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FetLife Lies: timeline of events, via Pecan and Susan Wright

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  1. Timeline
  2. Susan Wright from Fetlife Re: Maymay Exporter Tool
  3. Susan Wright
  4. MAR 15, 2013 | 09:36PM EDT
  5. Hi Pecan,
  6. I don’t know if you’re aware that when you used Maymay’s FetLife Exporter, you allowed Google to index
  7. and post directly on the Internet your content on FetLife. Did you mean to do this? Even if you don’t mind
  8. being that out, we don’t allow anyone to take content off FetLife and post it publicly because that outs other
  9. people, especially the pictures. That’s a serious offense on FetLife.
  10. If you Google your own screenname along with maybemaimed, you’ll see your content is publicly available
  11. under the indexes. In each URL, you can see your name followed by the time stamp that Maymay’s FetLife
  12. Exporter puts on the content. Because of these kinds of programs, Maymay is permanently banned from
  13. FetLife.
  14. We are getting multiple complaints from people who have been outed in this way. The URL for the Exporter
  15. and one way to contact him is here: www.fetlife.maybemaimed.com
  16. Susan Wright
  17. The only content I have ever taken off Fetlife was my own (photos and writings), so no, I did not intentionally do so.
  18. Is there something you are expecting me to do?
  19. Also, that link doesn't appear to have anyway to contact him and I have no idea what to say I want to happen anyway. I
  20. definitely care, but it sounds like there's not anything I can do to get my stuff from coming up.
  21. Given Fet's response to outing though, this email is rich.
  22. (This was two separate emails. I knew I could contact you; this was in the middle of the night. She didn’t give
  23. any direction on what to say…which I assume is why my email and bunch of others in that original chain were
  24. so frantic.)
  25. Susan Wright
  26. MAR 15, 2013 | 10:42PM EDT
  27. The link does have a way to contact him, at the bottom. And you can remove your content by rerunning the
  28. Exporter and checking the box that says you don’t want your content indexed. We know it can be done
  29. because other users are removing theirs.
  30. Susan Wright
  31. ______________________________________________________________________________________
  32. (I run the exporter again, but they’ve already blocked the IP so it doesn’t work.)(2 minutes later, to Susan Wright)
  33. It still seems to be there. I definitely do NOT want this. Is there anything I can do on my end? Change my name or
  34. password? Anything? I'm pretty freaked out.
  35. Thank you
  36. ________________________________________________________________________
  37. Susan Wright
  38. MAR 15, 2013 | 12:06AM EDT
  39. Yes it is still on google. Don’t change your name or delete your profile (emphasis mine)– that may keep
  40. us from getting the content down. The team is discussing what we can do. I suggest you tell him you tried to
  41. take it down by re-running the exporter, but it didn’t work. And please be careful, he has your password now.
  42. I’m telling people to change their password once the content is down, but I’m not sure you should do it
  43. before. We’re operating blind here because he’s doing everything he can to make it harder for us to get this
  44. content down. (emphasis mine)
  45. Susan Wright
  46. ______________________________________________________________________________________
  47. (To Susan Wright)
  48. Okay. I checked google's support and they say it may take time for them to crawl again to reindex.
  49. I did change my password, but can change it back if I should. I'm more concerned about my friends.
  50. I can let you know if he responds, but it seems like he's not the type to cooperate? (I know this probably makes me
  51. seem like a jerk, this was before you and I had had much contact. Most of the information I had about you came
  52. second hand, so I’ll apologize for making a quick judgment-here and in a writing that I posted to explain to my
  53. friends what was happening. I’ll be posting that on my own blog later today.)
  54. Please let me know if there's anything else for me to do, besides that Ill remain calm.
  55. Thank you
  56. _______________________________________________________________________
  57. Susan Wright
  58. MAR 18, 2013 | 12:43AM EDT
  59. Please call me as soon as possible. I’m trying to get your content down. I think there is a problem because
  60. you changed your password. I couldn’t get the content to delete, and then I had to change your password to
  61. t2kyhky9 to make sure Maymay couldn’t access your profile after we tried. I’m sorry about that, but I didn’t
  62. want to leave you vulnerable.
  63. Please contact me with your old password and change your profile back to that password, and I can try
  64. again to delete your content from here. And then you can change your password back again immediately.Susan Wright
  65. ______________________________________________________________________________________
  66. My husband changed my password and the associated email in order to limit my Fetlife activity because it was
  67. stressing me out. I'm actually appalled that you would change my password without my permission. I am aware of the
  68. workaround to fix the problem, I just hadn't gotten around to it, because life.
  69. After speaking with numerous other members and realizing there was content on me available via search way before
  70. this happened and that it's been due to a security issue on Fetlife's end and that Fetlife has been aware of that security
  71. issue for sometime, I'm not all that concerned.
  72. I'm not calling. I have too little time to deal with this as it is. I'll complete the workaround WHEN I GET TIME and in
  73. my opinion, after that, it's done. I certainly didn't ask for this, but I don't trust Fetlife anymore than I trust MayMay.
  74. Best,
  75. Pecan
  76. ________________________________________________________________________
  77. My content is down. The workaround was successful. Results come up (which will happen until Google crawls again)
  78. but when links are clicked a File Not Found error occurs.
  79. However I can search my name + Fetlife and my PROFILE on FET (not on maybemaimed) comes right up. That's
  80. probably something you guys want to fix, since that's just as harmful.
  81. I've changed my password and no, I'm not giving it to you (security rule #1: never give out your password, especially
  82. over email). I've done my due diligence.
  83. Pecan
  84. ________________________________________________________________________
  85. (here’s where it gets really weird. Like the emails read like form letters…or like a fishing email from the Nigerian
  86. Prince.)
  87. Susan Wright
  88. MAR 18, 2013 | 09:53AM EDT
  89. Good answer on the password! Unfortunately some people can’t do this on their system, but I’m glad you
  90. could.
  91. We’re not sure why the profiles are available for the people who used the exporter. We are working on that
  92. one, too.
  93. Also, please be warned – Maymay has a copy of your content up to the date you originally used the
  94. exporter. We will be watching to see if he re-indexes it or makes it public in any way. Please let us know if
  95. you see it publicly available.
  96. Susan Wright___________________________________________________________________________________
  97. (To Susan Wright)
  98. Profiles are available for people who never used the exporter and don't even know what it is. Because Fet allows
  99. indexing of profiles but not of content. So if I'm logged in, search my name (and about a 1/2 dozen others I tried just
  100. for fun) + Fetlife, my profile comes up, I click it and go right to my own page.
  101. That's a Fet security issue and has nothing to do with MayMay. Y'all might want to look into that, again, just as, if not
  102. more (since Fetlife + username would be a common search combo) dangerous to the Fet community.
  103. In any event, I think I'd like to be left alone about this issue now. I've done my part and me and my friends are as
  104. anonymous as we can be at this point.
  105. Pecan
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