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  1. The author states that he reconstructed center of the city gives some idea of its shape and size.
  2. The author explains that for many Mesoamericans, Teotihuacan was a focus of pilgrimage and worship, for it was there that their ancestors emerged from the underworld.
  3. The Integration of Mesoamerican Civilization: The Maya
  4. The author says that Maya culture survived, even if somewhat transformed, until after the Spanish conquest.
  5. The author states that compared to their Mesoamerican predecessors, the Maya had easy access to an enduring building material, limestone.
  6. The authors thinks that the Maya needed an elaborate calendar because the extensive astrological observations and mathematical calculations on which it was based helped them propitiate the gods who demanded appropriate recognition.
  7. The author explains that as archaeological discoveries in the last few years have shown, not all Maya cities centered on astronomy
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