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Session 4: Fall of Libellas

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Dec 8th, 2012
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  1. <CJ> The sky over head is clearing rapidly to pattern silvery gems blazing bright against the purple tapestry of night. As the drake gently snores before you, a MOST disturbing sound, you hear Helpax and Class having a discussion on Magic Theory. Calpurnia is nowhere to be seen
  3. The Great Hall of Libellus is still smoldering, black acrid smoke drifting towards you. Several women have appeared though, and are now screaming as they move towards the shattered gatehouse. You realize any moment now their cries will wake the drake.
  5. <CJ> What you doing?
  6. [Makara is listening to the drake's sleep talk.]
  7. [Silas_ gets to grogs to help Baruch out. Keeping the commoners calm is important]
  9. [Helpax continues to discuss magic theory with Class about making owl-Class big enough to fly us over]
  10. <CJ> Helpax and Class, the MuCo version is level 15, but lets you rapidly shrink as well as increase size. The best way to do it to size +7 is to keep casting the spell on yourself at Level 15, getting one bigger each time?
  11. <Helpax> " you would need to cast it as a ritual
  12. <CJ> You don’t need a higher level spells
  13. <Helpax> "Or you could just cast the weaker one seven times over."
  14. <Makara> (I didn't know you can stack it like that)
  15. <Silas_> (alternatively, couldn't we shrink ourselves too?)
  16. <Makara> (yeah, shrink us)
  17. <Baruch> (That seems like a plan, then, if class can pull of the level 15-er)
  18. <Class> CJ you have to look at the table as there it says its just 3 difficult
  19. <CJ> Class Base 3 yes. + 1 magnitude to be able to shrink as well as grow = 4 , + 1 touch = 5, +2 Sun duration = 15. If you don't want to shrink you can do it with ten.
  21. <Baruch> I'll run to calm the screaming ladies
  22. [Silas_ runs to Baruch together with a few of the grogs]
  23. <CJ> Baruch, do you have Gentle Gift?
  24. <Baruch> Nope
  25. <Baruch> (dang)
  26. <Calpurnia> (yep)
  27. <Silas_> (hehe)
  28. <CJ> OK Baruch, the women look like peasants - very very wealthy peasants. They are extraordinarily well dressed, like ladies. You approach and they are screaming loudly something in English. They are pointing towards the ruins of the gatehouse.
  29. <Baruch> I'll try to gesture to them to shut up and push them away from the drake
  30. <Helpax> (Can I hear the screaming ladies? Since I'm the one who knows English)
  31. <CJ> OK Baruch Presence + Leadership test
  33. [Baruch rolled badly]
  35. <CJ> They start to shout at you Baruch, and try to circle round you
  36. <Makara> (Are most of them fat?)
  37. <CJ> Well you notice the womenfolk are indeed plump; voluptous, and taller than normal. Like valkyries, or faeiries!
  38. <Makara> (I like the mental image of that circling Baruch)
  39. <Calpurnia> (what do the common folk here breed with, yeash)
  40. <Baruch> I'll try to keep them from getting past me like, extend my hands and the like
  41. [Class hopes the covenant magus try to calm his people]
  43. <CJ> Calpurnia, Lucidia opens the shutters and looks outside the sanctum. She smiles and places a reassuring hand on your shoulder
  44. <Calpurnia> (...)
  45. <CJ> "The women are upset by the loss of their husbands" Lucidia says Calpurnia. "Perhaps we should clam them, my dear, but it is probably better for them they feel the burning pain, and it sears away the memories of those they loved"
  46. <Calpurnia> "I shouldn't go to them. My gift is more easily felt by mundane."
  47. <CJ> "Indeed. Have you experienced Twilight much my dear?"
  48. <Calpurnia> "Once, it was... strange to say the least"
  49. <CJ> Lucidia to Calpurnia "Perhaps I should send you back there briefly. It is possible we may find answers in your riddles, if we can somehow get you to comprehend their meanings"
  51. <Helpax> "Excuse me Class; it seems our babysitter has decided to wake the dragon. I'd rather stop that."
  52. [Helpax walks over to Baruch and the loud merchants]
  53. <CJ> Silas, your grogs wave at the women to keep quiet. They immediately fall silent
  54. [Helpax turns back]
  55. <Helpax> "Never mind, Silas got it."
  56. <Class> (OK I get to where my clothes are, turn back to human and gather my equipment)
  58. <Baruch> I'll look around to see all the apprentices are safe, and when I don't spot Calpurnia, I'll ask the others if they know where she is
  59. <CJ> Suddenly the drake, apparently dreaming, flips a huge wing, twitching in it's sleep. Class, Helpax Dex + Athletics text versus 3 to get out of the way please
  60. <Silas_> (be glad it didn't fart ;))
  61. <CJ> lol at Silas! (don't give me ideas)
  62. <Helpax> "Great. A restless sleeper."
  64. [Class and Helpax succeeded in getting out of the way]
  66. : <CJ> The drake calms down. The womenfolk, sobbing silently, pick up the shattered limbs and broken remains of their husbands and fathers, the three grogs torn apart by the drake.
  67. <Calpurnia> (lol)
  68. <Class> (I put on my cloths and go to Baruch)
  69. <CJ> Makara you up to anything?
  70. <Makara> (not really)
  71. <CJ> Makara was thinking of ways to control the drake as I recall
  72. <Baruch> (I think we concluded we can't control it)
  73. <Calpurnia> (As Baruch said, shame)
  74. <Makara> (I can talk to it and plan to cast some restrictining spell if it wakes up too early)
  75. <Makara> (I can negotiate or threaten it)
  76. <Helpax> (Maybe with a sympathetic connection)
  77. <Baruch> (Oh yes, that. Seems rather dangerous, really.)
  78. <CJ> Baruch what you doing with Class and the grogs?
  79. <Baruch> I'm looking for Calpurnia when class comes to me
  81. <CJ> OK Makara you are watching the head then?
  82. <Makara> (yes, standing near the eye)
  83. <CJ> Can you and Class make me a Perception + Awareness roll?
  85. [Class makes a decent roll]
  87. <CJ> OK Class you catch a glimpse of Calpurnia looking out of an upstairs window in Lucidia's cottage. Lucidia then pulls the shutters tight closed...
  88. <Calpurnia> (Yay for ominous signs)
  89. <Class> Looks like Calpurnia was entrapped upstairs by Lucidia
  90. <Helpax> "Wait, what?"
  91. <Class> By the way, I want to try if I can gain size enough to take you all on my back
  92. <Baruch> Class, yes, your plan seems workable. I will now go ask Lucidia what they are doing in her sanctum."
  93. <Class> (When Baruch get inside I look I can find something of the Drake that could work as focus for a transformation spell and I can gather without waking the drake)
  95. [Makara rolled decently for perception]
  97. <CJ> Makara, a VERY pretty girl, all auburn hair and soulful brown eyes, in a very pretty white woolen shift and little slippers, is creeping along the side of the drake. She is trying to be stealthy. Do you want to spend a point of confidence to learn more? :)
  98. <Makara> (sure, spend it)
  99. <Helpax> (I am still near the dragon right?)
  100. [Silas_ is content that the grogs are handling the women, and heads back to Helpax to hear if they came up with any ideas]
  102. <Baruch> I'll go knock on Lucidia's sanctum door
  103. <CJ> Lucidia starts to show Calpurnia around her lab. It is very clearly fire orientated: A huge fireplace, a kiln, a big oven, many braziers, hundreds of sconces for candles and torches covering all the walls at crazy angles
  104. <Calpurnia> "Fierce set up you have, a lot more fire oriented than my lost paren."
