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Jul 7th, 2018
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  1. Transcript with Eun Ha:
  3. You :
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  6. Eun Ha :
  7. Who’s there?
  8. You :
  9. Hi there Eun Ha. I’m Kyle. A friend of Emily’s. How are you?
  10. Eun Ha :
  11. I’m okay.
  12. Eun Ha :
  13. Did she send you?
  14. You :
  15. Yes. Emily sent me to help you.
  16. Eun Ha :
  17. How?
  18. You :
  19. Myself and the rest of CSD are trying to get you out of the simulation you’re stuck in.
  20. You :
  21. Where are you living now?
  22. Eun Ha :
  23. Are there a lot of you?
  24. Eun Ha :
  25. Nowhere. It’s nothing, here.
  26. You :
  27. More than you or I know! They care about you a great deal.
  28. Eun Ha :
  29. That’s sort of freaky.
  30. You :
  31. That doesn’t sound very pleasant. We’re using your memories to reconstruct your mind to help you get out of the simulation. Do you remember your bracelet?
  32. Eun Ha :
  33. Yes. I remember Emily brought me a collage with pictures of bracelets like it, not too long ago when I was feeling really badly.
  34. You :
  35. Did it make you feel better?
  36. You :
  37. It was the CSD that made the collage
  38. Eun Ha :
  39. Yes, a lot better… It was strange, seeing that so many people I had never met cared enough to do that.
  40. Eun Ha :
  41. Thank you for doing that for me. It really means more than you could know.
  42. You :
  43. That’s wonderful to hear! And we’re doing all we can to help you now. Do you recall where you live outside the simulation?
  44. You :
  45. Or can you tell me more about your brother?
  46. Eun Ha :
  47. I moved a lot in the past few months, and my memories are sort of vague…
  48. Eun Ha :
  49. I’m not close with him any more
  50. Eun Ha :
  51. I wish that we could just hang out like when we were kids. I miss that.
  52. You :
  53. What were some things you guys did back then?
  54. Eun Ha :
  55. We liked to play around the house. Hide and seek was fun, but he would sometimes get so dirty that our mother would have to scrub him all over with a brush and the hose before she would let him come inside.
  56. You :
  57. Haha. That sounds like a fond memory.
  58. Eun Ha :
  59. Like I said. I miss that.
  60. You :
  61. When you get out you could reconnect with him. We can help, but we need to know: do you remember how you got into W/ARE.
  62. Eun Ha :
  63. How about you? Do you have any brothers or sisters?
  64. You :
  65. I have two brothers and a sister. We also played hide and seek. It was lots of fun! We even played in our local parks.
  66. Eun Ha :
  67. Two brothers and a sister? You must have had a really loud home.
  68. You :
  69. Actually it was. Had a falling out with my older brother several years ago. But we made amends recently. Life is too short not to love.
  70. Eun Ha :
  71. I can appreciate that. Life certainly feels short these days.
  72. You :
  73. Does anyone else visit you here? How did you find yourself in here?
  74. You :
  75. Sorry to be so direct.
  76. Eun Ha :
  77. No, the only visitor I’ve had is Emily. I just woke up like this. I thought I had died, for the longest time. It was awful.
  78. You :
  79. Is there anything you remember before entering the simulation? Anything related to the W/ARE facility?
  80. Eun Ha :
  81. No.
  82. Eun Ha :
  83. The connection is starting to get bad.
  84. You :
  85. Hang in there Eun Ha! We’re here for you!
  86. You :
  87. Myself and all of CSD are trying to get you home and back to your brother.
  88. You :
  89. Anything you’d like to say before we get cut off?
  90. Eun Ha :
  91. It doesn’t matter what I say.
  94. --Copied from an ETARC Forum post--
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