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  2. Birthday lines (Forgive my shitty Japanese)
  4. 5*
  5. Kintoki: Aah? It's your birthday? That's something to celebrate! Lets go out and eat some meat or something! It's my treat.
  6. Gilgamesh: It's your birthday? Hmph, I don't care.
  7. Jeanne: Master! Apparently it's your birthday. Here are some flowers!
  8. Saber: Happy birthday, Master. May it be a good day.
  9. Tamamo: Master's birthday?! So that also existed!!
  10. Artemis: Ara, Master's birthday? Congratulations!!
  11. Vlad: Hm. Carving the day you were born in your heart. How very human.
  12. Waver: Birthday? It's just another day, right? It's not something to fuss over.
  13. Attila: Master!, um...
  16. 4*
  17. Alter: It's your birthday? Good for you.
  18. Halloween Bathory: Happy Birthday! You've further approached adulthood, so do you want today to be a bit more intense?
  19. Bathory: E-eh, no way, it was your birthday? It can't be hlped, I'll sing one song especially for you!
  20. Lancelot: Biiiiirth....daaaaay.
  21. Atalanta: It's the day you were born, right? Many thanks to the the gods in heaven.
  22. Nero: It's your birthday, that is something to be celebrated. Um? Aren't you going to hold a national festival?
  23. Stheno: Congratulations, to the fact you were born. Yes, that is something to be greatly happy about. Ufufu...
  24. Siegfried: So today was the day you were born.. Many blessings.
  25. Saber Lily: Oh, its your birthday! Then it's a party! I'll bake a pie for you! Ahh, but I'm not very good at it, so please don't expect too much...
  26. Marie: Ara ara, isn't today your birthday? Congratulations!!
  27. Martha: Blessings upon birth. The fact that you are alive is in itself, bliss.
  28. Tamamo Cat: Birthday...That's a tasty sounding name.
  29. EMIYA: Happy birthday, Master. I guess I can't shame myself today.
  30. Carmilla: So today was the day you were born...Well, that does not matter to me.
  31. Heralces: [Small smile and happy-ish rumbling] (not sure)
  32. Chevalier: Happy birthday. The fact that you were born, that I was able to meet you, makes me very happy.
  35. 3*
  36. Mashu: Happy Birthday! Such a great thing, shouldn't it be established as a national holiday?
  37. Medea: Ara, it's your birthday? It'll be nice if something good happens.
  38. Proto-Cu: Congrats, today was your birthday, right?
  39. Romulus: Your birth, that too, stems from Roma.
  40. Saber Gilles: Oya, so it was Master's birthday! Congratulations.
  41. Boudica: Congratulations, today was your birthday, right? Shall I make something for you?
  42. Shota-Alex: Happy birthday! The party should be held in a grand manner.
  43. Caesar: Ho, so today was the day you were born.
  44. Caster Gilles: Blessings to the opening of the play that is you. Then, shall this story be a comedy, or a tragedy..
  45. Jin Kei: So today is your birthday. Many blessings. I wonder if there will be candy.
  46. Kiyohime: So today is your birthday..Ehe...That is something to be celebrated.
  47. Mephisto: Master, happy birthday. Do you want a clock?
  48. Darius: [Low rumbling] (not sure)
  49. Medusa: So today is Master's birthday. May it be a nice day.
  50. Ushiwakamaru: Happy birthday. Getting older is a good thing.
  51. Cu Chulainn: It's your birthday? What, say that earlier! Shall I go and hunt you a boar?
  52. Robin Hood: Happy birthday. I don't have a present, but please bear with this smile. (first part is said in eng)
  53. Lu Bu: [Approving grunt] (not sure)
  54. Caster Cu: Ah, it was your birthday today, right? Congrats.
  57. 2*
  58. Leonidas: Master! Today was the day you were born. Congratulations.
  59. Phantom: The time a beautiful voice arises, the time of beginning. The beginning of beauty. (not sure)
  60. Blackbeard: It's your birthday, master! So sit there, and listen to my embarassing stories! (something i can't understand added here)
  61. Shakespeare: Oya Master, isn't today your birthday! It may be sudden, but let me give you a poem!
  62. Benkei: Oo, so today was the day Master was born. It surely is a day to celebrate.
  63. Hans Anderson: Happy birthday~ now at least treat me to some alcohol.
  64. True Assassin: Birthday? You remember the day you were born..?
  65. Eric: [weird laughing] (not sure)
  66. Saint George: So today was the day you were born. May today be a good day.
  67. Sanson: Like the day one dies, the day you were born is also important. Congratulations.
  68. Caligula: I...happy. Your..birthday...fate...
  71. 1*
  72. Mozart: Congratulations! Today was the day the melody known as you was born. Okay, lets go buy some sheets of music!
  73. Arash: So today was the day you were born. That's something to congratulate. Will you be holding a party.
  74. Mata Hari: Happy birthday! Can you drink alcohol?
  75. Kojiro: So today was Master's day of birth. I hope you have a good day.
  76. Spartacus: You are blessed to be celebrating your day of birth, Master.
  77. Asterios: Coon...graatu..lationss...
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