  106. <CJ> Makara, she is creeping towards the drake’s head. Her face is white with terror and rage. She is trembling. And she has a short sword, still flecked with the blood of her father, as she creeps towards the drakes head. The short sword is concealed in a blanket slung over her shoulder.
  107. <Calpurnia> (HOLY **** STOP HER)
  108. <Helpax> (Only Makara knows)
  110. [Makara cast Spasm of the Uncontrolled at the girl]
  112. Note: A spell that make the target’s hand shake uncontrollably and drop what she’s holding.
  114. <CJ> She yells, and her hand starts to tremble, and she throws the sword
  116. [The girl rolled badly!]
  118. <CJ> ok, the sword falls on the ground harmlessly. She is shaking uncontrollably
  119. <Silas_> (phew)
  120. <Makara> (I picked the right spell :D )
  121. <Helpax> (She yelled? Next to the Dragon? That's not good...)
  122. <CJ> The drake stirs
  124. [CJ make a good roll with something]
  126. [Helpax heads around to where the yell came from]
  128. <Calpurnia> (bye bye little girl)
  129. :
  130. [Makara hurries to run and grab the little girl out of the way]
  132. <CJ> Something makes it awaken, and suddenly, it opens it's mouth and looking directly at Makara...
  133. <CJ> OK Initiative time...
  134. <Calpurnia> (:P)
  135. <Class> (oO)
  137. [Everyone rolled for their initiative]
  139. <Class> (How high was the penalty for cating without token again here?)
  140. <Silas_> (-10 if I recall)
  141. <Helpax> (Who has a token? I think Baruch, Makara and myself have one...not sure who else)
  142. <CJ> Yes -10. However the drake is outside the Aegis, as is Helpax currently: anyone else can easily get outside by running towards the drake?
  143. <Makara> (I don't have token)
  144. <Class> (I have one but if I change to animal I will lose it)
  145. <Baruch> (Yah, I have one)
  146. <CJ> You have one Baruch has one and either Calpurnia or Silas?
  147. <Silas_> Calpurnia I did? I never got one
  148. :<Makara> (yeah calpunia did)
  149. <CJ> Well there were four.
  150. <Calpurnia> ( I do not remember this)
  151. <Class> (I got my from the local Bjoraner)
  152. <CJ> I will rule Silas, Baruch, CAlpurnia but Lucidia took hers back, and Helpax have them
  153. <Makara> (Lucida give it to you first but you never have the chance to use it)
  154. <Calpurnia> (okay)
  155. : <Helpax> (Right, I'll give mine to someone else...when it's my turn.)
  157. <CJ> right. I need two minutes. Housemate has wandered in to my bedroom and I am naked but for a towel so dashing off to bathroom to put clothes on before she is icked out :)
  158. <Class> (Lol np)
  159. <Silas_> (hehe is fine :) )
  160. <Helpax> kk, get some clothes on
  161. <Calpurnia> (so you kill us while naked, hmmmmmmmm)
  162. <Helpax> (So Lucidia isn't the only one...)
  163. <Calpurnia> (apparently)
  164. <Silas_> indeed, strictly speaking he did have a cloth on... towels count as cloth right?
  165. <Calpurnia> (hmmm depends)
  166. <Makara> (in some country I guess?)
  167. <Silas_> (I know, but my statement still stands ^^)
  168. <CJ> OK I was just getting changed cause I had stuff spilt down front, and she walked in, so I wandered off to change
  170. <CJ> ACTION! The drake is moving
  171. :<CJ> Makara, you are up first. You have declared you are running to shield the girl yes?
  172. <Makara> (Is the girl small enough to grab with one arm?)
  173. <CJ> Nope. She is nearly six foot, and aged about 16!
  174. <Calpurnia> (save the romance option)
  175. <Makara> (Oh I thought she was a little girl, change of plan then!)
  176. <Silas_> (she's a giant!)
  177. <CJ> Yes, excessively tall like a faerie
  178. <Helpax> (Yes, but she's a pretty giant)
  179. <CJ> OK makara, plan? :)
  181. [Makara cast Hands of the Grasping Earth as he shout "Halt, drake!" in animal speech.]
  183. Note: A spell that summon lots of earth hand to grab the target.
  185. <CJ> OK Makara, that will be next round. You have run and grabbed the girl
  186. <Makara> (I don't want to grab the girl anymore since she’s too big to grab)
  187. <Silas_> (oh sure you do, admit it!)
  188. : <CJ> OK, you abort your action and start spells casting. Will happen just later in round!
  190. <CJ> Class, please roll Perception!
  192. [Class rolled poorly]
  194. <CJ> Class, Meles flew south soon after the drake fell asleep. You saw him flap off
  195. <CJ> He seemed in a real hurry, but were too busy to do anything about it right then
  196. <Class> (Just to remember he was a Wolf with a extra +1 Size last time and "Meles is watching the drake carefully, in Giant Wolf form")
  197. <CJ> Yes. He left a little whilre after that. :)
  198. <CJ> He actually called out something like "wait" and flew off to you class. It was apparent he had a plan
  199. <Helpax> (So we just have to stall this thing? That's comforting)
  200. <Helpax> (I can run after the girl, since I'm one fatigue from passing out)
  201. <CJ> The drake turns and points it head at Makara and the girl.
  202. <CJ> It's going to breathe fire on them.
  203. <CJ> OK Makara, you are about to get cindered. Any plans? You may cast now if you like
  204. <Makara> CAST NOW!!!
  206. <Makara> Preferably has the earth hand hand grab the head
  207. <CJ> OK, go for it
  208. <Makara> and mouth
  209. <CJ> OK Makara, roll 'em
  210. <CJ> Or Stamina + Rego +Terram + 3 aura + 2 form and voice ( stress dice )
  212. [Makara rolled high]
  214. <CJ> Baruch, what you planning to do?
  215. <Baruch> (Do i notice this happening?)
  216. <CJ> Yes Baruch
  217. <CJ> OK Makara the spells goes off.
  218. <Helpax> (What is the dragon's might?)
  219. <CJ> 22 - 15 = penetration 7. Your spell unless your Penetration ability is 15 fails to go through it' magic resistance
  220. <Makara> failed.
  222. <Baruch> (I'll blast it with the wind again and hope that does something to the fire)
  223. <Silas_> (mhm fanning the fire are we? ;) )
  224. <Makara> (not our convenent anyway)
  225. <Calpurnia> (True)
  226. <Makara> (evilgrin)
  228. [Baruch make a… a… oh god I love you one-trick-pony epic roll of 50 total]
  229. <Silas_> (mehehe)
  230. <Calpurnia> (... the one trick pony does it again)
  231. <Makara> (dear god you flipped the dragon or something)
  232. <Class> (oO)
  233. <Baruch> (Hehe, my wind finger is getting callous)
  234. <Class> (I don't wan't to stay at the path of this)
  236. <CJ> OK, as the Drake breathes fire the flames of Hell seem about to consume Makara. The girl clutches terrified to you, but suddenly the flames divert, and both of you are knocked flying by a huge last of wind. As the flames subside you are lying on the floor with no idea what happened
  238. <CJ> Make a Per + Magic LORE roll Helpax
  240. [Helpax rolled decently]
  242. <CJ> Helpax. If you spend a Confidence point I'll be more precise
  243. <Helpax> (Heck, I have points, might as well spend it)
  244. <CJ> I mean Relam Lore, but I'll let you use Magic Theory this time. Dragons are often used as examples in Hermetic text books :)
  245. <Helpax> (Thanks)
  246. <CJ> OK, it's Might 22.
