The Eternal War, Session 04

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  1. Session Start: Sat May 19 18:43:01 2012
  2. Session Ident: #eternalwar
  3. 03[18:43] * Now talking in #eternalwar
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  8. [19:15] <Wolfe> ohai :3
  9. [19:17] <Brother_Ezekiah> You still here, Wolfe?
  10. 01[19:18] <@Staffen> (Type ooc into here again and I will wrap my dick around your neck and start you like a lawnmower)
  11. [19:19] <Wolfe> (Tempting offer)
  12. 01[19:26] <@Staffen> After your meeting with the Inquisitors and their retinue, you are introduced to far more comfortable quarters on the higher decks. Each of you is given an individual room with welcoming furnishings and your belongings already moved.
  13. 01[19:27] <@Staffen> Soon thereafter, you were also made to meet Leopold Wolfe, the scholar who, the Lady Inquisitor tells, has been assigned to assist you henceforth.
  14. 01[19:28] <@Staffen> The lot of you have been given several days to socialize while on your way to Scintilla.
  15. 01[19:29] <@Staffen> However, eight days after your initial briefing in the lounge, a shrill warning blares throughout the vessel, catching you all by surprise while you are lounging through the hour.
  16. 06[19:31] * Brother_Ezekiah had been sociable enough. Mostly preaching against the sins and wrongs his fellow acolytes partake in. Sin comes from all things. From the sugar in food, to the nicotine in lho, to the caffiene in recaf. he does not partake in any pleasure that one could find. Eating bland food, drinking water. His room is a mess, the comfortable consignments torn asunder and wrecked, sleeping on nothing...
  17. [19:32] <Brother_Ezekiah> 6a sheet. Those that use the room on either side of him, find that he rises very early and has a very loud morning prayer that is followed by 20 minutes of self-mortification. As for the lounge? He was doing his usual act, trying to convince Varian the inherent sin found in amasec and that to save his own soul, he must turn away from such unholy temptations and be redeemed!
  18. 06[19:35] * Petrus is off in his room cleaning his gear
  19. 06[19:35] * Varian partakes in all the pleasures as they are presented, especially making a libation or two for the God Emperor to keep Ezekiah from getting too worked up. From laying down on a soft couch covered with throw pillows he suddenly sits up straight as the warnings blare, "What the hell does that mean? That is not a shift change."
  20. 06[19:38] * Wolfe had been religiously studying the reports given to him by the inquisitor. He works out every angle and weighs both the strengths and the weaknesses of his new team. Deciding to rest his eyes for a bit, he enters his chambers and attempts to nap. The sounds come in just as he lays down... forcing him to grab for his datapad and come out from his chambers once more.
  21. 01[19:39] <@Staffen> In the halls you can hear the ship's intervox squeal. "Requesting fireteam, portside drive!" shouts a man through the channel.
  22. 01[19:40] <@Staffen> Moments later the vox opens up again: you can hear the signature crack of las-fire. "Shit! Multiple contacts!"
  23. [19:40] <Brother_Ezekiah> "I believe that they're talking about us! To arms!"
  24. 06[19:41] * Petrus comes out of his room and into the common area in his new armor and armed with his long las
  25. 01[19:42] <@Staffen> Next the vox comes on with the signature bridge-chime. "All hands prepare for emergency real-space shift," the Captain calls. "All individuals on decks 3-through-5 are to evacuate to the fore."
  26. 06[19:42] * Wolfe rushes back to grab for his side-arm and gear before rushing to find a member of his team to give him more information (and the protection he knows he'll need)
  27. 06[19:43] * Varian draws his autopistol, "Shouldn't we leave this to the voidsmen? They are trained for voidship combat. Oh shit, would you be so kind as to remind me which deck we are on Ezekiah?"
  28. 01[19:44] <@Staffen> Your quarters are on deck 5.
  29. [19:45] <Brother_Ezekiah> "Five. We need to evacuate, then." He has his gear. What little belongings he owns on him. Always on him. Never know when you must run and fight. "Let us go and gather those amongst us as we make our way to the fore!"
  30. 06[19:47] * Varian hurries off towards the door to find a hallway to take them to the fore of the voidship.
  31. 06[19:48] * Petrus follows Varian
  32. 06[19:49] * Wolfe tries to make his way to the fore as instructed... hoping to find someone along the way.
  33. 01[19:49] <@Staffen> As the captain promised, the ship shudders as it returns to the material world. All of you save for Ezekiah are able to keep your footing as you hurry along, though the Assassin is simply stopped by the quake beneath his feet.
  34. 01[19:49] <@Staffen> You can hear a loud clamor coming from the low ceiling of your deck, as though someone were pounding their hands against a sheet of metal.
