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Apr 8th, 2015
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  1. Here is a snippet of the last 3 months of just some choice words. Mind you these are out of context and are grepped from a chat log. You can see he basically calls everyone and everything else names. In some cases these are customers.
  3. adama and fuck for last 3 months
  5. [18:52] <adama> jesus fuck
  6. [19:45] <adama> Phil-25098: i get some horrible fuckups sometimes
  7. [20:37] <adama> so we don't like trying to diagnose what people have fucked up
  8. [21:44] <adama> i don't even know what the fuck i'm doing
  9. [11:59] <adama> if you think it is, jesus, your school system is fucked
  10. [20:42] <adama> (enterprise features are usually flaky as fuck and exist only to be shiny and attract idiots)
  11. [20:55] <adama> Phil-25098: because 90% of the world's population live in total fucking shitholes
  12. [22:35] <adama> fucking mexicans steering when aquaplaning
  13. [22:35] <adama> i don't let people fuck around
  14. [22:36] <adama> people do all sorts of crazy fucking shit
  15. [20:18] <adama> "idioto" has the intensity of "fuckwit"
  16. [20:40] <adama> they fucked that shit up
  17. [16:47] <adama> ahh motherfuck
  18. [16:50] <adama> because there are still motherfuckers running signage of BBCs
  19. [16:51] <cheesey_> adama: so frankly who the fuck knows
  20. [16:22] <adama> fucking mexican drivers
  21. [12:53] <adama> fucking thing doesn't go fast
  22. [12:53] <adama> so it was really fucking weird
  23. [12:57] <adama> though, even in the UK, i think having to fuck with gears would annoy me
  24. [12:57] <adama> SysX: dude, why the fuck doens't the cig lighter turn off when i cut the ignition?
  25. [13:11] <adama> buy i've never heard a 'libertarian' say anything i didn't think was totally and utterly fucktarded
  26. [15:00] <adama> Reaperz: your co-admin is a fucking retard
  27. [15:00] <adama> what the fuck
  28. [15:01] <adama> if you're replacing ASR with fucking BIRD
  29. [15:04] <adama> but it's fucking bullshit
  30. [16:17] <adama> because emailing fucking files can die in hell
  31. [16:18] <adama> do you realise how much of a massive fucking ballache it is to get a file from an email to the mibs folder?
  32. [23:43] <adama> my fucking neighbour burned a load of trash again today
  33. [23:43] <adama> so my whole fucking house smells like a jungle village
  34. [23:51] <adama> well what the fuck
  35. [20:40] <adama> fucking shitty tiny world pvp
  36. [20:40] <adama> blizz fucked that up pretty badly
  37. [21:07] <adama> 30 mins of "great game, but what the mother fuck is ashran?!"
  38. [12:01] <adama> because man, that was pretty fucking dumb
  39. [12:01] <adama> same dumbfuck midlanders, though
  40. [12:02] <adama> fucking genius
  41. [13:13] <adama> we won't waste time diagnosing where you fucked up
  42. [16:50] <adama> that is, if you have problems, ask the fucking community to fix it
  43. [16:50] <adama> what, the open source ocmmunity is fucking useless?
  44. [12:14] <adama> fuck off
  45. [12:23] <adama> jesus fuck
  46. [20:22] <adama> i think there are a couple of fuckups in trunk atm which need fixed before i push them to stable :)
  47. [23:17] <adama> so fuck em
  48. [05:20] <adama> fucking shitty flu bullshit broke my sleeping pattern
  49. [16:20] <adama> fuck gentoo
  50. [16:58] <adama> how do people manage to fuck up basic things so badly?
  51. [17:52] <adama> dell are fuckwits
  52. [18:10] <adama> well fuck
  53. [18:12] <adama> sot his is where we get a definition clusterfuck
  54. [18:38] <adama> why the fuck is it in lib64?
  55. [19:06] <adama> fuck language developers
  56. [19:06] <adama> such fucks
  57. [22:03] <@adama> i've not spoken to my best friend for a year because he married a feminist who was an sjw and turned him into a massive fucktard
  58. [22:04] <@adama> fucking sjw shit is just fucked
  59. [22:09] <@adama> and on the same day, virtually every gamer site published a "gamers are dead, fuck em" article
  60. [22:14] <@adama> why have my fucking alts got like 5 epic followers
  61. [22:18] <@adama> fucking p2w pets
  62. [04:58] <@adama> you probably like it because the original author is fucking awesome
  63. [05:34] <@adama> nasturtium leaves are mohterfucking tree stars
  64. [15:05] <@adama> AJRimmer: the wireless vendor mibs are a fucking mess
  65. [15:06] <@adama> what the fuck does that even mean?