  247. <CJ> And allied to realm of AQUAM!
  248. <CJ> Yes I know it breathes fire :)
  249. <Calpurnia> (Its a renegade)
  251. <CJ> Calpurnia, you can hear chaos outside
  252. <CJ> Your action :)
  253. <CJ> Your action even Calpurnia :)
  254. <Calpurnia> "Sounds like the dragon is back up, want to watch?"
  255. <CJ> Lucidia opens the window, and immediately starts to cast. You casting anything?
  256. <Calpurnia> (I don't have anything that could smash through that shielding so no I'll just look around the room and outside)
  257. <Silas_> (makes you wonder if Lucidia will torch us all doesn't it)
  258. <CJ> Lucidia shouts "Helpax, drop your Parma". She is targeting you with a spell. Do you do it?
  259. <CJ> Silas your action :) You think you can hear Meles flying back
  260. <Calpurnia> (wait what parma? :P )
  261. <Class> (What Parma? Whe still didn't learn it)
  262. <Helpax> "Don't have Parma! Apprentice remember!"
  263. <Makara> (she thinks we have it)
  264. <CJ> Lucidia does not realize that :)
  265. <Helpax> (we told her earlier, Baruch's the only one)
  266. <CJ> Dragon eating your covenant can distract the best of us
  268. <CJ> Calpurnia Per + Magic Theory roll
  269. [Calpurnia make a decide roll]
  270. <CJ> A lot of healing stuff, and CrCo magics, as well as the Ignem stuff in her lab
  272. <Silas_> (is the women from the gatehouse outside by the dragon or inside the aegis?)
  273. <CJ> Silas the women is outside the Aegis :)
  275. [Lucidia make a great roll finish casting her spell!]
  277. <CJ> Helpax, you feel a spell effect you.
  278. <Helpax> (Any hints?)
  279. <Silas_> (you die!)
  280. <Helpax> (NOC)
  281. <Silas_> (hehe)
  282. <Helpax> (^^)
  283. <Makara> (You are baked, very toasty)
  285. <Silas_> I'll run outside the aegis, towards the women who were crying (if applicable)
  286. <Class> (I feels kind of out of place at the level this adventure took)
  287. <CJ> Don't worry Class, all will get better
  288. <Makara> (well, we suppose to hide instead of fighting it…)
  290. <CJ> Silas, you reach the women who are trying to reach the girl who is on the floor by Helpax
  291. <CJ> The women all hide behind you in a huddle
  292. <CJ> What now Silas?
  293. <Silas_> I try to motion them back into the aegis
  295. [Silas make a good roll]
  297. <CJ> OK, They turn and run, obeying you from fear and common sense as much as anything :)
  299. <CJ> Can you make me a Perception + Awareness roll please
  301. [Silas botched his roll]
  303. <CJ> Silas, there is another dragon approaching. This one is equally huge, and white in coloration, and is flying in from the south, still high up. Could be the twin of the one you have here
  304. <Silas_> (holy crap)
  305. <CJ> No problem. You fail not botch. You still notice the dragon as it fills a sizable amount of sky
  306. <Calpurnia> (ONE TRICK PONY DO SOMETHING!!!!!!)
  307. <CJ> Class your action please
  308. <Silas_> "ANOTHER DRAGON! "
  310. [Class takes cover and start to put his equipment tight together]
  312. <CJ> (Hopefully this is more the level of challenge you were hoping for?)
  313. <Helpax> "SERIOUSLY!?!"
  314. <Helpax> (Please don't challenge the GM, we're going to die anyway)
  315. <Makara> (No no, we need more dragon, this is too easy)
  316. : <CJ> Good plan. Class Jonaquil rushes over to you, and hands you a small leather bag of feathers. Ten pawns of Auram vis. He/She has loads herself down with vis from the stores, do it is rather comical than in his/her haste Jonaquil gave you the lightest possible bag to carry!
  318. <CJ> Helpax?
  319. <CJ> Helpax your action?
  320. <CJ> Silas while we wait for Helpax make a quick Percpetion + Folk Ken roll for me
  322. [Silas make a good roll]
  324. <CJ> Silas, the women are pointing ta the other dragon, but seem happy. There ius a bird flying with it.
  326. <Helpax> (I'm right in front of the dragon's face right? Outside the barrier?)
  327. <CJ> Yes , on the floor knocked down by a wind.
  328. <Helpax> (Close enough for an Eye range spell?)
  329. <CJ> Yep you are :)
  331. [ Helpax casts Pains of Perpetual Worry and shouts to the Dragon "You're forgetting something!"]
  333. Note: A spell to make the target fear of something.
  335. [Helpax make a strong roll of 21]
  337. <CJ> OK the level is?
  338. <Helpax> (20...Damn!)
  339. <CJ> OK helpax, spell would go off, but costs you a fatigue level, but his magic resistance shrugs it off
  340. <Helpax> (Wait, Fatigue? Why? I know that one...and I take it confedance won't help)
  341. <CJ> Nope. :(
  342. <Helpax> (I only have one fatigue level left...if that cost fatigue, I'm napping)
  344. [Helpax also rolled and succeed in suppressing his magic addiction]
  346. <CJ> New round
  347. <CJ> Makara, you are up!
  349. [Makara tries to get his sense back and look for the woman]
  351. <CJ> The woman has dragged you up and is pulling you towards a ditch, while swearing you think in the local barbaric language
  353. <Class> (I will go with the plan to increase my size next turn as in the current fight at normal size I don't have the smallest chance)
  355. <CJ> The drake is turning to eat Baruch!
  357. [Drake makes a strong roll!]
  359. <CJ> OK BAruch, that was my swallow attack. Please make your defense roll
  360. <Baruch> (I was walking toward Lucidia's sanctum when this happens)
  361. <CJ> Yes, It has now entered the Aegis
  362. <Baruch> (What do I need to roll?)
  363. <Calpurnia> (I wave as Baruch is about to be nomed on)
  364. <CJ> Do you have a Brawl skill?
  365. <CJ> Kind of you Calpurnia! :)
  366. <Baruch> No brawl
  367. <CJ> OK roll a dice and add your Quickness
  368. <Calpurnia> (... bye bye)
  370. [Baruch rolled poorly and might botch]
  372. <Baruch> So botch?
  373. <Baruch> but didn't he botch as well?
  374. <Baruch> some kind of a spectacular multi-failure?
  375. <CJ> OK, I have an attack advantage of 11. I'm trying to swallow
  376. <CJ> Yes we both rolled ten never noticed. I'll roll two botch dies, you roll 1
  377. <Baruch> (Is he simply coming through my wind without any problem?)
  379. [CJ and Baruch rolls to check for botch roll and both got the same result]
  380. [CJ reroll and gotten lower]
  382. <CJ> OK no botch, but the 10 counts as a zero. So I scored 12 attack, you scored 1 defense
  383. <Silas_> (Dragon tries to eat Baruch but his mouth gets caught on a treestump in the ground, seeing the dragon going for him Baruch tries to dodge but trips on his robes and falls onto the stump - maybe?)
  384. <CJ> OK Baruch, I need at least an attack advantage for 10 to swallow you. I'm on 11. If you spend a Confidence point you can reduce that to 8 and survive. Wanna do it?
