Amulet of Graveeda 1

Feb 20th, 2013
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  1. Daring Doo and the Amulet of Graveeda
  3. This is a shameless Fetish Story, leave now if you don't want that
  5. Contains: Pregnancy, belly expansion
  7. This was boring, even more so than paperwork back at the university. Daring Doo couldn't believe she was going to have to spend another five days here on 'vacation'. All because of some stupid stipulation in her contract.
  9. “And here as you can all see, is one of the first relics found here at Prodigal Point.”
  11. The tour guide rambled on, sounding just as dry and bland as the food she had earlier. Which was a good way to explain the entire town. She still couldn't believe that they would do this to her, all because she was having 'too many adventures' that didn't bring in any valuable relics to the university. It wasn't her fault that the seemingly dormant volcano decided to erupt when she visited, and how was she supposed to know her old friend was secretly working with the griffons?
  13. Daring Doo was snapped out of her grumbled thoughts as she bumped into the only other pony on the tour with her. He apologized, as he did for everything, and went back to taking pictures of anything he saw. A tourist caught in this city's little trap for those like him. Maybe this place wouldn't be so bad if tourists weren't the only ponies she ran into, all the locals were locked up in their houses. The few that she had seen acted as though they were in mourning about something.
  15. “And this is the pride and joy of our museum!”
  17. Daring Doo's attention was actually grabbed, it was the first time the tour guide even sounded marginally interested about something.
  19. “An ancient sacred relic of the ponies who live here, the amulet of Graveeda.”
  21. The tour guide practically beamed after saying the name aloud. The name felt fitting given what the amulet looked like. A rather large silver coin with a carved image of a pony resting upon a large leaf, and she seemed rather heavy with foals of her own. Which Daring Doo felt was rather odd, the relic in itself was strange enough but the name didn't really help it.
  23. “It is said that when-” Suddenly the tour guide stopped short as somepony called out her name. “E-excuse me folks I need to see to this.”
  25. Daring Doo wasn't sure why, but the tour guide seemed rather glad when she saw who had called her over. At first she thought it was her boyfriend or something, but when she saw how old the stallion was she knew otherwise. However it was still odd, especially when the tour guide excused herself from their presence; a shallow warning to not touch anything following her exit. Just as Daring was going to follow them she was surprised by a sudden poke to her plot.
  27. “Hey, could you hold my camera?”
  29. Daring Doo had almost jumped out her skin from his impromptu grope. “What?”
  31. “I want to take a picture next to the Amulet, and I can't be in two places at once.”
  33. She rolled her eyes, “Do it yourself, besides you're not even supposed to get that close to these things.”
  35. “I know, that's why. How many chances do you get to break the rules in a museum? They never let you touch anything!” She was already started to trot away, he panicked and thought fast. “Do this or I’m gonna tell her you followed them!”
  37. Daring Doo just stopped, turned around with a sickened glare on her face, then swiped the camera out of his hooves. “Alright fine, just hurry up about it.”
  39. The stallion wasted little time, trotting right up next to the pedestal the amulet was resting upon. She could only roll her eyes as he casually leaned against it, a look of some kind of daring lawbreaker on his face as he broke all the rules with this one simple act. She simply fluttered slightly into the air to get a good shot, trying to get the idiot into frame as he constantly fidgeted trying to get into a more 'photogenic' stance. Maybe she could bust him for doing this, sounded like good payback; but then again he was just some stupid kid not even out of college.
  41. “Would you just stand still? I can't get a good shot-”
  43. The idiot then seemed to trip over his own hooves as he tried to pose differently again, smashing into the pedestal and sending the amulet flying. Daring knew what to do, she dropped the camera and flew out to where the relic was going to land. Sliding across the floor on her stomach as she watched it arc just over her hooves, right before it landed in her grasp she felt a terrible shock arc though her body. She could of sworn there was a flash of light alongside it, but she wasn't sure. Nevertheless the artifact was now safely in her grasp. The only thing she cared about was that the kid's idiotic actions hadn't just destroyed a priceless artifact, she really wanted to sock him about now; herself a bit too for going along with his stupid plan.
