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Dragon City Generator 2.1v

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  1. Dragon City Generator 2.1v
  3. Download from: http://fastyshare.com/QfuqLBiUaH
  5. Dragon city is the latest facebook application game. It is exciting and a breeding game. It is really hard to breed rare dragon and takes time to breed them without using thousands of Gems. So our team develop a Bot for Dragon City Cheats. Its still in beta however it works with the current version of the game now. With this Dragon City Cheats you will level faster and you will breed rare dragon faster and you can level your dragon to thier max level faster if you use it day.
  7. Tool Features:
  9.     Gems Generator
  10.     Gold Generator
  11.     Food Generator
  12.     More Feature to be added by next update
  14. File Info: 3 MB (Including: Dragon_City_Generator_2.1.exe and a "Dragon City.doc" file tutorial ebook)
  16. How to Use this Tool:
  18.     Log in to your account in facebook and go to Dragon City game.
  19.     Download and Run Dragon_City_Generator_2.1.exe
  20.     Enter amount you wanted to add.
  21.     Click Start and wait until finish hacking.
  22.     Refresh your browser and Restart to see Results.
  23.     Have fun playing!
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