  385. <Baruch> Heh, yeah
  386. <Helpax> (*nods* Not Dying is a good start.)
  387. <CJ> Sounds good Silas: and at the last moment Baruch throw his robe over the dragons eyes, and some valuable pepper he had in it's nose, and as it sneezes is blown away from the chaomping jaws? That ok?
  388. <Calpurnia> (wait get swallowed then cast your wind spell)
  390. <CJ> Baruch your action now
  391. <CJ> Baruch any plans?
  392. <CJ> CAlpurnia you too, what you doing this round?
  393. <CJ> Lucidia is targeting Helpax with a spell
  394. <Calpurnia> (nothing I can do, are there any books in the room?)
  395. <CJ> Books, vis, magic items, including wands, potions, cauldrons of brewing stuff, and all manner fo strange shadows dancing from the hundreds of lights
  397. <Baruch> (So my wind didn't do anything to it?
  398. <Silas_> (it made it mad, surely)
  399. <Baruch> (In that case, I'll take to flight and fly away from the dragon)
  400. <CJ> Nah just annoyed it. It is firmly on the ground at the moment
  401. <Baruch> Yeah, I'll fly away from it and hide
  403. <Calpurnia> (I start looking for books about fire stuff)
  404. <Calpurnia> (spells technically, ignem)
  405. <CJ> Calpurnia, there is a small red book with what appear to be design notes for a spell in on her bedside table. Lucidia is distracted...
  407. <CJ> Baruch, you fly up in the air, and above the covenant. You feel a tangible sense of relief at being away. You turn south, thinking of flying away, and see immediately another dragon - this one is black with crimson mottling, but it reflects the silver starlight giving it a curious luminous appearance. It is coming straight at you, it's eyes wide with the thought of an easy dinner
  408. <Calpurnia> (I say Baruch may need some help now that he is at a distance from the dragons, if she starts casting Ill glance from back to front of book)
  410. <CJ> Class your action?
  411. [Class try to keep in cover and increase his size by +1 for sun duration (>30 value /5 is still biger then 5 with token no problem)]
  412. <CJ> Class that will succeed. You are now HUGE! However that will make you more visible so hiding harder :) Good plan though. Your combat stats all increase after all
  414. <CJ> Helpax?
  415. <Helpax> (I'm fairly certain I'm unconcious...unless I've magically regained fatigue)
  416. <Helpax> (I was on my last legs, and the you said the last spell...)
  417. <CJ> You will be recover in a few minutes, as Jonaquil is casting a spell on you to restore fatigue
  418. <Helpax> (...what?)
  420. <CJ> OK, third round
  421. <CJ> Makara in the ditch with the girl
  422. <CJ> Makara, your action please?
  423. <Makara> (thinking)
  425. <Silas_> (did I miss a turn?)
  426. <CJ> Silas your action please :)
  427. <CJ> Yes sorry should have gone at same time as Calpurnia
  428. <Silas_> I'll try a Intellego mentem on the women, to see why they are happy to see the dragon
  429. <CJ> Fantastic idea!
  430. <Class> (Btw the second Dragon is following Meles?)
  431. <CJ> Do you have a suitable spell Silas?
  432. <CJ> Yes Class, it has a blackbird with it!
  433. <Silas_> (slightly unsure of the difficulty and which stats I should include though - and no, no spell suitable)
  434. <CJ> OK add Stamina + Intellego + menten together. What is the total?
  435. <Silas_> 23
  436. <Class> (A large blackbird ^^ as the +1 Soze carry over to his bird form)
  437. <CJ> Intellego + Stamina + Mentem = 23. Aura = +3. Shouting and waving (why not?) =+2. So roll 1d10+28 :)
  438. <CJ> Yes a blackbird the size of an eagle
  440. [Silas rolled strongly]
  442. <CJ> OK that will work for 2 minutes (Diamter) at touch to allow you to understand what people are talking about. That works well. You touch the women, reassuringly hugging them, but they are frightened, so you manage to just brush against their dresses
  443. <CJ> They are telling this story, well one is
  444. <Class> (Shapechange cost 1 action?)
  445. <CJ> Yep one action
  446. <CJ> Silas the story...
  447. <CJ> In 1176 was the Dragon fight. From Kedington Hill issued a huge black sinous dragon, and from Ballingdon Hill
  448. <CJ> issued forth a similar black beast but with crimson mottling all over it's scales, that’s shone silver in the starlight
  449. <CJ> Then the two dragons net in the marshy field known as Sharpfight
  450. <CJ> Meadow, and for an hour the ground shook as the two beasts were locked in a titanic struggle watched by the amazed villagers from miles around.
  451. <CJ> Finally, the black dragon was defeated and fled back to it's hill, and the red dragon triumphantly marched back, not fortunately deigning to snack on
  452. <CJ> the brave spectators. You can see both to the soouth; the hills in question are barely that - one is 60' high, the other 65', more low rolling undulating terrain than hills, but the story is well known and many alive today saw it
  454. <CJ> OK Makara your action...
  456. [ Makara hide and watches from the ditch (delayed action)]
  458. <Silas_> (well, say goodbye to your covenant people, I foresee it going up in flames)
  460. <CJ> OK, the black drake now sees it's ancient enemy, and flies up, moving straight for the crimson and black drake. The new dragon hurls itself upon it, and you know the noise cats make fighting? Imagine that a thousand times louder!
  461. :<CJ> The two are tumbling, tearing, burning and ripping at each other directly over the covenant
  462. <CJ> Baruch you were in the middle of this?
  463. <CJ> What you doing as both dragons fly at you?
  464. <Makara> (Being food)
  465. <Silas_> (poor man)
  466. <Baruch> Getting the hell out of there :D
  467. <Calpurnia> (this is why you don't run away, it gets worse)
  468. <Makara> (How many licks does it takes to gets to the center of Baruch)
  469. <Helpax> (25. Dragon's have big tongues)
  471. <Baruch> I'll fly to one of the covenant buildings and hide there
  472. <CJ> OK BAruch, Int + Finesse as you are using a magic item. 9+ please as both dragons are coming right at you in their desire to rip one another apart
  474. [Baruch makes a decent roll]
  476. <CJ> Baruch got any confidence left?
  477. <CJ> If so I'd spend it :0
  478. <Baruch> yeah, I spend it :P
  479. <CJ> Baruch describes how you miraculously survive then :)
  480. <Baruch> I quickly dip downwards toward the covenant, barely avoiding the dragons
  482. <CJ> Calpurnia, Class (now huge!) and Silas please
  483. <Calpurnia> Huh?
  484. <CJ> Calpurnia what you up to? Lucidia's action is to run downstairs and climb under the bed!
  485. <Calpurnia> Ill glance through the book from the back to the front, if I should hear movement inside I'll close it and put it down.
  487. [Class put the token in his month and changes to eagle owl. If possible I would cast a silent spell with no gestures that go of after the transformation.]
  488. <CJ> Class, one more size increase you reckon you could take these things on :)
  489. <CJ> You are now an eagle owl
  490. <Helpax> (Scratch their eyes out, Giant Owl!)
  491. <Makara> (Battle of the giants)
  494. <CJ> Silas what you doing? You are the only one with any idea what is going on here!
  495. <Silas_> can I do a muta corpus to raise the volume of my voice?