  66. [15:06] <@adama> i've started doing a spreadsheet like that, but it's a fucking nightmare
  67. [13:53] <skpio> fuck adama's christian beliefs
  68. [18:41] <@adama> because fuck you, that's why!
  69. [23:04] <@adama> but i can guarantee that he'll next to zero fucks after such a ridiculously entitled rant
  70. [01:12] <@adama> what the fuck
  71. [21:40] <@adama> i've never had to fuck with mibs on anything, ever
  72. [21:23] <@adama> fuck the people who ordered over xmas and are qqing their shit isn't set up
  73. [21:23] <@adama> teh fuck, fgts
  74. [02:18] <@adama> holy shit fuck
  75. [01:37] <@adama> what's all this fucking composer bullshit
  76. [01:37] <@adama> every fucking php thing on fucking github wants me to fuckaround with whatever the fuck composer is
  77. [01:37] <@adama> fucking hipster cunts
  78. [01:46] <@adama> fucking pointless bullshit
  79. [01:49] <@adama> fuck knows
  80. [01:52] <@adama> the fuck does that mean?
  81. [01:52] <@adama> documentation, fucking hell
  82. [01:52] <@adama> i'll jsut use my fucking crystal ball to work out how, shall i?
  83. [01:55] <@adama> using my crystal fucking ball again?
  84. [03:11] <@adama> oh jesus fuck
  85. [03:11] <@adama> fucking paypal
  86. [03:12] <@adama> why the fuck are they so big?
  87. [22:43] <@adama> Devastator: in general, fuck snmpv3
  88. [22:43] <@adama> unless you have legislative or policy reasons to use it, don't fucking bother
  89. [22:44] <@adama> it's a massive clusterfuck of fail
  90. [18:20] <@adama> the EU fucked up
  91. [18:20] <@adama> they fucked up by not noticing until the last second
  92. [18:21] <@adama> it's /that/ fucking idiotic
  93. [18:22] <@adama> "it's been fucking retarded since 2008"
  94. [18:49] <@adama> mexico is a fucking big place
  95. [18:51] <@adama> fucking sucks
  96. [18:54] <@adama> i think it fucked the soil chemistry of my tomatoes
  97. [18:55] <@adama> don't fuck with the locals, stupid white people
  98. [14:53] <@adama> i don't know how the fuck you miss that page
  99. [18:27] <@adama> fucking hippy douchebags clogging up the udnerground in their sandals
  100. [18:27] <@adama> greens are fuckwits
  101. [18:31] <@adama> motherfuckers, we don't put the fuel tank sticking out the back of the car anymore
  102. [18:34] <@adama> unless you're a raging fucktard
  103. [18:37] <@adama> india are going to build fucking shitloads of nuclear plants
  104. [19:29] <@adama> but if entries for ports exist in that mib and not in if-mib, that's fucked up
  105. [20:03] <@adama> what the fuck
  106. [20:03] <@adama> fuck off, idiots.
  107. [19:56] <@adama> because fuck you, that's why
  108. [18:05] <@adama> but i can't be fucked with the less/css at the moment
  109. [17:42] <@adama> what a fucktard
  110. [17:50] <@adama> brits are fucktards
  111. [16:54] <@adama> fucking mosquito who keeps biting my foot needs to fuck off
  112. [17:38] <@adama> fuck sake, aruba
  113. [16:13] <@adama> all these hipstercode things are just fucking horrific nightmares of dependencies
  114. [16:34] <@adama> but on unix one expects sed and awk to work without 4 hours of fucking around
  115. [17:23] <@adama> what the holy jesus fuck is that about?
  116. [17:23] <@adama> teh fuck!
  117. [17:44] <@adama> but god, it was fucking vile
  118. [15:15] <@adama> what the fuck is this shit?
  119. [14:36] <@adama> crash test dummies - mmmm*4 is a weird fucking song
  120. [14:36] <@adama> people made weird fucking music in the 90s
  121. [13:59] <@adama> observium's codebase is fucking huge
  122. [14:00] <@adama> how the fuck did we write all of this shit?
  123. [16:31] <@adama> i guess once they looked at the size of the code and thought "fuck that!"
  124. [17:56] <@adama> fuck this tom petch guy
  125. [15:44] <@adama> because fuck things that aren't wireless?
