
  28. Because that is always the association that kink is for the purpose of sexual pleasure/arousal. If not it would just be an interest/hobby.
  29. It can be but isn't necessarily, there are kinks which are sexual and those which aren't.
  31. kink is a form of sexual/psychological arousal and not sex at the same time.
  32. If it is an activity with another person to satisfy one's libido, I do consider it to be a grey area of sexuality at the very least
  34. It depends on the specific kink and what the person gets from it
  35. Not everything in kink is sexual, for example: pet play. It’s a way for the person to let go and be an animal and that doesn’t mean sex is involved.
  36. For the most part kink is about some form of sexual gratification, that's inherently sexual
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