  496. CJ> You can but it won't increase Voice Range on spells. One of the odd things about how magic works
  497. <Silas_> to yell so all may hear it, or try to out deaf the fighting
  498. <Helpax> (A flaw in hermetic theory, like the one preventing the restoration of fatigue)
  499. <Silas_> no worries, I'm gonna yell a simple hint, not a spell :p
  500. <CJ> OK Silas, MuCo5 will do that
  501. <CJ> roll your dice Sta + Mu +Co + 5
  502. <CJ> In fact just don't botch
  504. [Silas make a decent roll]
  506. <CJ> OK your voice is VERY LOUD now Silas!
  507. <Silas_> Yelling: The dragons are enemies! We got to get out of here before they torch the place! (in Latin of course)
  508. <CJ> Oh the black and crimson dragon tail just took the tiled roof off the library, scattering tiles and beams all over the covenant. Fortunately none of you are hit
  509. <CJ> Helpax, you wake up, having two Fatigue levels back now. Jonaquil's strange colored odd eyes stare down at you. He/She has restored you
  510. <Class> (Wow someone who can restore fatigue something very rare)
  511. <CJ> Merinita have the spell :)
  512. <CJ> Unfortunately Jonaquil looks utterly drained. It does not restore, it transfers.
  513. <Helpax> "Thank you. We'd better hurry"
  515. <CJ> OK, and I need a quick break. Silas has told you the covenant at Sharpfight meadow is doomed. (And yes it is a real story from a manuscript in Canterbury cathedral archive, though the fight was in 1476 in reality. David Chart happened to place a covenant on the spot, so I was delighted!)
  517. [Player planning]
  519. [Class increse size once more this time the animal version and then pack his bag and fly off]
  520. <Calpurnia> (I still am a ignem resistant tank with brawl dodge.)
  521. <Calpurnia> (We also still have 1 trick pony.)
  522. <Helpax> (I'm going to grab Jonaquil and drag her away from the battle and follow in the footsteps of Sir Robin)
  523. <Helpax> (True)
  524. <Calpurnia> (CURSE YOU SIR ROBIN!!!!)
  525. <Silas_> (brave brave sir robin!)
  526. <Calpurnia> (How dare you bravely run away, away!!)
  527. <Class> (A few more turns and I could be the same size as them but why ^^)
  528. <Helpax> (Hey, I'm rescuing someone too! It's an improvement.)
  529. <Calpurnia> Might as well, think of how intimidating a massive owl would be.
  530. <Silas_> (so is Makara ^^)
  531. <Helpax> (And remember, that's if Class doesn't knock out the black one first)
  532. <Class> (I'm size -1 in the next turn and drake is size 7)
  533. <Silas_> I'll try to explain that the whole thing is going up in flames to our local populace, and then proceed to get the hell of there
  534. <Helpax> (wait what? I thought you've been raising it)
  535. <Class> (first I have to get away and size +5 should be enough to carry you all)
  536. <Silas_> (Do we know that it was the plan though? :p)
  537. <Silas_> (we are doomed)
  538. <Class> (I told Baruch about it)
  539. <Silas_> (brb)
  540. <Calpurnia> (we have to choices, 1 Baruch one trick ponies them to death, 2 we run away.)
  541. <Class> (I will get fersh air in for a bit)
  542. <Calpurnia>( Baruch are you up to 1 tricking them to death?)
  543. <Helpax> (yes, but it doesn't apply to you Calpurnia)
  544. <CJ> Ok I'm back sorry about that I feel very rough today :(
  545. <Calpurnia> (it does, I"M STILL IN THE VILLAGE!!!)
  546. <Helpax> (You not well?)\
  547. <CJ> Class keeps getting bigger if you like!
  548. <CJ> You are immense now
  549. <Silas_> no need to apologize CJ, if you want to stop then that is ok
  551. <Calpurnia> (Still is there a law against taking stuff from another sanctuary in hermetic law stuff?)
  552. <CJ> Yes there’s Calpurnia
  553. <Helpax> (As an apprentice, you're parents responsible for your actions. The law won't penalize you, Calpurnia)
  554. <CJ> That is SO true Helpax
  555. <Calpurnia> (what parent :P)
  556. <CJ> and your parents is beyond the law, in Final Twilight :)
  557. <Helpax> (The one that died earlier, or Lucidia if you take her up)
  558. <Calpurnia> (so we gonna run or stay, THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT TO DECIDE BECAUSE if we leave I'm taking the book.)
  560. <CJ> Class how big are you now?
  561. <Class> Owl is current -2 and when next turn comes -1
  562. <Class> (-1 should be enough to get away with my things)
  563. <CJ> Class you are big enough already I think :)
  565. <CJ> OK Makara action please?
  567. [Makara pull the woman out of the ditch and run back into the aegis]
  569. <CJ> Makara, Edith (for such is her name) and you arrive in the Aegis just as the fighting dragons crash on to the library building, which collapses. Invaluable rare books are flying everywhere, pages of spells in the night sky
  571. <CJ> Baruch what you doing?
  572. <Makara> (haha)
  573. <Calpurnia> (Okay)
  574. <Calpurnia> (silas is leaving who else)
  575. <Baruch> I can probably spot class growing, so I'll fly around telling everyone to saddle up
  576. <CJ> Meles is now panicking, and flies down to Class "Friend I have sought to save us by bringing the other dragon, but is seems i have destroyed us all"
  577. <CJ> Baruch you fly through a rain of tiles, planks, collapsing stone and books!
  578. <Class> (my plan is to get to +5 size anyway as soon I'm fare enough away from the fight)
  580. <CJ> Calpurnia?
  581. <Calpurnia> (I pick up the book and what is the roll for jumping out a window?)
  582. <CJ> Jonaquil is charging the library and the dragons shouting a spell
  583. <CJ> Lucidia is hiding under her bed
  584. <CJ> Dex + Athletics Calpurnia
  585. <Calpurnia> Oh SO TEMPTING okay lets do it
  587. [Calpurnia make a decent roll]
  589. <CJ> Calpurnia lands on a pile of scattered pages, still clutching the book
  590. <Calpurnia> (YES!!)
  593. <CJ> The women are running from the covenant to the woods
  594. <CJ> Silas and Helpax?
  595. <Calpurnia> !roll 1d10+3
  596. <Silas_> Did Baruch inform me of the plan yet?
  597. [ Helpax runs after Jonaquil, grabs her and drags her away from the dragons]
  598. <CJ> Silas yep Baruch has screamed run away at you!
  599. <Calpurnia> I run over to Baruch and the giant owl
  600. <Silas_> I'll run to Class then
  601. <CJ> Class you can cast again now :)
  602. <Helpax> (I'll be dragging Jonaquil to Class too)
  603. <CJ> There is a blackbird the size of a hawk by Class too, squeaking loudly to him!
  604. <Class> (No roll needed)
  605. : <CJ> Nope.
  606. <CJ> Class, everyone has gathered round you. Jonaquil has reached the dragons, who have pretty much demolished the library!
  608. <CJ> OK, everyone (in no particular order), actions please!
  609. <Silas_> "Can we get out of here soon? I don't want to end up as dragon fodder!"
  610. <Class> "outside"
  611. <Helpax> (I was/am trying to drag her back!)
  612. <CJ> Mles flies to the bags Jonaquil dropped and starts to peck his way through them
  613. <Class> (As fare I can get this out with closed beak as I have the token in my mounth)
  614. <Helpax> "Jonaquil! We can't stop them! We have to go back!"