  126. [17:09] <adama> sounds like someone was a typical open source entitled douchefuck
  127. [11:16] <adama> Lukkie: indeed, US needs to change not using automatic landing and shti, fucking pilot unions
  128. [00:29] <adama> fucking gpus sit at 15% utilisation when playing games XD
  129. [09:34] <adama> are they another bunch of fucktards who make a new set of mibs for every product?
  130. [09:38] <adama> different set of mibs for every fuckign product
  131. [09:40] <adama> fucking wifi people
  132. [09:40] <adama> well fuck you all
  133. [10:04] <adama> i'm really fucking sick of this shit
  134. [10:04] <adama> especially no nfucking wireless stuff
  135. [10:04] <adama> so just fuck off
  136. [10:14] <adama> just fuck off
  137. [10:15] <adama> so what was that, remove any existing wireless support and hope everyone else fucks off too?
  138. ----------
  140. Adama and Shit last 3 months
  142. [19:47] <adama> pointless bullshit
  143. [20:03] <adama> except that asr snmp is historically a bit shit
  144. [21:44] <adama> personally, i think observium is still a heap of shite
  145. [15:24] <adama> holy shit
  146. [18:13] <adama> there's always loads of shitty software bugs in stacked/virtual stuff
  147. [20:49] <adama> used to make me shit myself everytime it had to bring something new up
  148. [20:52] <adama> Tonto: i would, if the immigration bullshit wasn't so complex
  149. [20:53] <adama> which is some major bull shit
  150. [20:55] <adama> Phil-25098: because 90% of the world's population live in total fucking shitholes
  151. [20:57] <adama> it's just an unfortunate reality that we can't remove restrictions from the shitty parts
  152. [22:32] <adama> i'm just using a cheap as shit hchinese cam
  153. [22:36] <adama> people do all sorts of crazy fucking shit
  154. [23:46] <adama> svn co might cause some weird shit to happen
  155. [20:12] <Tonto> adama: its spanish for stupid or some shit yeah
  156. [20:40] <adama> they fucked that shit up
  157. [20:42] <adama> i don't give a shit
  158. [15:34] <adama> it's basically civ5 with the shitty parts removed
  159. [17:39] <adama> everything after that was shit
  160. [12:58] <adama> stupid chinese shit crashes after a few hours recording
  161. [18:03] <adama> shit
  162. [18:07] <adama> i think playing 3d games on a zx spectrum innoculates you against shit like minecraft, maybe
  163. [18:11] <adama> ofc, when you control the dc, you can get away with slightly shitter hardware
  164. [18:11] <adama> that was about as professional as that shit ever got
  165. [15:01] <adama> unless you're rolling with 2GB or some shit
  166. [15:03] <adama> Reaperz: i've worked with a lot of idiots who've been doing this shit for 10 years
  167. [15:04] <adama> but it's fucking bullshit
  168. [15:13] <adama> S doesn't mean shit
  169. [22:20] <adama> life is too short to work at places that won't pay to make their shit work
  170. [17:32] <Tonto_> sounds like some shit adama would pull
  171. [20:18] <adama> was cheap as shit :D
  172. [17:17] <adama> micromanagement bullshit
  173. [23:48] <adama> you go, you get fixed, you don't pay shit
  174. [23:49] <adama> euro shit is offline for the next 6 hours
  175. [19:46] <adama> i ignored the ring q cos i assumed it would be a 109238198231 hour chain of bullshit like usual
  176. [20:40] <adama> fucking shitty tiny world pvp
  177. [12:20] <adama> it's almost like that entire open-source-is-profitable-support-lols argument is bullshit
  178. [17:49] <Tonto> im sure adama know what that shit means
  179. [19:22] <Tonto> i call bullshit adama :P
  180. [05:20] <adama> fucking shitty flu bullshit broke my sleeping pattern
  181. [19:07] <adama> not sure i give a shit for sensors :)
  182. [23:31] <adama> y u need to take servers offline to enable shit?
  183. [16:20] <adama> that shit is whack
  184. [17:52] <adama> ahh shit
  185. [17:53] <adama> holy shit
  186. [18:39] <adama> "user knows better, user does something different, user's shit doesn't work"
  187. [22:04] <@adama> fucking sjw shit is just fucked
  188. [22:23] <@adama> let me try that shit
  189. [22:44] <@adama> shit, another patch
  190. [22:59] <@adama> Tonto: so how does this shit work?
  191. [01:04] <Tonto> adama: if i run up observium pro using my works svn details @ home for test shit will it get flagged by your svn software?