  45. “Aww, my camera...”
  47. She watched him fawn over his dollar store disposable camera, her urge to knock him senseless for endangering a one of a kind artifact rose a little. Her rage disappeared as they both heard the sounds of steps not far off. Their differences were set aside as they quickly undid the damage, righting the knocked over pedestal and placing the amulet back upon it. They did their best to stand about nonchalantly as the tour guide and the strange old stallion rounded the corner.
  49. “I'm sorry folks,” the tour guide began, “but we have to close early due to... the exhibit's belated cleaning. So if you would please.” She began coaxing them the way they came, toward the exits.
  51. “Um mam.” The tourist spoke up, showing her his broken camera. “Is there someplace I can go to recover some of my film... I kinda dropped it.”
  53. The tour guide eagerly took his camera. “We have some facilities to do that, now please its urgent you leave immediately.”
  55. The duo began to leave, but Daring Doo dragged her heels as she overheard something between the two strangely acting ponies.
  57. “Are you sure she's ready to bear the amulet? She's only just come of age to be a candidate.” The tour guide whispered.
  59. The old stallion replied in a similar tone, “We have no choice, if we don't find a godmother soon then an entire generation will be lost.”
  61. What in the world were they talking about, Doo wondered. She tried to drag her heels a bit more, but they started getting a suspicious look in their eyes. So she quickly picked up her pace, past the tourist that seemed at a loss of what to do without his camera. Daring knew there was something up here, and it had something to do with that amulet. She knew exactly where to go in order to do some research.
  63. ()()()()()
  65. “Closed? But it's not even six-o-clock yet!”
  67. “I'm sorry Miss Doo, but I can't watch over the library today. I've received some... bad news.”
  69. Daring promptly shut her mouth, she didn't mean to yell at the poor librarian. It was just that she got there just as the mare was closing, and hoped to get a book or two before it was all locked up for the night.
  71. “Are you sure I can't step in for a second?”
  73. “Yes. I'm sorry but the books you're looking for are all checked out anyway, and I’m not up for a late night searching party as you try to find something more obscure.” The librarian needed to say nothing else, and began to slowly trot down the street toward her home.
  75. Doo felt it was odd for a bunch of books about ancient legends of the amulet to be gone, but she still had one shot to at least learn something. If not about the talisman than at least the town. She quickly called out to the librarian one last time.
  77. “If you don't mind me asking, what exactly has all of you ponies in such a sour mood? It's like you all lost a relative or something.”
  79. The librarian seemed to tear up a little, and quickly hid it.
  81. “I can't speak for everypony, but I can say that me and my husband were expecting...”
  83. She idly seemed to place a hoof over her stomach.
  85. “And now we're not.”
  87. Now Daring Doo felt really bad. First she yelled at her and now she accidentally brought up something especially sensitive.
  89. “Hey look, I didn't mean...” But the librarian was already starting to lose her composure. Daring wasn't sure if it would help, but she placed a sympathetic hoof on her shoulder. A shock almost made her recoil, it was like before but far less pronounced. Daring surmised that she really had to find a way to ground herself better in the future, the static snaps were getting annoying. In a rather nice surprise however the librarian seemed to calm down, as Daring just did her best to be there for the poor mare.
  91. “I'm sorry, its not polite to cry in front of strangers.” She wiped away the tears in her eyes.
  93. “It's okay. Are you going to be open tomorrow?”
  95. “Perhaps. If you don't mind I’d really just like to go home and be with my husband right now.”
  97. “Alright, goodbye then.”
  99. “Goodbye godmother.”
  101. Daring snapped back in surprise, “What did you call me?”
  103. The librarian didn't seem to realize what she meant, “What did I say?”
  105. “You just called me...” Daring Doo stopped herself short, something about this felt odd. “Nevermind, I’ll see you tomorrow.”
  107. She took off into the sky, leaving the earthbound mare behind, trying to understand why she had called her the same thing that she had heard in the Museum. All the while she couldn't get her stomach to stop grumbling, her insides feeling like they were being rearranged into something else. She swore that if she got food poisoning from that awful food earlier she would done with this place, mystery or not.
