Public Service Announcement- Stop Ruining The Fun

Mar 29th, 2014
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  1. Lately, there's been a lot of fun ruining. Some of it is intentional, caused by fun-ruiners, but the divisive nature of the discussion has also caused the fun to be ruined. A lot of people, myself included, are at fault for this- it just seems to be going through the motions instead of a magical day every weekend.
  3. After all, shouldn't the Damedame be something that is shared? Inclusion is funclusion, as we all know, and the fact that the threads consist of in-fights and things that would turn people away.
  5. My proposal is that we keep Umineko threads clean. No fighting with each other, no ARG, no Newstudy, until the thread has completely died down from discussion of the episode. Yotsumoe's Umineko will have its own mysteries, and its own killer, so there's actual room for discussion about it. Theories about Yotsumoe's Umineko, the actual Umineko, joke theories about the damedame, anything that can be good for discussion and fun for everyone. This isn't a rule, or even a guideline, just a suggestion. If you have any other suggestions on how to squash the funruining, just email me, I'd be more than willing to listen.
  7. To help accommodate this, I'll be making a new paste explaining what's going on at the start of each thread, so people who are behind don't get confused about what's going on currently.
  9. I get that a major point of the subs is the ARG. Don't get me wrong, it's important, and for the most part, enjoyable. But recently I can't help but feel that we've been alienating other potential viewers, and alienating the people who like the subs but don't want the crazy ARG stuff. Even if people are interested in the ARG, it's nearly impossible to get on board because of the confusing fights, the lack of genuine excitement, and all of the things that only people who've been on the ride for a while will get.
  11. Damedame threads, and Damedame enjoyment isn't all part of a secret club. Spreading the happy is the main goal, everything else comes second. The magic around the time of episodes 5 through 10 of Log Horizon was amazing. We can bring it back, so long as we keep the happy in our hearts.
  13. Support your favorite subgroup by not fun-ruining.
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