Walnut - Ice dust

Apr 22nd, 2014
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  1. >Be Anon.
  2. >Be sitting in the cold weather while its snowing at a bus stop wearing your suit, & tie with Amata who has to get to work.
  3. >Tossing a glimpse her way you couldn't help not to notice how the light brown sweater complemented her long orange mane that came pass her shoulders, and covered up her large fluff that only a few moths you knew had.
  4. >Bringing your hands up to your mouth you let huffs of air in attempt to keep warm with no avail before coughing. Turning your direction and asking if you were okay, you simply said "Yes." to Amata.
  5. >Doing a long sniff Amata turned back to you and asked you if there was anything she could do to help you, as she would feel awful not to.
  6. >Letting out a "Uh." your eyes looked towards Amata's fluff like a pervert before asking if she had an extra sweater. Shaking her head "no." she offered you her only sweater instead.
  7. >Rejecting it as you would be taking her only source of warmth Amata asked specifically witch part of you was cold. Raising up your shaking right hand she nodded & made a suggestion that you would put your hand in between her fluff in the sweeter to keep warm.
  8. >Turning didn't know what to say to such an act in public though no pony else was around. Looking at your hands which became numb you apologized to Amata about taking her offer to stick your hand in her fluff in public which she said there was no need to apologize.
  9. >Scooting closer to her, and lifting up her sweater you slowly moved your hands from underneath, and moved up until your hands were buried inside Amata warm, smooth, clean fluff facing each other.
  10. >Asking you how it felt with feeling returning to your hands you said "Great." before turning your head away from her. Calling your name you turned back to Amata you leaned in to your face & gave you a kiss.
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