  109. ()()()()()
  111. Daring Doo quickly opened the door to the small house which served as her solitary vacation getaway, she felt like she needed a toilet and she needed one now. Her stomach was still churning from the flight over, and she wasn't sure how much of it was going to fly out of her mouth and onto the floor if she didn't hurry. At least she could be as noisy about it as she wanted, the house she had was being paid for exclusively for her alone. So she dashed through the house straight to the bathroom, lifting up the seat cover to the toilet and planting herself before it. Prepared for any unwanted eventuality.
  113. So there she sat, breathing heavily as she tried to not be overwhelmed by the warmth sweeping her body and the painful knot in her stomach that just seemed to grow in intensity as time went on. Yet no matter how bad it got she never felt any of the contents in her stomach rush up her throat, she really wasn't sure if this was food poisoning anymore. Whatever the case she had to weather the storm, every couple of minutes the knot would get intensely painful, before it seemed to recede back into a warm blanket as her stomach felt something short of exquisitely pampered. She would be lying if she said it didn't feel like somepony was gently stroking her, trying to lessen the discomfort, and she would be lying twice if she said she didn't like her belly rubbed.
  115. Slowly the knot disappeared, its waves of pain being slowly blotted out by the warm rush of that strange ghostly hoof gently caring for her awful burden. Soon all that was left was a warm glow, her gut felt relieved somewhat as the knot went away, leaving only a loosened relaxation to flow through her body. She sighed deeply in relief that whatever had happened was past her, leaving only that wonderful warmth alongside a strange weight in her gut.
  117. Daring looked down and thought she seemed a little bloated, she got up onto her hooves and noticed a rather subtle sag to her paunch. She thought it was strange but wrote it off as some gas she would probably pass later. What really grabbed her attention though was a sudden hunger, for peanut butter... and something else that she wasn't quite sure of yet. Whatever the case she knew the kitchen was well stocked, chances are whatever she was strangely craving would be there.
  119. Once within the confines of the kitchen Daring let her nose do the tracking. The peanut butter was easy enough to find, a rather large jar of it to her surprise, but it was what she wanted alongside it that was so hard to locate. So she started opening cupboards. Bread and jelly? No, not something so sweet. Crackers? No, not something that dry. Cucumbers? Wait why was she even considering that? She tried to shake the notion out of her head, but as she perused the food before her one last time she noticed something else. Her mouth watered as she finally noticed a certain orange food she usually abhorred, Carrots.
  121. Her prior feelings about the vegetable were dismissed as she imagined that craving being satisfied. She ripped open the bag of cleaned carrots and spilled them out next to the jar of peanut butter on the counter. Daring wasted little time in combining the two estranged food stuffs, the taste of which left her strangely fulfilled with every bite. It continued for a time, dozens of unsuspecting carrots being drenched in brown paste before disappearing into the seemingly endless hunger of Daring's maw, and so she continued until a large rumble shook her gut.
  123. She stopped just as another carrot was about to be eaten, panting heavily. Her stomach dragged lower as something unseen added weight to itself within her. Whatever that was the feeling of her gut being rocked about so vigorously sent a hot need through her body, one that wanted to be answered again. Daring felt that perhaps she had acted too soon, perhaps this was a sign that she was going to evict all the food she had just eaten. She took a few steps toward the kitchen's exit, when her stomach suddenly rumbled again. The sensation shook her gut about, a long winded moan accompanying the warmth that seemed to bloom from her stomach's movement.
  125. She could swear the sagging pudge of her waist felt even heavier than before. So Daring gently sat down, letting her head rest against lower cupboards as she let herself lay gently on her plot. She looked down at her stomach, unsure of what was happening, as waves of warmth spread out from her gut and slowly overtook her. Suddenly she could feel it again, that ghostly hoof gently stroking her paunch, slowly coaxing her into a easier state of mind.
