Kitsune Riding

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  1. [Lust Ride] //tooltip- Drug her and sit on her face.
  2. //requires a vagina and a lust/fuck draft
  3. You grin and look at the fallen kitsune. Her earlier confidence is replaced entirely by desperation, the need in her eyes quite apparent, and you're tickled to see her fallen so low. You consider just how you'd like to enjoy this moment. She seemed so intent earlier on getting you worked up, so it would be quite pleasing to see how she likes it. And it just so happens that you have just the thing for that.
  5. [say:P-Please...] she starts, unable to finish the sentence.
  7. The fox-girl is giving you a pleading look, so you whip out the bottle of aphrodisiac and start to explain the conditions of your coming copulation. Before you can even finish your explanation, however, the kitsune snatches the draft from your hands and chugs it without a second thought. It seems she was much more eager for this than you had thought, but that suits you just fine.
  9. The effects of the potion are immediately apparent: the kitsune's face has flushed as red as [if ( == "red") her hair|a beet], and her thighs grind together thirstily. You don't think she can handle much more waiting like this, so you instruct her to lie down, and she readily complies, apparently not caring what you have planned so long as she gets her fix.
  11. [say:F-Fuck, I—] She gulps, her eyes hazy. [say:I-I can't even think straight. Please, I don't care how, just fuck me!] It seems she really can't wait. Luckily for her, you intend for this to be greatly satisfying.
  13. You quickly rid yourself of your [armor] and [if (singleleg) slide|step] over to her supine form. The kitsune looks up at you with unbridled lust, brazenly admiring your [chest] and [ass]. But you know what you want, so you shift your hips until your entrance hovers just over her waiting mouth.
  15. Before you're even able to lower yourself down to meet her, the kitsune's hands latch onto you, and she brings her mouth up to drink from your [if (wetness>a lot) dripping|needy] folds. Her tongue gives you a few experimental licks before diving in and exploring your depths in earnest. It's good that she knows her place, and the combination of her naturally lurid personality and her current intoxication make for quite a thrilling partner. She laps at you eagerly, finding all of the spots that cause [if (isfluffy) your [skindesc] to stand on end|goosebumps to race up your limbs] with unnerving speed.
  17. From your vantage point, you can see her hands rush to her [if (isherm) hard cock|slavering cunt] and start to caress it. You can tell how experienced with this she is by the practiced ease of her motions, and you almost feel a bit jealous for a moment, but then her wriggling tongue reminds you that you're already well accommodated.
  19. Now that she's taking care of herself, your hands are free to roam where they please, and you take full advantage of this arrangement. Cupping her breasts, you take a moment to enjoy just how perfect her skin is, smooth and cool under your touch. When your fingers move to her nipples, she gasps into you, sending tingles all throughout your body. Eager for more, you give them a twist, and the kitsune lets out a particularly delightful noise as she fidgets beneath you.
  21. The fox settles into a steady rhythm, managing to pleasure the both of you with no trouble. Every once in a while, her bottom lip brushes against your clit, which never fails to send a pulse of pure ecstasy through your body. In addition to this physical stimulation, you're given quite the show as she frantically [if (futa) strokes|finger-fucks] herself, sending rivulets of [if (futa) precum down her shaft|juices down her legs], her moans matching and then exceeding your own. Your peak approaches, and you have no reason to hold back, so you grind your pelvis into her lovely lips and let go.
  23. And as the orgasm starts to spread through you, the kitsune presses her face into you, her voracious appetite pushing her to devour as much of you as she can. You have no time to come down gently, your body repeatedly rocked by her tender ministrations. A second climax is soon signaled by your core muscles giving out as they convulse with pleasure, and you collapse forward into the fox. Her hands continue to work at her [if (futa) pulsing member|own lips], and you try your best to reciprocate her loving treatment, running your hands up and down her thighs as she too loses herself to bliss.
  25. The two of you lie panting for several minutes, too exhausted to even move into a more comfortable position, but you do eventually manage to force yourself up. As you do so, the lusty kitsune starts to weakly paw at your nethers, so you resolve to get out of here before she can rope you into another draining session.
  27. As you leave, you hear a shuddering moan behind you. It seems that she's all too happy to continue by herself.
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