  35. 01[19:50] <@Staffen> From above the ceiling panels you can hear a muffled yet distinctly unnatural shriek.
  36. 06[19:51] * Petrus readies his rifle "I've never gone hunting on a shit before."
  37. [19:51] <Petrus> ship*
  38. 06[19:51] * Brother_Ezekiah licks his teeth. This is his moment! This is the moment that he was waiting for! Some cause to earn a martyr's crown! His excitement is palatable to the rest, as he robe shakes with his movement. "There are villains to murder!"
  39. 01[19:53] <@Staffen> The ceiling suddenly bursts above Ezekiah and a blur of brown crashes into the assassin.
  40. 01[19:55] <@Staffen> The assassin manages to bring his blade up in time to knock aside the shrieking monstrosity.
  41. 01[19:55] <@Staffen> The thing that has just landed in the corridor is akin to a long-taloned bat with an abominable grotesque of a face. It radiates horror.
  42. 03[20:01] * Retrieving #eternalwar modes...
  43. 03[20:02] * Staffen changes topic to 'Init: Ezekiah, Petrus, Fury, Wolfe'
  44. 06[20:02] * Varian stares at the thing only long enough for his eyes to roll backwards and for his body to slump to the floor as Varian suddenly faints.
  45. [20:02] <Brother_Ezekiah> "BY FIRE BE BURNED!"
  46. 01[20:05] <@Staffen> As the Redemptionist sprays the daemon-thing with fire, the flames lick lash back and bring the assassin to a sweat.
  47. 01[20:05] <@Staffen> The screeching creature, however, seems wholly unaffected by the attack.
  48. 01[20:06] <@Staffen> The vox screeches again. "Watch your fire, dammit! That one's in the batteries!"
  49. 06[20:07] * Petrus fires pointblank at the creature
  50. 01[20:08] <@Staffen> The multi-eyed monster suddenly rolls over as Petrus shoots at it, dodging his shot.
  51. 01[20:09] <@Staffen> It swipes its long claw at Ezekiah.
  52. 06[20:17] * Wolfe takes aim at the vile creature and opens fire, hoping he won't hit the assassin in the process.
  53. [20:17] <Petrus> "If you hit either of us I'll kill you."
  54. 01[20:18] <@Staffen> The daemon is solidly struck with a round in its back.
  55. 06[20:18] * Brother_Ezekiah drops the flamer, with it's holy fuel expended for now, and the fires of DAMNATION doing nothing to the creature, it was time to bring something else out. Reaching for his shotgun, he would draw the pump action weapon out and fire it with one smooth action. "DIE! DIE! DIE!"
  56. 01[20:22] <@Staffen> Pellets pepper the thing's face and it howls in pain.
  57. 06[20:23] * Petrus fires another shot into the beast killing it
  58. 06[20:25] * Brother_Ezekiah will kick Varian awake. "Arise! The Emperor has graced your cowardly, sinful body the reprieve to be cowardly and sinful another day! For what reasons, I do not know, nore do I wish to!"
  59. 06[20:26] * Varian opens his eyes, slowly peeling himself off the decking, "What in the God-Emperor's name was that thing?"
  60. 06[20:26] * Brother_Ezekiah ponders the question briefly. "Dead?" He will offer.
  61. 01[20:27] <@Staffen> The abomination's corpse turns to ash, and the ash fades into nothingness.
  62. [20:28] <Varian> "We still need to head to the fore of the ship? We should keep moving."
  63. [20:29] <Brother_Ezekiah> "Ah ha! We have defeated a predator on man's soul!" He turns to Varian. "I blame your sinful ways on summoning such a monster! We shall see what punishment the Lady Inquisitor will find fitting!" He would reload his flamer and sheathe his sword. "So... who is with me!? We will exterminate this infestation on our way to meet up with the rest!"
  64. 01[20:31] <@Staffen> The ship trembles beneath your feat, but this time it is far worse. Varian is pushed into a wall as it feels as though the vessel has been hit by something.
  65. [20:32] <Petrus> "Uh-oh"
  66. 01[20:32] <@Staffen> Another siren wails and warning lights begin flashing along the halls.
  67. [20:32] <Varian> "Argh, what new damnation has been visited upon us now?"
  68. [20:32] <Petrus> "Are we under attack?"
  69. 01[20:32] <@Staffen> "Evacuate portside!" the Captain shouts over the vox. "Decompression on all decks to portside! Dammit, someone find out what happened down there!"
  70. [20:33] <Brother_Ezekiah> "We should continue onto the fore, and then regroup with any survivors!"