  616. <CJ> Helpax Dex + Brawl roll please :)
  618. [Helpax make a decent roll]
  620. <Baruch> "Everyone, climb on Class, hold on tight, and follow me!"
  621. <CJ> OK class screeches outside in a muffled way!
  622. [Silas_ climbs onto Class back]
  623. <Makara> "Oh precious knowledge!" Makara picks up a few complete intact book, he heard baruch and follow suit.
  625. <CJ> Class how big are you
  626. <Class> (Size -1 so no way Silas)
  627. <Silas_> (darn :p)
  628. <Baruch> (Haha, oh I thought you were bigger already :D)
  629. <Class> (I do the slow way)
  630. <CJ> OK Helpax you have Jonaquil
  631. <Makara> (few more turns then, start looting!)
  632. <CJ> Spell books are being torn apart - centuries of secret knowledge lost forever as the dragons tear each other and the building to pieces!
  633. <Calpurnia> (NOOOOOOOO!!!)
  634. <Class> (Cost a few turns but better then to do 2-3 cast with stress that cost me 15 Min rest each)
  635. <Silas_> (wasn't there a muta/corpus to increase damage resistance?)
  636. [ Helpax tries to run and drag Jonaquil over to where Class and the others are]
  637. CJ> Class is an owl about the size of a teenage girl right now!
  638. <CJ> Helpax you pull the struggling Jonaquil over
  639. <Calpurnia> (DUDE GROW FASTER!!!!)
  640. <Makara> (USE STERIOD)
  641. <CJ> lol!
  642. <Helpax> "Hurray! We have to go, before they destroy everything."
  643. <CJ> OK Calpurnia, that book you have looks FASCINATING!
  644. <Class> (As mentioned I lift off to get to the outside path and get away from the fight)
  645. [Silas_ tries casn't a shrink spell on himself]
  646. [Silas_ casting* even]
  647. <CJ> Class flies away up towards the woods.
  648. <Baruch> "Follow, everyone!"
  649. <CJ> Meles has found some Animal vis
  650. <Baruch> I'll run after Class
  651. <Calpurnia> starts running after class
  652. <CJ> Helpax?
  653. [ Helpax running to Class...but refuses to let go Jonaquil]
  654. <Class> (CJ Size +4 = Elphant size enough for the other to get on my back or do I need more?)
  655. <Helpax> "COME ON! You saved me, let me repay my debt! We can't stop the Dragons!"
  656. <Class> (Or better we will see how many want to go to the tribunal with us from the local cove)
  658. [Meles make a powerful roll]
  660. <CJ> Meles casts a spell with aura and shouting and waving that is 45. With his penetration he manages it, by 1. One of the drakes turns in to a toad :)
  661. <Silas_> (the absurdity of the situation ^^)
  662. <CJ> Class : that three people you can fly with!
  663. <Silas_> both of them?
  664. <Class> (ROFL)
  665. <Calpurnia> (GROW BIGGER CLASS!!)
  666. <CJ> Only one, the black one. The other dragon immediately swallows it!
  667. <Class> (Oh ok so need more)
  668. <Makara> (turn another into toad and gg)
  669. <Silas_> (Wrong dragon!)
  670. <Calpurnia> (well this got even worse)
  671. <CJ> Meles will use the last five pawns of animal vis to try it again.
  672. <Calpurnia> "Just fly away mister crow!!"
  673. <Class> (Anyway each casting is just a few seconds)
  675. [Meles rolled a powerful roll]
  677. <Class> (Confidence time?)
  678. <Calpurnia> what level is this spell anyway?
  679. <CJ> confidence will take it to 20, but what is his Penetration? :)
  680. <CJ> Penetration he doe snot have. Spell fails :)
  681. <Helpax> (Higher than 2? Please?)
  682. <Calpurnia> YES!!!!!!!!
  683. <Helpax> (Fizzle sticks...literally)
  685. <CJ> OK, next round.
  686. <Silas_> "If Class can't grow faster, then we shrink!"
  687. <CJ> Makara?
  688. <Makara> I'm still running toward the group with handful of books?
  689. <Calpurnia> "get on makara you warm loving fool!"
  690. <Makara> "BUT THE KNOWLEDGE!"
  691. <CJ> Good plan Silas! Muto Corpus 15. Can anyone cast that? You will need 30 if you don't have the spell
  692. <CJ> but personal range so ten, needing 20
  693. <CJ> and Muto Corpus 5 needing 10 f only for concentration. Will reduce you to toddler size any way
  694. <Calpurnia> "I know but the knowledge we already have may also die we stay to long!!"
  696. <CJ> Makara, you have grabbed two books. Please make a Dex + Athletics roll
  698. [Makara rolled poorly]
  700. <CJ> Makara, one of the book is on fire, and you fall and are slowed as a beam crashes directly in front of you, just missing smashing your brain out by an inch
  702. [The falling beam has kindly reminds Makara to get the hell out, so he do just that]
  704. [Meles rolled a great roll]
  706. <CJ> 18 total for Meles. The remaining dragon launches itself at the blackbird, who manages to just fly clear losing a tail feather as it escapes the jaws snapping shut (light wound to Meles - extremely lucky roll)
  708. <CJ> Go for it. Anyone casting a shrinking spell on self?
  709. <Class> (In animal I can't do the faster stressbased way)
  710. <Baruch> (I don't need to shrink, because I can fly myself)
  712. [Silas_ botched his spellcasting]
  714. <Helpax> (If we're 'lucky', Silas will go into twilight)
  715. <Class> (It don't help much if you shrink your self by 1 as your equipment stay the same size)
  716. <CJ> Silas you gain one warping point. Are you Twilight Prone?
  717. <Silas_> (is that a flaw? cause no if that is the case)
  718. <CJ> Class how big are by now? :)
  719. <Calpurnia> "Sir Crow fly away please!!"
  720. <CJ> It is. OK Silas has vanished :)
  721. <Silas_> (sniff.)
  722. <CJ> (Silas I messaged you)
  723. <Class> (Still -1 as It wasn't my turn again ^^)
  724. <Helpax> (I thought you needed to get 2 warp points? meh.)
  725. <Makara> (so... ehh.. can mele drop the frog-dragon spell and have the dragon burst out of the other dragon stomach?)
  726. <CJ> Nope, Nope it's a Sun duration Spell (muAn25 Trasnformation...)
  727. <Class> (Why have Mele brought the other Dragon when he now turn him into a toad?)
  728. <Class> (Don't understand him but shrug)
  729. <Makara> (well digested by then...)
  730. <Class> (I need 5 turns to be enough size to carry some of my covenants)
  732. <CJ> OK Calpurnia what you up to?
  733. <Silas_> Yelling "DON'T MOVE!! I AM VERY VERY SHORT!!"
  734. CJ> OK class, just need to hold off the Crimson black dragon 5 more turns, chaps
  736. <Calpurnia> I'm holding on to class (if he hasn't flown off, running after him if he did)
  737. <Class> (as mentioned I'm then size 4)
  739. <CJ> Everyone but Silas (Perception +Awareness)
  740. <Silas_> (no one wants to pick me up :p)
  741. <Class> !roll 1d10+5
  743. [Everyone rolled decently except Makara]
  745. <Makara> botch?
  746. <CJ> helpax you see Silas on the ground, as you almost tread on him. he is one inch tall
  747. <Helpax> (I'm already dragging around a full sized person! No room for toddlers)
  748. <CJ> Ah Makara, roll again.
