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  1. # How would you define yourself politically?
  2. #### 1 ) I believe in the right of equal and collective ownership of the means of productions, by those who work them. I myself label myself as a Socialist and I like to keep it at that point, nothing too radical or extreme but at the very least i'm leftist which I believe matches the server if i'm not incorrect? If i'd describe my general relationship with the ideology it's pretty fresh, I was always born leftist but I became a socialist from a analytic perspective when I watched the terrors of the capitalist system and what it does to society on a broader scale. One of my former idols was Olof Palme a prime minister of Sweden I saw him as a role model of what I wanted to strive to become I guess he's been replaced by Marx now really which might show my conversion to
  3. socialism. I usually like to call myself a pacifist why? Well, so the story begins when I read a book known to many All Quiet On the Western front it's a beautiful book and it made me aware on a different way, I kept weeping through the texts in silence because I felt touched in some way I believe it started this journey and you might think whatever you wish about this but it was my moment of revelation, understanding and conversion. Well what else can I say? I believe in women's right of struggle against the patriarchal system we live under through years of capitalistic governing our society has formed a new culture one where sadly the women are inferior to men due to a false picture of men's strength or other factors. So to sum it up i'm a feminist,socialist pacifist.
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