  71. 01[20:34] <@Staffen> As the ship trembles, a lanky man in the red robes of the Adeptus Mechanicus comes stumbling down the hallway. "Oh!" he shouts at the sight of you. "I say! You lot there! Assist me!"
  72. [20:35] <Brother_Ezekiah> "Hmmm... I will assist you, but I will have none of your heathen prayers stain my ears!"
  73. 06[20:36] * Varian pushes himself off the wall, nursing his left arm. "Forward and away from the portside sounds like a good idea.", seeing the adept of the Omnissiah and the others moving to assist him, Varian decides that having other warm bodies around to distract more abominations would be a good idea and follows Ezekiah.
  74. 06[20:36] * Petrus follows Varian
  75. 01[20:37] <@Staffen> The man rolls his head around as he pulls back his hood. "Please! I'm not here to take your faith. Neither of our life-callings will really matter if you aren't able to breath, no?"
  76. 03[20:37] * Petrus_ ( has joined #eternalwar
  77. 01[20:37] <@Staffen> The only apparent augmetic on the man's face is the red augmetic lense over one of his eyes.
  78. [20:37] <Brother_Ezekiah> "And that is why I have chosen to help."
  79. 01[20:39] <@Staffen> "Good!" the Tech-priest says. "Good good good good. Let us get moving," he says, brushing past you. "I don't need you to do any manual labor or anything as tedious as that, just protect me! I'd get that brute Moerchen to help but he's off on the other damned end of the ship..."
  80. 02[20:39] * Petrus ( Quit (Ping timeout)
  81. 03[20:40] * Petrus_ is now known as Petrus
  82. [20:40] <Brother_Ezekiah> "As I breathe, priest of iron, no harm shall come to you!"
  83. 01[20:41] <@Staffen> The Tech-priest lets out a single, loud laugh. "Splendid to know. But we must hurry!" He rushes down the hall. "We have to get to the enginarium before the power-draw from the auxiliary systems kills us all."
  84. 06[20:42] * Brother_Ezekiah would follow the tech-priest. Sword sheated on his side, flamer out... boots stoccatoing on the floor as he keeps up.
  85. 01[20:43] <@Staffen> As the man strides down the hallway to the deck's lift, he continues to speak, half-ranting along the way. "I told her we shouldn't have taken the risk. This contemptible transport has a HISTORY of field failures! We should have taken the Valkyrie"
  86. 06[20:44] * Varian nods along eager to learn more about the Inquisitor and her motivations he asks, "What was her reason for taking this transport then?"
  87. 01[20:46] <@Staffen> He stops before the lift doorway. "To avoid being noticed," he tells Varian as he begins tampering with the control panel. "Any suspicious parties would scatter like flies the instant a light cruiser armed like a Navy flagship comes jumping into a system. It was that, Freia's old warhound of a frigate, or this dingy transport Kith found for us."
  88. 01[20:47] <@Staffen> He tuts at the panel. "No. Not good. Not good at all."
  89. 02[20:47] * Wolfe ( Quit (Connection reset by peer)
  90. [20:47] <Brother_Ezekiah> "It seems she was using some modicum of stealth. OR! More obviously, she is a dirty sinner that meant for this sacred mission to fail!"
  91. 03[20:47] * Wolfe ( has joined #eternalwar
  92. 01[20:48] <@Staffen> "You would not be the first party to make such an accusation against my Lady," the Tech-priest deadpans as he opens up an access panel.
  93. [20:49] <Varian> "Well looks like we gained someone's attention. Survival must remain our goal for now."
  94. [20:50] <Petrus> "indeed"
  95. 01[20:50] <@Staffen> He places a few fingers against a connector port within the box. "No, this is just a gellar field failure. To my knowledge we are running free of sabotage."
  96. 01[20:50] <@Staffen> Electricity dances between his fingers and the connector. He gasps in pain and steps back.
  97. 01[20:50] <@Staffen> The panel lights up with power.
  98. 01[20:51] <@Staffen> The Tech-priest wheezes. "Goodness, it's been too long since I did that last. One of you, key in for deck two, please."
  99. 06[20:52] * Brother_Ezekiah has worked with technology before. Being born and raised on Bront, a hive world. An illiterate naive syncophantic apocalyptic jihadist cult member he maybe, but he knows how to work a tech-panel.
  100. 06[20:52] * Varian watches the techno sorcery with a not a little bit of suspicion.
  101. 01[20:54] <@Staffen> The light over the lift starts to flash numbers until it reaches "5". The doors slide open, then.
  102. [20:57] <Brother_Ezekiah> "Is it safe..."
  103. 01[20:57] <@Staffen> "Well," the Tech-priest says, clearing his throat. "No single aspect of void-travel is safe, honestly.
