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Pure Marae route intro

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Mar 13th, 2018
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  1. ((Coded bits are in []. Results from scenes in {} ))
  2. [After shutting down the factory, if player corruption is below 30, and if Lethice is not defeated].
  3. {From start: Lust - 15. Corruption -2.}
  4. You row slower than usual across the lake. The sun's reflection is as serene as it's ever been. The air is rich, the richest it has ever been. Although low down, the sky is bright blue. This is...uplifting. Cognisant, you take a deep breath, expecting the stench of the demon haze that has haunted Mareth. There is none. More than ever, the land feels at peace.
  5. As you near a familiar shore, you see why. The goddess Marae's island is before you.
  7. Curious, you disembark, and the air grows clearer still. The grass and soil underneath are more vibrant than you remember.
  8. "[player name]? A pleasant surprise to have your acquaintance. Welcome back. Please, rest."
  10. You sit down on crossed legs and take a moment to unwind. You tell Marae about many of your adventures since, from triumphs to setbacks.
  12. "Truly you are a courageous mortal. To have survived against such hardships is no small feat, champion. Each day you survive is a step toward restoring peace to this land." Marae's praise rings bittersweet. "The factory's demise has been good to me. My senses have cleared somewhat. But, I confess, I am still far from my full strength. The corruption in the surrounding lands is stubborn: it will take me many years to undo, even when it is not resisting. But, what's worse..."
  13. She looks down to herself.
  14. "The corruption in this lake bars me still."
  15. In concern you nearly rise to your feet, but Marae holds up a reassuring hand. "At ease: it is contained. This malcontrived lust is something I can overcome, but the more I connect to the lake, the more of it I feel. Purging that requires caution, and patience. It limits my power, regrettably." She sighs. "I'm afraid I must rely on you to do my work for now. But, if you wish to revisit me, you will be welcome."
  16. [Leave] [Ask to help]
  18. [Leave]
  20. Regretfully you nod and make to leave. Mareth's need for you is great, and you bear that thought as you row back across the cleaner waters. You can't shake the feeling that something more can be done for Marae.
  22. [Ask to help]
  24. Surely there must be something that can be done for Marae.
  26. "Demon lust can be overcome, but even among the divine, meditation is the best answer."
  28. All lust, demon-crafted or not, can be released. If the current concentration is too much, why not just let it out? If need be, you can offer her release now.
  30. "No. Your intentions are noble, I know, but if I am to remain pure of mind, I cannot fornicate like that. The air in the land is still too strong for me to do it without risk. It is not like for mortals; for me, the risk is too great..."
  32. You don't understand, so you push further. How can sex be bad?
  34. "No, of course not, that itself is another kind of evil. But nature is not as the demons paint it. Chasing lust to relieve lust is not something I can do."
  36. "But," the goddess confessed, "there may be one way. The way I taught the first mortals of this land, when they came to me for help eons ago. Druidism. The purest form of communication with the earth. It was an honoured tradition, that men in the mountains carried even into recent times. But they are all extinct now; the demons made sure to target them ruthlessly among the first.
  38. "You are not a full druid, but perhaps you can learn these rituals well enough, enough to purge what taint is within me now. I will need time to think about it; return another day, and I will have made up my mind.
  39. "It has been a long time since any mortal reached these shores, so I ruled them out. But, [playername], you have given me hope before. Perhaps I should hope in you again."
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