Starting Today I'll Be Your Onee-Chan [Typeset]

Oct 3rd, 2017
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  1. Starting Today I'll Be Your Onee-Chan Translations
  2. From
  4. >Chitose-nee!
  5. >Were you watching?
  7. >Are you listening? Really now, Chitose-onee...
  8. >I wasn't just listening, I was there. | We're in the same fleet, after all.
  9. >Well then, that's a clean sweep for today's Fleet Drills!
  10. >Chiyoda is number one in MVPs too! | Even if the enemies are standard carriers, I still won't lose!
  11. >Ufufu...Chiyoda's super strong.
  12. >Well then, let's greet the opposing fleet and head back to port.
  13. >Ah, onee, do we have to?
  15. >I want Chitose-onee.
  16. >Chiyoda-chan's saying weird stuff again Kamo. | Chitose-san's already in this naval district.
  17. >I want a Chitose-onee for me!
  18. >Just because she was here a little early, that Carrier Chiyoda...
  19. >She monopolizes Chitose-onee and then stops us from being in a fleet together | Even though Onee sometimes worries about me...
  20. >There's no space for me!
  21. >Is that so...
  22. >Even if it's just me...I'm also the second ship of the Chitose-class.
  23. >Even if I'm just a seaplane tender
  24. >..Wha~t
  25. >It doesn't have anything to do with Akitsushima. | It's something between sisters.
  27. >Well then, leave it to Akitsushima
  28. >to be Chiyoda-chan's Onee, kamo!
  29. >....Eh?
  30. >[Chiyoda A]
  31. >Wake up--
  33. >Hey! Sleepyhead!
  34. >Ughh....
  35. >Akitsushima? | What are you doing this early...
  36. >Waking her little sister up is an older sister's job! | And from today onwards, I'm going to be Chiyoda-cha-...Chiyoda's older sister!
  37. >Akitsushima-onee!
  38. >Huh?
  39. >Didn't I say it before? | "I'll be your onee, kamo!"
  40. >Huuuuh?!
  41. >Ah, from today on I'll be taking the upper bunk, kamo! | sisters share a room, after all~
  42. >What the fug...
  43. >[Chiyoda A] [Akitsushima]
  45. >'s actually really good.....
  46. >Right~? This is Akitsushima's cooking skill!
  47. >It's great how it fits my little sister's tastes, kamo~
  48. >I'm not your sister.
  49. >Eh | That looks pretty dope, that breakfast~
  50. >Mamiya sa~n
  51. >Hit me up with Chiyoda's!
  52. >I'm sorry
  53. >Akitsushima-san made that breakfast, you see; it's not on the menu.
  54. >Eh...then make a portion for me, Akitsushima.
  55. >Kitakami-san, I'll make it for you-
  56. >[Please~]
  57. >Ah...then I'll give you th-
  58. >Sorry!
  59. >This is the breakfast Akitsushima-onee made for Chiyoda nee-chan!
  61. >Huh~? Nee-chan, huh.
  62. >Ahh, so you guys are making a Seaplane Carrier Crew?
  63. >Ah-- like that
  64. >Eh, you're Chitose-class?
  65. >No, no! | Akitsushima will be Chiyoda's onee-chan from today on!
  66. >Ahh~~....
  67. >Did you get abandoned by Chitose-san?!
  68. >Speaking of which, Akitsushima doesn't have any sister ships.
  69. >Chitose onee....
  70. >Eh~
  71. >S |o | rr | y, Chi | yo | da
  72. >[Ahhhhh~~~~!!!]
  74. >Ahhhh---This Akitsushima~~!!
  75. >Make sure to listen to Akitsushima-onee's words, Chiyoda! www
  76. >Mm....
  77. >[Admiral's room]
  78. >For the upcoming fleet combat drill, | our four new DDs will need 2 carriers to escort them.
  79. >Yes! Admiral!
  80. >I believe that us sisters Akitsushima and Chiyoda are well-suited for this task, kamo!
  81. >B...but, Akitsushima, leaving aside Chiyoda, you're more of a support ship than a combatant...
  82. >Why don't we just pair Chiyoda with another light carrier...
  84. >Incorrect!
  85. >Right now Akitsushima is an onee-san!
  86. >Chiyoda's onee-san!!
  87. >....I understand. I'll leave it to AKitsushima and Chiyoda then.
  88. >Everyone-- are you following along--?
  89. >Yes--!
  90. >It's the first sortie for us sisters! | If only I'd brought a bento or something, kamo~
  91. >This is not a picnic.
  92. >Even as you say that, we've discovered an enemy vessel, kamo!
  93. >Chiyoda and I will lead off with a Zuiun attack! | Once they've finished their attack runs, get in there and finish them off, DDs!
  94. >Chiyoda! Let's go!