  104. [20:57] <Petrus> "You can go first, I'm sure your faith will shield you of anything bad in there."
  105. [20:58] <Brother_Ezekiah> "Agreed!" And he would step in first.
  106. 06[20:59] * Wolfe looks at Petrus with a perplexed look on his face... not quite getting over how easy that was.
  107. 06[21:00] * Varian heads into the elevator.
  108. [21:00] <Wolfe> "Right, then." He follows Varian in.
  109. [21:01] <Petrus> "Seems safe."
  110. 01[21:03] <@Staffen> As you step onto the lift, a high-pitched scream rings throughout the inside of the platform.
  111. [21:03] <Wolfe> "Of course..."
  112. 06[21:04] * Varian twitches his head left and right as he brings up his auotpistol ready to fire at anything that pops up.
  113. [21:04] <Brother_Ezekiah> "Another fiend for us to FIGHT!?"
  114. [21:05] <Varian> "BEHIND US!"
  115. 06[21:05] * Varian face is a visage of horror as he tries to spin around in place.
  116. 06[21:06] * Brother_Ezekiah would turn to face whatever was behind them, ready to unlease the FURY!
  117. 01[21:06] <@Staffen> Behind you, flat as paper against one side of the door partition is a naked, emaciated human figure with empty black eyesockets and an open mouth.
  118. 06[21:09] * Varian gulps down his fear, steadying his shaking arms as he prepares to fire.
  119. 03[21:14] * Staffen changes topic to 'Init: Petrus, Wolfe Despayre, Ezekiah, Varian'
  120. 03[21:14] * Staffen changes topic to 'Init: Petrus, Wolfe, Despayre, Ezekiah, Varian'
  121. 06[21:17] * Petrus fires a shot at the beast hitting it
  122. 03[21:17] * Staffen changes topic to 'Init: Petrus, Wolfe, Despayre, Ezekiah, Tech-priest, Varian'
  123. 01[21:26] <@Staffen> The thing howls at you, its mouth opening impossibly wide. It throws up its long limbs and lunges at Petrus.
  124. 01[21:31] <@Staffen> The creature grabs onto Petrus and tries to clamp down, but the marksman manages to push it off as it attempts to constrict him.
  125. 06[21:34] * Brother_Ezekiah knows what happened the last time he fought such a monster, shouldering away his flamer only to bring out his shotgun. "Petrus! I shall save you!"
  126. 01[21:37] <@Staffen> The Tech-priest throws up his arms and throws a hammering punch at the abomination
  127. 01[21:38] <@Staffen> He slips in the confined space and misses, clearly not being used to fighting.
  128. 06[21:41] * Varian drops the autopistol which clatters on the ground and draws the sinister looking malfian blade from his hip. He slices at the horror holding onto Petrus but fails to make any real noticeable impact.
  129. 01[21:46] <@Staffen> "I KNEW I should have ran back for my pistol!" the Tech-priest shouts.
  130. 01[21:48] <@Staffen> The thing shrieks, and witch-fire blinks into its empty eyes.
  131. 01[21:48] <@Staffen> Then it disappears completely.
  132. 01[21:49] <@Staffen> The Tech-priest pats down his robes.
  133. 01[21:49] <@Staffen> "Well," he says. "Let's just get a move on." He presses a key on the lift's panel and you begin to move downwards.
  134. 06[21:49] * Varian snatches up his autopistol and sheaths his blade, "Another creature dead. We must keep moving."
  135. [21:50] <Brother_Ezekiah> "That was... quite unholy." He nodded gravely. "I can only imagine how the rest of the ship is doing."
  136. 01[21:52] <@Staffen> The lift stops half a minute later as you come to the second deck. The lift's doors open. The exterior doors only open slightly before dying. A bright white light in the hall outside flickers through the crack.
  137. 06[21:52] * Wolfe loads his last few rounds into his pistol.
  138. 06[21:52] * Petrus checks his las power pack
  139. 06[21:53] * Brother_Ezekiah is not amused by the doors dying suddenly. Luckily, they have a tech-priest with them.
  140. 01[21:54] <@Staffen> The Tech-priest grumbles impatiently. "As expected, power is drained down here. Power coupling must have taken a severe damage, looks like a short at least. Not good. Not good at all."
  141. 01[21:55] <@Staffen> He steps up to the doors and places his hands into the crack. "Alright, get ready to scurry through."
  142. 06[21:55] * Varian groans inwardly, moving towards the door and getting ready to dash through.
  143. 01[21:56] <@Staffen> He grunts. "Confounded... could one of you assist me?"
  144. 06[21:56] * Varian gingerly moves his fingers into the crack and grabs a hold.
