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  2. How do I create an invoice?
  3. To create an invoice for fees accrued, you will use the Appen Connect online application. Click on the 'My Invoices' link at the top of the page. If you have any previously created invoices, they will be listed on the main Invoice page. To create a new invoice, click on the 'Create' link. Invoice periods open on the first of each month for services rendered in the previous month. To help our agents, the online invoice builder can be used to track periods of service during the current month. YOU MUST CREATE YOUR INVOICES USING THE ONLINE APPEN CONNECT APPLICATION. Manually created invoices sent via fax, email or other means will be rejected.
  5. *Please note that invoicing is project specific as some projects will have auto generated invoices not manual. Please refer to your project homepage for specific invoicing requirements.
  8. When Should I Submit My Invoice?
  9. Your invoice will be open for submission on the 1st of the following month services have been completed. If you are ONLY working projects that are SELF REPORTED you can submit your invoice on the 1st.
  11. If you are working on AUTO GENERATED PROJECTS, data for the last dates of every month are uploaded on the 1ST BUSINESS DAY starting at 5pm PST, so you will want to wait to submit your invoice until all of your auto generated hours have appeared.
  13. All projects must be billed on the same invoice as only 1 invoice can be created per month.
  15. Submitting your invoice too early or missing projects will cause significant delays and/or incomplete payments that can no longer be corrected.
  17. ONLY if you agree with all of your times then you should submit your invoice for processing no later than the 2-3rd business date of every month.
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