  750. [Makara rolled decently]
  752. <CJ> If you boytch you just stood on Silas: luckily you didn't
  753. <Helpax> "...You look smaller Silas"
  754. <Silas_> "GET ME UP FROM HERE!!"
  755. <Makara> (welp, I am looking at ground level anyway)
  756. <Helpax> ( inch? You're going in my pocket!)
  757. <Silas_> "ARGH, and DON'T MOVE!!"
  758. <CJ> Silas's voice is still VERY LOUD. Squeaky, but loud. The effect of this tiny man bellowing so loudly is frankly comical
  759. <Baruch> I grab Silas and put him in my pocket
  760. <Silas_> "THANK YOU.... WHAT... [muffled] You need to clean your pockets more often!!"
  762. [Class make another good roll]
  763. <Class> (OK then Size +1)
  764. <Class> (Horse size)
  765. <Helpax> (Still, it's just one dragon...we might be able to take it...)
  766. <Makara> (make it sleep again)
  768. <CJ> OK Meles
  770. [Meles make a decent roll]
  772. <CJ> OK, Meles flies off squawking loudly, trying to lure the dragon away from it's nest the way blackbirds chirp to make cats chase them away from their fledglings. It's a brave act, and the dragon takes off after it, and chases Meles at immense speed. Melses flies low between some trees, and the dragon simply bites off the top of the tree, and probably Meles as well
  773. <CJ> Makara, what you up to?
  774. <CJ> New round btw
  776. [ Makara stands up and continue toward the group as he held the last book in both arm on his chest]
  778. <Makara> "Wait for meeeee"
  779. <CJ> Yes you can take two now and still fly short distances :) Three if one of them is poor Silas :)
  780. <CJ> Class who are you flying off with please?
  781. <CJ> Baruch your action please!
  782. <Silas_> (yep, trying to not fall out of Baruch's pocket)
  783. <CJ> We will end soon
  784. <Baruch> I'll keep running after Class with the others, ready to blast the dragon )again) if it flies our way
  785. <CJ> everyone will be dead I expect! :)
  787. <CJ> OK Lucidia appears at this moment screaming "Stop Thief!"
  788. <CJ> Calpurnia?
  789. <Silas_> (haha!)
  790. <Class> (lool)
  791. <Class> (Now explain it to her ^^)
  792. <Helpax> "WHAT?!? THE DRAGONS A THEIF?!?"
  793. <CJ> Helpax?
  794. <CJ> lol!
  795. <CJ> Brillaint!
  796. <Calpurnia> "GET THAT DRAGON!!!"
  797. <CJ> OK Lucidia takes you seriously and on impulse hurls deadly fire at the dragon!
  798. Class> (oO)
  799. <Helpax> (Oh, right, I've got an action to take...)
  800. <CJ> She uses two pawns of ignem vis
  801. <Silas_> (your faction standing with Insane mages increased! (3))
  802. <CJ> OK Helpax what is that?
  803. <Class> (Wasn't there a wounded or extreme fatigued with us?)
  804. <Class> (I should carry them now on my back while we make our ways to the woods to get cover there for now)
  805. <Calpurnia> Well the library is gone
  806. <Silas_> (there was Baruch was nearly eaten and Helpax's friend is weakened from helping him)
  808. <CJ> Lucidia uses Leap of the fire to try and throw a huge mass of flames from the burning library on to the dragon
  810. [Lucidia make a powerful roll]
  812. [Dragon failed the dodge roll]
  814. <CJ> she hit the dragon, which is absolutely shocked, and begins to flap away
  815. <CJ> OK< you stand in the burning remains of Libelas. Class is now immense. The people who sheltered you are dead or wounded, their home destroyed.
  816. <Class> I give the token to Lucidia
  817. <CJ> This weeks session is "The Fall of Libellas"
  818. <CJ> Class is HUGE Now
  819. <Helpax> Oh yeah
  820. <Silas_> (our work is done)
  821. <CJ> Class how big you want to get?
  822. <Makara> (world size)
  823. <Class> (+5 probably)
  824. <Class> (if it is enough to carry all with equipment)
  825. <Helpax> "Thanks for the stay, Jonaquil. Might want to solve that dragon problem...or move"
  826. <CJ> There are grimoires burning, priceless lab texts scattered on the winds, vis scattered across the grounds, and ruins everywhere
  827. <CJ> Yes it is :)
  828. <Class> Oh this feathery bag there is also from you covenent Lucidia
  830. [Helpax attempts to rescue a book then gets on the giant owl]
  832. <CJ> Jonaquil stares at you impassively, and says "It was the dragonfight that gave our covenant its magic aura. We will rebuild"
  833. <CJ> Lucidia is screaming" I will kill the little thief! Where is Calpurnia?"
  834. <Calpurnia> "shhhhh"
  835. <CJ> "where is she?"
  836. <Makara> (someone better shrink calpurnia)
  837. <Helpax> "Take care and thanks again for saving me Jonaquil. What's Lucidia on about?"
  838. <Silas_> (starting to wish you had followed my example? :p)
  839. <Calpurnia> "I can't help it she tried to enslave me"
  840. <Helpax> (Hurry, we can fly away!)
  841. <CJ> Anyone casting a spell on Calpurnia before Lucidia spots her? :)
  842. <Helpax> "She tried to steal anothers apprentice? Oh My..."
  843. <Makara> (I will if no one doing it)
  844. <CJ> Only the fact she is on the back of an owl the size of an elephant has prevented her being spotted so far!
  845. <CJ> Go for it Makara
  846. <CJ> Silas, being an inch high has its benefits I guess
  847. <Makara> (am I on the owl? The spell need touch range)
  848. <Helpax> (Can I roll to find out Lucidia's political enemies?)
  849. <CJ> Yep, everyone is climbing on Class, who can see the singed dragon is circling back towards the covenant
  850. <Class> "Are Jonaquil or Lucidia get the vis bag from my bundle?"
  851. <CJ> Yes but not know Helpax. I'll bneef dot look 'em up!
  852. <Makara> (So I am inside the aegis?)
  853. <CJ> Yep Makara
  854. <Makara> ehh then my spell won't work
  855. <Baruch> (I have to go now; I'll fly near Class and have us head for the tribunal ASAP)
  856. <CJ> Cheers Bruch
  857. <CJ> take care :)
  858. :26:38] <Baruch> (Thanks for tonight!)
  860. <CJ> OK Lucidia rolls to pot Calpurnia
  862. [Lucidia make a decent roll]
  864. <CJ> Nearly! She is walking over to the owl. The dragon is almost back, and is preparing to attack. Everyone but Baruch is now on Class, and he is flying!]
  866. <Calpurnia> Is there a stealth roll I can do?
  867. <CJ> Yes Int +Stealth Calpurnia
  869. [Calpurnia make a weak roll]
  871. <Calpurnia> :P nope
  873. <CJ> Class over to you!
  874. <Class> (OK I lift off)
  875. <Class> (Wee need to get away fast before the dragon spots me)
  876. <Silas_> (suddenly I am happy I am in a pocket and not on an easily flamable owl)
  877. <Helpax> "YOU'RE KIDDING ME?!?! THE DRAGON'S BACK!"
  878. <CJ> You lift up, and a huge vast white owl you drift silently over fields of frightened sheep, peasants watching the collapse of Librallas in amazement, and tiny hamlets clustered round huge churches
  879. <Helpax> "Lucidia, your fire is what drove it away! Do it again!"