  145. 06[21:56] * Brother_Ezekiah would assit the tech priest, puting his back into it.
  146. 01[21:58] <@Staffen> With the two of you assisting, the doors begin to part until the Tech-priest has them open fully.
  147. 01[21:59] <@Staffen> "Thank you for that." The red-robed man steps into the corridor beyond, frowning at the light. "Okay... breach was to port, so we'll avoid that route..."
  148. 06[22:01] * Wolfe follows the tech-priest out
  149. 06[22:01] * Varian follows, away from the danger area.
  150. 06[22:03] * Petrus follows behind the group
  151. 01[22:03] <@Staffen> "Contemptible design, this vessel," the Tech-priest tells you as he hurries down one pathway. "The way it was wired power from the drives has to pass through the battery units first before it can be sent throughout the ship. However, from my observations one of the battery units managed to survive the detonation... partly. It's currently bleeding power, hence the situation."
  152. 01[22:05] <@Staffen> After a few minutes of walking silently, the Tech-priest stops by a door labelled "COLD STORAGE".
  153. 01[22:06] <@Staffen> He hums disapprovingly. "That's where he's stored at. At least I didn't set up the cold units on the portside. Or maybe not so good." He continues along. "There are some fates worse than death."
  154. 06[22:07] * Varian thinks about the statement before his curiosity gets the better of him, "Who is on ice back there?"
  155. [22:07] <Brother_Ezekiah> "I'm sure we do not wish to know."
  156. 01[22:08] <@Staffen> The Tech-priest sighs as though lost in reminiscence. "An old friend. An old friend who deserved better than what became of him."
  157. [22:08] <Brother_Ezekiah> "Noted."
  158. 01[22:09] <@Staffen> Not long after, you pass by a heavy-looking door on your right.
  159. 01[22:09] <@Staffen> A guttural roar comes from the other side. The metal of the door dents outwards as you hear a pounding coming from the other end. The Tech-priest stops and stares at it.
  160. [22:10] <Brother_Ezekiah> "I'm guessing that it won't be friendly."
  161. [22:10] <Petrus> "Something in there sounds friendly"
  162. [22:11] <Wolfe> "Curiously opposed notions of friendliness."
  163. 01[22:11] <@Staffen> The pounding stops after a while. The roars begin to recede.
  164. 01[22:11] <@Staffen> "That is not good," the Tech-priest says. "That hall can run adjacent to the plasma drive access. We must hurry."
  165. [22:12] <Brother_Ezekiah> "Then hurry we shall!"
  166. 01[22:12] <@Staffen> A few minutes later, the Tech-priest stops before a tall door labled in binary.
  167. [22:13] <Petrus> "What's it say?"
  168. 01[22:13] <@Staffen> "'Drive Core'. This is it," the tech-adept says, opening up a control panel beside the door. "Oh, this'll hurt..."
  169. 06[22:13] * Varian cringes, waiting for electrical sparks to fly once more.
  170. 01[22:14] <@Staffen> The Tech-priest grunts as electricity dances from his fingers, but seems otherwise unaffected. The door powers up and opens. "I was expecting worse. Good news is, someone had the sense to shut off most systems in this area to conserve power. Had they only been competent enough to cut the feed to the portside..."
  171. 01[22:16] <@Staffen> Beyond the doors is a walkway suspended in the midst of a vast hall. Beneath your feet is rows and rows of boxes which shine bright blue light upon you. Thick tubing runs along the containers and down further to vast cylinders at the other end.
  172. 01[22:17] <@Staffen> "I was always preferential to the much showier fusion-combustion models," the Tech-priest says, walking along the walkway. To your right is an adjacent path that eventually joins with yours. "But these plasma-burners operate sufficiently."
  173. [22:19] <Brother_Ezekiah> "So what must be done?"
  174. 01[22:21] <@Staffen> The Tech-priest rushes forwards to a larger platform towards the middle of the room. "I just need to access the prime dominion unit here and redirect power-flow to exclude the portside. The starboard units can compensate until we limp back to Scintilla, at which point we will be able to swap out for the Valkyrie and its safe grammatically-warded hull while you gentlemen do you work."
  175. [22:22] <Brother_Ezekiah> "Swell."
  176. [22:23] <Petrus> "Alright."
  177. 06[22:23] * Varian stands nearby, slowly moving his head left and right to scan for enemies. Somewhat paranoid due to recent events.
  178. 01[22:23] <@Staffen> "Indeed." The Tech-adept pulls back the right sleeve of his robe. He flicks back his wrist and his hand flips back, revealing an opening in his arm. A thin cable snakes out of his forearm and he slides it into an inductor at the control station while he begins to type commands with his other hand.
  179. 01[22:24] <@Staffen> You hear a familiar roar...
