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  1. "There now. That wasn't so hard, was it?~"
  3. As those sinful words escape your lips, you find a pair of slender fingers stroking your chin. Tilting it upwards, into Satori's loving eyes...your master shaking her head, her disappointment oh so visible. "For such a wretched pet...Well, it's a fortunate thing for you that i'm so forgiving~"
  5. Satori's dress hits the floor a moment later, her bountiful, jiggling breasts freed. ...You try to focus, try to hear the sound of that dress falling, trying to hear Satori's footsteps towards you. But you can't think of such things, can't even remember to breathe - the sight of your mistress's perfect, bouncing, hefty chest is just too much. "...You know, these things are so troublesome. But, take a good look, I suppose. A troublesome boy like you - well, I can't think of a better fate. You'll be about this big, too - you'll replace the spell I've put to make them bigger."
  7. Satori's voice slowly dies off, as she steps forward...and grabs your hands, forcing them against her soft, plush chest. "Go ahead, have a feel~" She cooes, your fingers sinking into that soft, warm tit flesh...deeper, deeper still. Then your palms. Your hands. Your elbows...it feels like they're melting away, your body being tugged into Satori's bountiful, soft chest.
  9. "...Oh, is that reconsidering I hear? Ah, perhaps I should mention, my pet. Your soul won't be escaping either...it'll just be embedded into my breasts as well. Completely absorbed, beyond the point of salvation...fufufu. Perhaps you should have thought of that...oh, but perhaps you have~" Satori coos, as her hand reaches down...and starts to stroke at your boner, her expert, soft dainty hands stroking over. Faster, faster, distracting you from the fact that you've sank in past your elbows to those fat, gluttonous tits...
  11. You try to scream, but you have no lips. You feel those breasts you're sinking into bounce instead...no, that's you bouncing. You're becoming one with your mistress's perfect, hefty chest, and there's nothing you can do to stop her. All you can do is bounce, and cum, and sink in, ever so deeper... "Tsk, tsk. That's all you have for a last load? A let-down to the end, I suppose." Satori coos, before grabbing your butt...giving it one, two squeezes, before finally shoving you allll the way back in.
  13. Everything goes dark. You feel yourself...bouncing. Swaying. Jiggling, as some sort of fabric is put on over your body... "Well, enjoy eternity as tit fat, I suppose. This will be the last time I address you...because why would I? You were a worthless pet...so the best you can do now is -" You find yourself foricbly bounced up and down, a pair of hands squeezing into your body, sending a shudder over your entire form. "...Be a good pair of boobs~"
  15. And thus off Satori strides, off to eat her breakfast. Completely, and utterly forgetting that you exist, leaving you all alone in a endless, soft, warm, bouncing hell of your own making~
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