  192. [04:34] <@adama> "err, it's a bit shit, but lets look at the thing you forked for"
  193. [04:52] <@adama> but i don't understand that shit
  194. [05:13] <@adama> the vibrations retard all your shit
  195. [05:19] <@adama> that shit tastes weird when it's grown under the hot sun here
  196. [05:33] <@adama> at the rate the shit is growing, that's about all i can have
  197. [17:38] <Tonto> adama: emailed you bout the wireless shit
  198. [18:43] <@adama> holy shit
  199. [00:07] <@adama> shit
  200. [21:40] <@adama> where do people get this shit from?
  201. [20:21] <@adama> holy shit, it's 24/12?
  202. [19:05] <@adama> no wonder xmas is so shit here, they don't have time for it!
  203. [21:23] <@adama> fuck the people who ordered over xmas and are qqing their shit isn't set up
  204. [02:18] <@adama> holy shit fuck
  205. [18:03] <@adama> some shitty half-arsed implementation that didn't make it into svn, probably
  206. [18:06] <@adama> because that's unacceptably shit
  207. [18:09] <@adama> returning "0" or "1" from state sensors is shit
  208. [01:37] <@adama> what's all this fucking composer bullshit
  209. [01:46] <@adama> fucking pointless bullshit
  210. [01:46] <@adama> it's typical hipster shit
  211. [01:49] <@adama> same shit with ruby gems
  212. [22:56] <@adama> nickzxcv: yeah, the vlan shit is derp
  213. [22:57] <@adama> freebsd has their own, shitty one called bsnmp
  214. [23:01] <@adama> shit
  215. [23:10] <@adama> meh, nms is some bullshit term
  216. [18:20] <@adama> it's introducing a whole shitstorm of stuff our government has said we don't have to touch
  217. [18:20] <@adama> hmrc can't do shit
  218. [18:29] <@adama> the shit just falls into a hole in the ground and gets a time out to cool down and think about its actions
  219. [18:37] <@adama> india are going to build fucking shitloads of nuclear plants
  220. [20:00] <@adama> nickzxcv: they're shitty before then, too
  221. [14:57] <@adama> most of american problems can be traced back to their early importation of people who were so batshit crazy europe wouldnt' put up with their shit
  222. [13:54] <@adama> a world of purely open source would be a world where 95% of software is shitty unmaintained trash
  223. [12:54] <@adama> skpio: that guy got a shitload of money from facebook and stripe
  224. [17:41] <@adama> holy shit
  225. [17:41] <@adama> this MVC bullshit just makes everything ten thousand times more complex
  226. [17:42] <@adama> i can't see any benefits to this shit
  227. [17:43] <@adama> because you cant fit shit on the screen
  228. [17:38] <@adama> holy shit
  229. [19:29] <@adama> SysX: your shit is expired
  230. [09:59] <sid3windr> [12|01:29:19] <@adama> SysX: your shit is expired
  231. [13:35] <@adama> it's probably some limitation bullshit
  232. [21:36] <@adama> no one really gives a shit what you're called
  233. [22:18] <@adama> penguinpowernz: no, they were just stealign shit :)
  234. [22:23] <@adama> and took a hissy fit when we refused to accept his shit
  235. [22:36] <@adama> the rest of teh thread is people trying libre and realising it's shit
  236. [15:15] <@adama> what the fuck is this shit?
  237. [15:18] <@adama> that shit isn't fixing the thing it claims to be fixing
  238. [00:35] <@adama> i could put all my shit on there
  239. [14:00] <@adama> how the fuck did we write all of this shit?
  240. [09:41] <adama> and maybe we'll give a shit
  241. [09:57] <adama> i'm a telco/isp network person, i don't give 2 shits about wireless
  242. [10:04] <adama> i'm really fucking sick of this shit
  243. [10:06] <adama> i'd get a pile of useless shitty code
  244. [10:13] <adama> man, this is exactly the kind of shit that made us go commercial in the first place
  246. adama and retard last 3 months
  248. [16:31] <adama> all fucking documentaries on netflix usa are total fucking retard-bait
  249. [20:53] <adama> if you're not a retard
  250. [20:22] <adama> he's like jim carey for people who aren't retarded
  251. [15:00] <adama> Reaperz: your co-admin is a fucking retard
  252. [12:57] <adama> they're still a bit retarded
  253. [17:17] <adama> i think what you're doing is pretty retarded
  254. [05:13] <@adama> the vibrations retard all your shit
  255. [18:22] <@adama> "it's been fucking retarded since 2008"
  256. [19:32] <@adama> the world is so retarded
  257. [21:36] <@adama> branding is all retarded anyways
  258. [22:22] <@adama> the whole thing is kinda retarded
  259. [14:32] <@adama> Tonto: that car is so retarded
  260. [11:36] <@adama> you're being fundamentally retarded
  261. [11:43] <@adama> since hrProcessorLoad does seem to be 1min average, which is kinda retarded
  262. [15:44] <adama> SysX: yeah, well, she's a retard too
  263. [09:35] <adama> everyone involved in wireless seems to be literally retarded when it comes to writing mibs
  264. [09:58] <adama> i dunno, are we talking about retarded countries or not?