  180. 01[22:25] <@Staffen> "Oh no," the Tech-priest says, hurrying with his work. "Not now!"
  181. 06[22:25] * Petrus readies his long las
  182. 01[22:27] <@Staffen> A flat-toned voice announces throughout the core room, "Request levelled to disconnect power to portside battery units. Acknowledging authorization..."
  183. 02[22:28] * Wolfe ( Quit (Connection reset by peer)
  184. 03[22:28] * Wolfe ( has joined #eternalwar
  185. 06[22:29] * Brother_Ezekiah still has his shotgun ready. "So the monster is... on it's way?"
  186. 01[22:29] <@Staffen> The door adjacent to the one you came in through suddenly snaps through the middle horizontally, leaving rent metal jaggedly pointing into the drive core. "Authorization acknowledged: Magos Maddox Lamortes. Power disconnected to portside battery units..."
  187. 06[22:30] * Varian raises his autopistol to cover the doorway.
  188. 01[22:30] <@Staffen> The Tech-priest quickly disconnects himself from the cogitator and turns to rush back to you.
  189. 01[22:31] <@Staffen> Through the wrecked doorway steps a tall, red-skinned thing with flaming bright eyes. Its elongated skull is crested with long, black horns. Between wicked-sharp teeth slithers a long tongue. Fresh blood drips from between the knuckles of its fists.
  190. 03[22:34] * Staffen changes topic to 'Init: Lamortes, Varian, Petrus, BBEG, Ezekiah, Wolfe'
  191. 01[22:35] <@Staffen> "Hey!" the Tech-priest shouts at the daemon as he rushes towards it. "Fight Me! Fight ME!"
  192. 01[22:35] <@Staffen> He points to you all. "Run! Go wake my friend up! You have to hurry!"
  193. 01[22:35] <@Staffen> The Magos rushes the daemon.
  194. [22:35] <Petrus> "The one in cold storage?"
  195. [22:36] <Brother_Ezekiah> "The very one! Let us make haste!"
  196. 01[22:37] <@Staffen> The Tech-Priest throws his fists at the daemon, but the thing flicks his arm aside effortlessly.
  197. 01[22:37] <@Staffen> "JUST RUN!" the Tech-priest says. "Don't worry about me, I've seen worse!"
  198. 06[22:38] * Wolfe doesn't think over it twice, and makes haste.
  199. 06[22:38] * Petrus starts to head back to cold storage
  200. 06[22:39] * Varian bolts after the others.
  201. [22:40] <Petrus> ++Lady Inquisitor there is something down here attacking the magos.++
  202. 01[22:40] <@Staffen> The reply comes through in static. ++Magos? You mean Max?!++
  203. 01[22:41] <@Staffen> The daemon twists its torso, gripping the Tech-priest by his chest and a leg. It holds him over it, and begins to pull. The Tech-priest cries out in pain...
  204. 01[22:41] <@Staffen> Then the daemon rips him fully in two.
  205. [22:41] <Petrus> ++Yes++
  206. [22:42] <Brother_Ezekiah> "We should hurry!"
  207. 06[22:42] * Petrus chases after Ezekiah
  208. 01[22:42] <@Staffen> It tosses his torso aside, letting it roll across the platform, and glares off your way.
  209. 06[22:42] * Varian turns and begins to pump out heavy rounds from his autopistol while shouting, "I'll try to slow it down, keep going!"
  210. 01[22:44] <@Staffen> The creature drops to its knees, trying to avoid the scum's gunfire.
  211. 06[22:44] * Brother_Ezekiah is surprised that work. "Can someone open that damn door?"
  212. 01[22:45] <@Staffen> ++Max?++ the Lady Inquisitor snaps over the comm-bead. ++What's happened to Max? Why didn't he call me himself?!++
  213. 03[22:45] * Petrus_ ( has joined #eternalwar
  214. 06[22:45] * Brother_Ezekiah has a microbead. ++He was facing a warp-spawned monster!++
  215. 06[22:45] * Varian thumbs his microbead ++He's dead Inquisitor++, the heavy bark of his autopistol echoing through the mic to the Inquisitor's ears.
  216. 01[22:47] <@Staffen> ++No!++ the Lady cries. ++Grox shit!++
  217. 01[22:48] <@Staffen> The daemon howls hatefully at you.
  218. 02[22:48] * Petrus ( Quit (Ping timeout)
  219. 03[22:48] * Petrus_ is now known as Petrus
  220. 06[22:48] * Petrus gets the door open with his multikey
  221. [22:49] <Brother_Ezekiah> "What do we do when the door opens? How do we get the... whatever it is to not kill us?"
