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Kaoru MGS 2020 additions

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Sep 8th, 2020
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  1. 1.) When Natsuki asks Kaoru about her wish:
  2. "Ah, that... / Well, it'd be no fun if I wished for that."
  3. --> "Nah, never even considered it. / Working hard to better yourself is what's fun about sports, y'know?"
  6. 2.) When Kaoru tells Natsuki about her strengths:
  7. "I believe that building a strong team is super important."
  8. --> "I know how important it is to build a strong team... and how hard it can be."
  11. 3.) When finding Umika:
  12. Umika (offscreen): The trace is gone...
  13. Kaoru: That voice!
  14. Umika: Hm?
  15. Umika: K-Kaoru!
  16. Kaoru: Umikaaa!
  18. --> Umika (offscreen): Yes... I recognize that magic just now. I'm very familiar with it...
  19. Kaoru: Huh...?! That voice!
  20. Umika: .......
  21. Kaoru: Ah, Umika!
  22. Umika: Looks like I finally found you, Kaoru.
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