  127. There seemed to be a soft voice in her mind, relax, it said, breathe, it chanted. So she did.
  129. Daring felt her stomach move with her breath, in and out. Another rumble shook it about, a weight within bloating alongside it, and she groaned lovingly as the care from the ghostly hooves made her stomach feel warm and softened to their touch. Suddenly she felt a bump, as though something inside her had just tapped gently against her stomach. She looked down curiously, and felt it again, a slight bump appearing on her bloated belly for an instant as it did so.
  131. Before she had time to question it her stomach gently rocked about again, however this time it didn't stop. Her breathing increased rapidly as she felt something within her growing, the limits of her stomach being prodded as a mass pushed against it. She watched her stomach rise and fall with her labored hot breath, each time though it seemed her stomach would rise higher than it fell. It grew tighter as it rose, her limit being reached, she groaned as she felt the warm mass within her continue to grow despite the strain. Forcing her stomach into a strange elongated shape that caused her belly to grow out more than wide.
  133. The gentle hooves continued to press against her, coaxing out that wonderful warmth again, as it seemed to soak down into the strange shape her stomach was taking. It was then that she felt her skin seemingly stretch as her belly pushed out again, her gut reached such a size that Daring could swear she saw her belly button peek out from underneath her fur. She continued to watch as her breathing caused her gut to swell higher, the growth always seeming to catch up before she could exhale completely, always matching her new highs. She wasn't sure if it was going to stop, she wasn't sure if she wanted it to stop.
  135. Then the rumble slowly seemed to concentrate deeper into the core of her belly, a pressure building up from the growth as it looked for one last bit of room for itself. She cried out as the top of her belly felt pressed against as something tried to push its way out, harder and harder she could feel it pushing against the crest of her elongated stomach. The first push made the shape far more solid, her breathing only seemed to enhance the effect. Then another felt like it was rushing up to meet the force that continued to press against her belly, a maddening presence that worked its way forward. Daring squirmed and moaned as the hooves only mad her madly hot and bothered to this force's presence. She could feel it pressing harder against her navel which was clearly visible to her now.
  137. It's pressure slowly grew as she watched a strange nub appear from her cavernous pit of a belly button, it looked to be the same color as her, but it seemed stuck. The pressure behind it grew, and grew, her stomach rocking about madly as her quickened breaths only served to stimulate her more. Then there was a thrust, the nub trying to force itself past, only to make Daring ache and moan madly. It tried it again, and again, matching her quickened breaths time and again, syncing to her rises and falls. Every repetition making her squirm and ache for more, as the nub gently tickled the sensitive area of her navel. Suddenly the pressure spiked, pushing and not stopping, Daring only cried out as her muscles tensed from the surprise as it slowly seemed to gain ground, more of it appearing before her eyes as it seemed almost free. She could see it straining against her flesh, and feel it moving as well. Suddenly her belly was rocked by a contraction, the pressure rocketed down the course of her belly. The nub lodged in her button seemed to surge in size momentarily, right before it popped into shape. A gentle throbbing signaling its escape, as she watched the towering navel pulse and slightly swell alongside it.
  139. Her cry from such a wondrous feeling echoed through the private home, as the pressure and warmth slowly lessened. She barely had time to register what had happened before she could feel the pull of sleep. Her breathing slowly growing shallow as she felt swamped in a light layer of sweat. Without much energy left Daring Doo drifted off into a gentle sleep. Unbeknownst to her the prior activity had left her with a belly button that had just become an outtie, and a life within her womb that carefully poked and prodded at its new surroundings. The gentle bumps bringing a soft smile to the sleeping mother's face.
  141. ()()()()()
  143. “What do you mean it didn't work? I thought you said she was the last candidate?”
  145. “You don't understand, it didn't work because a new godmother has already been chosen, look!”
  147. One pony held up the ancient amulet to the others, the carving within aglow as a single star gleamed out from its center. Each pony in the circle looked at each other in amazement and wonder as hushed whispers traded back and forth between the gathered members.
  149. “You all know what this means,” One of greater authority spoke to the assembled. “We have to find her. Quickly, before the equinox is behind us.”
  151. End Part 1
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