  222. 01[22:49] <@Staffen> "Ego finem te," the monster roars at Varian, "parvis mortale!"
  223. [22:50] <Varian> "Go Zek yourself!" Varian shouts back.
  224. 06[22:51] * Varian punctuates his response with another burst of firepower.
  225. 01[22:52] <@Staffen> The door opens, exposing you to a frightening chill. In one corner of the room is the coffin from the assignment on guytoga, but it is empty. However, a tall tube stands in a cradle in the wall, with a frosted-over glass panel on the front.
  226. 01[22:52] <@Staffen> You hear Moerchen and the Inquisitor shouting over the vox.
  227. 01[22:53] <@Staffen> ++My Lady, please--++
  228. [22:53] <Brother_Ezekiah> "Oh, what damnable hell is this! A box in a box!?"
  229. 01[22:53] <@Staffen> ++This is MAX we're talking about, Moerchen! I have to go!++
  230. [22:54] <Petrus> "We need to open that tube!"
  231. [22:56] <Brother_Ezekiah> "You get to opening it!"
  232. 01[22:57] <@Staffen> "Tua tela vacuo iam prope mortales." The daemon calls as it is pelted with rounds. "Quid tum?"
  233. 06[22:57] * Wolfe searches for the tube's command panel. He disengages the cold-vault's cooling unit, while using the "emergency release function"
  234. 01[22:59] <@Staffen> Pressurized air vents from beneath the cold-vault's lid as the top slowly slides open. Cold air pours down over you all.
  235. 06[23:00] * Varian reloads his autopistol, the spent magazine falls to the floor before a new one is slammed into place and he draws the Malfian blade, shouting "Moriar confodere te in oculus monstrum!"
  236. 01[23:01] <@Staffen> The daemon responds, standing up as Varian reloads.
  237. 06[23:01] * Varian shouts down the hall as he backs up, "I would love one of your prayers right now priest."
  238. [23:02] <Brother_Ezekiah> "Now you ask for the holy?"
  239. 06[23:03] * Varian shouts back as the massive beast readies itself to charge, "YES, NOW I ASK FOR THE HOLY!"
  240. [23:03] <Brother_Ezekiah> "The only thing I can say, is that the God-Emperor helps them that helps themselves! And you seemed to be doing a good job helping yourself!"
  241. 01[23:04] <@Staffen> Inside the vault is a man, dressed in a ragged flak greatcoat. He wears a black bowl-helmet over his head. His face is covered by a metal skull-shaped grotesque. Beneath the upper jaw of the mask protrudes a cylinder which joins with an air tube along to his back. Cables cover his torso.
  242. [23:05] <Brother_Ezekiah> "But I will say this much, if we die, we dine with the Emperor!"
  243. [23:05] <Varian> "I would rather postpone that dinner date if I could priest!"
  244. 01[23:05] <@Staffen> You hear the soft hiss of an injector. The man raises a shaky blade-tined hand out over the lip of its cradle, and pushes itself upright.
  245. [23:06] <Brother_Ezekiah> "Sorry to say, but I'm not a preist!"
  246. 01[23:06] <@Staffen> The daemon barrels along at Varian, but the scum narrowly slides out of the way, letting the thing collide with the guide-rail. It pushes itself off, and spins back around.
  247. 03[23:08] * Staffen changes topic to 'Init: Lamortes, Varian, Petrus, BBEG, Deathless, Ezekiah, Wolfe'
  248. 01[23:09] <@Staffen> The man stumbles out of the cold-vault on brace-supported legs, dicing the blades of its left hand. It draws a plasma pistol from its right hip.
  249. 06[23:11] * Varian pulls on the trigger once more, the heavy rounds thumping into the decking around the beast as the scum sprays at the beast once more.
  250. 01[23:11] <@Staffen> The ragged man's awkward limp quickly turns into a sprint and he rushes down the hall.
  251. 01[23:11] <@Staffen> The rounds bounce uselessly off the daemon as it side-steps gunfire and begins to slowly walk towards Varian.
  252. 01[23:12] <@Staffen> "Et nunc, occidam te."
  253. 02[23:12] * Wolfe ( Quit (Quit: ChatZilla [Firefox 3.6.28/20120306064154])
  254. [23:13] <Varian> As his doom approaches Varian shouts back "ZEK YOU!"
  255. 01[23:13] <@Staffen> The daemon lunges out at Varian as it did Lamortes, but cannot seem to grab the scum.
  256. 06[23:17] * Petrus brings up his rifle and squeezes off a shot at the monster
  257. 01[23:18] <@Staffen> The daemon is winded by the blow from Petrus's rifle. It spins with the impact, leaving it unaware as the man from the cold-vault charges straight into it.