  880. <CJ> Class the dragon is likely to spot you. You are every hard to miss!
  881. <Makara> Are we out of the aegis?
  882. <CJ> Oh yes
  883. <Class> "Can you do fog Baruch?"
  884. <Calpurnia> (is it possible to intimidate the dragon?)
  885. <CJ> Class did you pick up Jonaquil or leave them? Makara had them, but if you have Jonaquil as well you are VERY encumbered
  886. <Helpax> (I stopped dragging Jonaquil before I got on. I think we left her.)
  887. <Silas_> (she seemed more intent on staying anyway)
  888. <Calpurnia> (oh well she would have been extra weight)
  889. <Makara> (I could cast Image Phantom to turn the owl to look like a cloud or something)
  890. <CJ> You can try
  891. <Calpurnia> Makara you first
  892. <CJ> That sounds cool.
  893. <Makara> (and we just slowly drift away)
  895. <CJ> Go on then roll Makara!
  896. <Class> (It depend on him as he still could talk)
  898. [Makara make a great roll on Image Phantom spell!]
  900. Note: It’s a spell that create fake image of something of similar size.
  902. <CJ> OK Class are you dropping your parma a second to let Makara cast the spell on you?
  903. <Makara> "turning you into a cloud now! Try to fly slowly"
  904. <Class> (What Parma?)
  905. <Makara> (only baruch have parma)
  906. <CJ> OK, so now the HUGE owl has turned in to a single white fluffy cloud racing silently across the November sky
  907. <Makara> "Don't go too fast and look out of place)
  909. <Silas_> (did we at least bring the tall pretty girl with the sad eyes? :p)
  910. <CJ> Edith? She was with Makara, but was trying to attack the dragon. Makara did you bring her?
  911. <CJ> good point
  912. <Makara> (I was busy saving book, if she follows me, then yes)
  914. <CJ> I'll roll. 5+ she did
  915. <CJ> !roll 1d10
  916. <MagicBot> CJ: 1
  917. <Silas_> (fare thee well Edith, I should have liked to meet you :p)
  918. <Makara> (1 is double :p )
  919. :34:25] <CJ> Nope, she charged the dragons as they thought in the libray and that was the last you saw of her :)
  920. <CJ> Oh yes, ok -
  921. <CJ> !roll 1d10
  922. <MagicBot> CJ: 4
  923. <Makara> yes, that’s 8!
  925. <CJ> And then just as Class took off she raced over and jumpled on tthe owls leg, and is hanging down there shrieking now, still trying to hold on!
  926. <Silas_> (haha)
  927. <Silas_> (peer pressure)
  928. <Makara> (class, grab on to her with your claw or something)
  929. <Makara> (you know you want to grab her)
  930. <CJ> You can hear her plaintive cries from somewhere in the cloud below. And Class, she is getting to be a nuisance on your leg!
  931. <Class> (I hold here carful with the claws I have free)
  933. [ Helpax grabs the young, tall girl hanging off class's leg and pulls her up on to his back]
  935. <Class> (OK looks like I need a other +1 size)
  936. <Makara> (or just fly slower and act like a cloud)
  937. <CJ> OK, her crises become even more terrified as Class garbs her in his claws the size of a small child, his huge talons dripping her!
  938. <CJ> The dragon is not chasing yet, it seems to be busy destroying what remains of Libellas. Fire fills the sky behind you, as do screams
  939. <Class> (I go down at our boat and drop them there)
  940. <Silas_> (would be difficult to reach down to his talons though, Helpax)
  941. <CJ> The moon is southeast as it is about 9pm. Which way you flying Class?
  942. <Silas_> (you might fall off)
  943. <Calpurnia> (we were heading to the stonehenge right now that we know of it or was it to the fairy base?)
  944. <CJ> OK, Class lands in a clearing near the boat. Edith falls with a load yell of surprise in to a bush as Islas drops her as he lands
  945. <
  946. <Silas_> (west south-west would be the direct like wouldn't it?)
  947. <CJ> You are back at the boat, just 9 or so hours after you left it
  948. <CJ> Yep Silas.
  949. <Helpax> "Now that we've got our bearings, perhaps we should head too the other nearby covenants."
  950. <CJ> Edith is removing herself from the bush
  951. <Class> "You want to come with us girl?"
  952. <Class> (In Latin ^^)
  953. <Helpax> "That magical transport will be needed if we're trying to get to the Tribunal in time"
  954. [Helpax notices the girl]
  955. <Helpax> (In English) *Hello. Who are you?*
  956. <Silas_> (did I fall out of Baruch's pocket or how was it?)
  957. <Silas_> (mmm! warm and snug)
  958. <Class> (how long till dawn?)
  959. <CJ> Eight hours till dawn. Silas you are still in the pocket :)
  961. <CJ> Calpurnia you still have the book :)
  962. <Calpurnia> Hmm I read it
  963. <CJ> It is in a code, but from what you do understand it is some secret initiation script of some extremely secret society. The inscription in uncoded Latin inside the cover promises to hunt down and slay any who let the contents fall in to the hands of "outsiders" ie. those not in the cult, and the outsiders, their apprentices and their sodales.
  964. <Calpurnia> (LOL shes dead)
  965. <CJ> (And so are you Calpurnia, if anyone finds you have it!)
  966. <Calpurnia> (Hmm thats not apart of the promise :P )
  967. <Makara> (our library need a secret compartment now...)
  968. <Silas_> (doesn't every library? ;) )
  970. <CJ> TO Helpax: "I'm Edith, daughter of Leofric, who was commander fo the turb at Libellas till he died fighting that drake" (starts to sob)
  971. <Helpax> (Us too)
  972. <Silas_> "What is happening out there?!"
  973. <Helpax> *I'm sorry for your loss...*
  975. [Helpax goes over and pats the girl on the bac]
  977. <CJ> She looks pleased, but haughty. Proud girl. She looks annoyed too, and is looking back at the glow on the horizon which is her burning home
  978. <Helpax> "We're keeping her."
  980. [ Makara looks at the book he saved and wonder what it is.]
  982. <CJ> Makara your book is entitled "The Gentle Art of Flowers: A Primer in Herbam"
  983. <Makara> (yay)
  984. <Makara> (my ticket to talk to flowers someday)
  985. <CJ> It contains a summae, and a lab text for a new spell
  987. <CJ> OK guys, are you planning to fly to Stonehenge on poor ofl Class?
  988. <CJ> Class could get you a long way by dawn. :)
  989. <Silas_> (I think so)
  990. : <Class> "I think there is someone other from the covenent on my back right? do he want to get of here before we take fo to the tribunal?)
  991. <Calpurnia> I believe that was the plan. Shame our leader isn't here.
  992. <Class> (Yes it was my plan)
  993. <CJ> Baruch lands at this point, having flown over
  994. <Helpax> *It was irresponsable for them to build a covenant there, because dragons duel there. You should stay with us.*
  996. <CJ> Edith looks sniffy "we all new the story of the dragons, but in the three years we were there we saw nothing of them! My father was a brave man, a hero! And now it is time for you magi to keep your promise!"
  997. <CJ> And actually I must stop there for today.
  998. <CJ> Sorry was a confused session and not so good on my part, feeling woozy as hell with teeth
  999. <Class> Thanks for todays game seession :D
  1000. <CJ> But all good :)
  1002. <Calpurnia> Another thing CJ I'm going to rip the cover of the book off and throw it into the river and then put the pages into my robe.
  1003. <CJ> OK CALpurnia :)
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