  266. -------------
  268. adama and cunt last 3 months
  270. [20:57] <adama> much nicer than those uk cunts at linx meetings
  271. [11:25] <adama> brits are cunts
  272. [20:36] <adama> by that, i mean until i hit some play2win cunt who puts me off the game for a week
  273. [23:45] <adama> cheap ass pueblo cunts
  274. [12:15] <adama> entitled cunt
  275. [22:09] <@adama> and are massive hipster sjw cunts
  276. [01:37] <@adama> fucking hipster cunts
  277. [01:53] <@adama> these apis really are written by and for totally obtuse cunts
  278. [19:31] <@adama> "vendor" is an old indian word meaning "lying cunts"
  279. [12:08] <adama> humans are whingy cunts
  281. ----------
  282. adama and stupid last 3 months
  284. [20:51] <adama> because it causes literally an order of magnitude more stupid questions
  285. [15:04] <adama> icon size is 32x32, 48x32 if it's a stupid icon with long text
  286. [15:14] <adama> but if we do that, they look stupid
  287. [20:42] <adama> the problem is when stupid isps start using enterprise features, like stacking and vss
  288. [20:12] <Tonto> adama: its spanish for stupid or some shit yeah
  289. [20:17] <adama> tonto, estupido, idioto, imbecil
  290. [12:54] <adama> i had to use the handbrake in the test because the stupid semi gearbox dips the clutch wayyy too easily
  291. [12:58] <adama> stupid chinese shit crashes after a few hours recording
  292. [13:19] <adama> i think we bomb brown people because white people countries don't do stupid things anymore
  293. [15:14] <adama> in your head you need to know that they are stupid
  294. [23:45] <adama> some stupid programme
  295. [14:39] <adama> nevermind removing the irc barrier to entry and allowing anyone with a browser to ask stupid questions
  296. [22:31] <adama> ranged dps really are stupid
  297. [15:50] <fenestro> adama: yeah 24 works if I turn off alerting. I assume I did something stupid with alerting and will come back to it and try to figure out what.
  298. [01:11] <@adama> your language is stupid
  299. [18:03] <@adama> a) stupid and confused
  300. [18:55] <@adama> don't fuck with the locals, stupid white people
  301. [21:37] <@adama> unless you've got a really stupid name
  302. [17:02] <@adama> security people are stupid
  303. [15:06] <@adama> this sounds like yet-another-stupid-hack
  305. adama and derp
  306. [12:51] <adama> infoderps
  307. [20:54] <adama> but restricting spouses is just derptarded
  308. [11:13] <adama> both of them looked derpy to me
  309. [16:50] <adama> it's one of the reasons the UK internet industry is so derp
  310. [21:22] <adama> cheesey_: any time for payderp integration yet? :>
  311. [12:59] <adama> tbm_: no, it's microsoft being derptarded thing
  312. [20:32] <adama> people are derps
  313. [23:31] <@adama> Tonto: derp
  314. [23:58] <moke> adama, derp
  315. [01:56] <Tonto> adama: my vps prolly derped
  316. [03:00] <Botservium> adama * r6134 includes/definitions/ [FIX] Attempt to fix HP printers (herpderp regexp is hard)
  317. [18:02] <@adama>
  318. [22:56] <@adama> nickzxcv: yeah, the vlan shit is derp
  319. [23:00] <@adama> derp
  320. [13:43] <@adama> i think you derped your svn somehow
  321. [15:27] <@adama> herp derp :)
  322. [18:09] <@adama> i hear that ubnt stuff is kinda cheap and derpy
  323. [13:28] <@adama> people would only set it to derp123
  324. [13:12] <@adama> *cough*appssystemisapileofderp*cough*
  325. [00:30] <Botservium> adama * r6327 includes/ [FIX] Don't set "info" class on unpolled things. It looks super derpy.
  326. [13:50] <Botservium> adama * r6337 includes/definitions/ [FIX] Change all status definitions to return "ok" instead of "up" to stop sounding derpy
  327. [16:44] <@adama> because i am derp
  328. [20:23] <@adama> jwh: derp
  329. [15:44] <@adama> people who write mibs are derps
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