  258. 01[23:20] <@Staffen> The man knocks the daemon over completely, and begins to whale against it with his fists. It blocks several of his smacks, but the man still manages to carve into its chest with his blade-tines.
  259. 01[23:21] <@Staffen> The thing emits a high-pitched screech as it catches fire and burns into nothingness.
  260. 06[23:23] * Varian lowers his gun to not provoke his savior remarking, "Nice job," he sheathes his blade before thinking, "The techpriest!" and he rushes out to try and find the upper body he was flailing about earlier.
  261. 01[23:23] <@Staffen> With no victim left, the man stands up, letting his unused plasma pistol drop to the floor with a clatter. He slowly follows Varian over to the Magos's body.
  262. 01[23:24] <@Staffen> Magos Lamortes props his body upright and smiles up at Varian as the scum approaches. "That," he wheezes, "that was some excellent shooting on your part, boy."
  263. [23:25] <Brother_Ezekiah> "... sweet Emperor. He still lives!"
  264. 03[23:25] * Petrus_ ( has joined #eternalwar
  265. 06[23:26] * Varian seeing the black blood and trying to remember the first aid skill he had been taught replies, "Shit, hold on. How do I... fix you?"
  266. 01[23:26] <@Staffen> Black fluids leak from beneath the ragged tatters of the Tech-priest's robes. You can see metal cabling sticking out where there ought to be guts strewn from his body. "That's a task for my colleagues and myself. But as you can see, being segmented from my legs is only something of a tedious affair for me..."
  267. 01[23:26] <@Staffen> The Magos trails off as the man from the cold-vault looms over him.
  268. 02[23:27] * Petrus ( Quit (Ping timeout)
  269. 03[23:27] * Petrus_ is now known as Petrus
  270. 01[23:27] <@Staffen> The man is silent. The only sound he produces is the hiss of artificial breath.
  271. 06[23:28] * Varian touches his microbead, ++I don't know what tech sorcery kept him going but your friend is alive Inquisitor and the beast is dead.++
  272. 01[23:29] <@Staffen> ++I'm almost there!++ you hear the Inquisitor say.
  273. 02[23:30] * Varian ( Quit (Connection reset by peer)
  274. 01[23:31] <@Staffen> Sure enough, minutes later the Lady Inquisitor appears with the enormous Moerchen in-tow. She is, surprisingly, decked out in a suit of armor that makes her half a foot taller. "Max?" she calls out as she presses through the doorway.
  275. Session Close: Sat May 19 23:32:16 2012
  277. Session Start: Sat May 19 23:32:16 2012
  278. Session Ident: #eternalwar
  279. 02[23:32] * Disconnected
  280. 02[23:32] * Attempting to rejoin channel #eternalwar
  281. 03[23:32] * Rejoined channel #eternalwar
  282. 03[23:32] * Topic is 'Init: Lamortes, Varian, Petrus, BBEG, Deathless, Ezekiah, Wolfe'
  283. 03[23:32] * Set by Staffen on Sat May 19 23:08:02
  284. [23:32] <Brother_Ezekiah> ++What are we to do? Do we continue to the fore of the ship or do you wish for us to remain here?++
  285. 01[23:32] <Staffen_> Sure enough, minutes later the Lady Inquisitor appears with the enormous Moerchen in-tow. She is, surprisingly, decked out in a suit of armor that makes her half a foot taller. "Max?" she calls out as she presses through the doorway.
  286. 06[23:33] * Varian returns the autopistol to his shoulder rig and turns around, "He's here my Lady."
  287. 01[23:33] <Staffen_> The Inquisitor and Moerchen start to rush forward -- but stop where they are when they see the man standing over the Magos's body.
  288. 02[23:33] * @Staffen ( Quit (Ping timeout)
  289. 03[23:34] * Staffen_ is now known as Staffen
  290. 01[23:34] <Staffen> The man slowly turns to look at them, and an uncomofortable silence once again sets in. The Lady looks away shamefully.
  291. 01[23:35] <Staffen> Lamortes laps at his lips. "We need to start taking stock. That bloodletter likely did some serious damage to this deck beyond the doors. Not to mention I suspect the enginarium has lost a significant quantity of its crew-complement."
  292. [23:38] <Brother_Ezekiah> "Inquisitor. This has been one of the worst trips I have been on." He'd smile, licking his teeth. "But I relish the chance to have killed actual daemons, and thank you for that, a chance to bring judgement upon the enemy beyond was exhilirating."
  293. 03[23:38] * Petrus_ ( has joined #eternalwar
  294. 01[23:39] <Staffen> The man from the cold-vault brushes past you all, and steps by the Inquisitor and Moerchen.
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