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To F. Brennan

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Aug 7th, 2019
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  1. Dear Hotwheels,
  2. If you can see this, it's either random chance or eightchins being outright striken from the clearnet. On the latter, wouldn't you say it was inevitable? You made the website under the guise of a bastion of free speech. In the process of making it what it was-- all those recent years ago-- you had to have realized the flaws. If freedom was the aim, then you must have realized the price. You had to take the good, the bad, and the ugly.
  3. And so you did. For a while at least. Eightchan was like your screwup kid. Even if it was for a petty reason, we owed you the existence of eightchan. It was nice to have someone with a clear head at the helm of things. We could speak freely and have a good time. Self-policing was something we could do just fine so long as there was someone around to at least steer us ahead.
  4. But you decided to step back, so to speak. Instead of trying to police a bunch of manchildren all day you decided to do the thing best for yourself and get on with your life. We could do well on our own, for a while at least. If the original leader just chimes in every so often we could keep on.
  5. Then you abandoned us when we needed you the most.
  6. Yes, you felt sorry for making eightchan. You wanted to be done with it so that you could move on with your life, but instead of doing the right thing and standing up for your ideals-- on a forum where your ideals may be heard by everyone openly, that you yourself created-- you sat back and allowed it to fester. Instead of being a leader and stepping in where your input was needed most, you decided to be an observer so your screwup kid could go and take on the responsibility of murder without so much as a hint of guilt on yourself.
  7. Now you take on the identity of previous owner of eightchan. All I ask is that you realize what this title entails. Eightchan was something you made, and you had a part in. If you had the courage to stand up and say your piece in the very same place meant for people to do just that, it would not have degenerated into what it is.
  9. I hope the irony isn't lost on you.
  10. Love,
  11. Some jackass from 8v.
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