  95. >Yes, yes....
  97. >Owowowwww....
  98. >The Fleet's returned to port.
  99. >Really now, have some self-awareness! | You might launch planes but you're not a combat carrier! this kind of thing...
  100. >Abyssal vessels, witness me! Akitsushima's sailing ski-
  101. >And to faceplant so spectacularly like that...
  102. >But it's thanks to Akitsushima-san
  103. >That we finished our first sortie with no damage!
  104. >She looked really cool when she was directing her planes too!
  105. >Even though that was a pretty embarassing crash, pyon~
  106. >Thank you very much!
  107. >Everyone,
  108. >There's no point if we do that | the idea is to protect the flagship
  109. >Chiyoda, too!
  111. >I'm glad you weren't badly damaged.
  112. >Ah! | That might have sounded older sister-like, kamo~!
  113. >[sigh...]
  114. >Hey hey, Chiyoda, want to go to the docks together?
  115. >I refuse.
  116. >Let's wash each other's backs! Come along with onee-san!
  117. >Hah......
  118. >My mind is burnt out...
  119. >Whew--
  120. >... | Hey,
  121. >Chiyoda...chan.
  123. >There's only one Akitsushima in the Akitsushima class. | but there are so many ships here that are sisters.
  124. >And they all seem to get along so well--
  125. >I'm pretty jealous.
  126. >So
  127. >Right now | to be able to be Chiyoda-chan's onee-san...
  128. >I'm very happy, Kamo.
  130. >Pfft, did you really think you were a competent older sister~?
  131. >I'm doing my best kamo!
  132. >Well, I won't be able to know unless i compare with Chitose-onee anyway.
  133. >[Second Fleet]
  134. >[Chiyoda Kai]
  135. >[Akitsushima Kai]
  136. >[T...taitei Chan...]
  137. >[Here, here]
  138. >Today's meal is...meat wrapped in vegetables! (note: Don't know if the dish has a japanese name. The Korean equivalent is Ssam.)
  140. >Ah....
  141. >Today Akitsushima...onee (note: softly) the Secretary ship?
  142. >Mm! | Was Chiyoda looking for me?
  143. >'s not like that...
  144. >Mhmhm~ I'm happy, kamo! | want to head over to the factory and watch the construction later?
  145. >Really...
  147. >Chitose-onee!
  149. >That's great, Chiyoda-chan.
  151. >Akitsushima
  153. >Here--
  154. >The door's open...
  155. >Chiyoda-chan?
  157. >I'm here to lodge some complaints.
  158. >It turns out what Akitsushima did was completely off. | Chitose-onee isn't like that at all. | Chitose-onee is way better than Akitsushima in combat. | THat's only natural, after all, she's the first of the Chitose-class and she's already A model!
  159. >Meat in vegetables...well, Chitose-onee can make them, even if they're a little plain. | her cooking tastes completely different too.
  160. >Coming back with no damage...that's normal for her! | whether it's handling her planes, shooting or using her Ka-hyoteki!
  161. >Speaking of which, wasn't Akitsushima less of an onee-san than an okaa-san?
  162. >She looks nicer when she's asleep | and she's not as noisy when she wakes me up.
  163. >Her chest....well, I think Chitose onee-'s is bigger.
  164. >As expected, | Chiyoda is Chitose-onee's sister. | So yeah, Akitsushima got everything wrong.
  165. >But | more than everything else, the thing I'm most angry about...
  167. >It's that since Chitose-nee | came here | Akitsushima's | been avoiding me! | At the mess hall, on expeditions | you're not even talking to me!
  168. >Was it only I who thought that our friendship wouldn't change because of this?
  169. >.....! | No,
  171. >[Greetings, I am _______]
  172. >[After I got Akitsushima in the winter event, she charmed me into making this doujin. As I frequently dispatched her with Chiyoda and Chitose, I started to wonder what the relationship between the three would be, and i think that was the thought that started out this doujin.]
  173. >[While there aren't Duplicate Shipgirls in principle, there's a pair of Chitochiyo sisters that are CVL Kai II and a pair for base construction that are Kai A tenders. When you think of it, dupes are pretty common in a naval district; how do they take it? Especially when there's only one of their sister. There are a lot of shipgirls with only one sister after all...will the dupes firht, or will they work together and try to share in a harem-like context? Either way, since Chiyoda's very possessive towards Chitose, it would be impossible to yield Chitose even if there were a second Chiyoda.]
  174. >[After I let her become the secretary ship, I started to think that, rather than an older sister, Akitsushima-chan's more of a mother. Even if her catchphrase is kamo, I feel a lot of maternal instinct.]
  175. >[Even if it's just for lonely AKitsushima-chan, I hope that Mizuho-san will quickly join...but for everyone who has read up to here, thank you.]
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