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Jun 23rd, 2013
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  1. A man on the radio says, "Many drivers find it very confusing that
  2. every type of zone has its own speed limit. No two zones have the same
  3. speed limit. In addition, there are too many types of zones -- we have
  4. School Zones, Hospital Zones, Library Zones, Residential Zones, and
  5. Freeway Zones. This is more than we need."
  7. A woman on the radio says, "I believe that both Hospital Zones and 43
  8. mile-per-hour zones need to be reconsidered."
  10. A man on the radio says, "Possibly, but I think it's a much more
  11. pressing problem that the color of speed limit signs in School Zones is
  12. blue."
  14. The woman on the radio responds, "What color would you suggest? Green
  15. is already taken by 59 mile-per-hour zones."
  17. On the radio, a second woman enters the conversation. "Yes, but both
  18. School Zones and 27 mile-per-hour zones have large signs, while Library
  19. Zones -- not to mention 43 mile-per-hour zones -- have only
  20. medium-sized signs. It doesn't seem appropriate somehow."
  22. The man on the radio says, "Now I've forgotten -- is the speed limit in
  23. a residental zone 17 or 23 miles per hour?"
  25. The first woman on the radio says, "I can't remember, but I know that
  26. either School Zones or Hospital Zones are 23 miles per hour."
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