Village Mascot vs Ambition: Transitions out of Neutral

Jun 8th, 2015
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  1. Village Mascot vs Ambition
  2. 5-29
  3. Transitions out of Neutral
  5. Why I Got Hit/How I Land Hits (transitions out of pure neutral)
  6. 0:20 fail a fair, shield and try to WD OOS mindlessly. note: at that range if he lasers at that height i should be able to get under with dash attack. i can also stay there and hold shield, or crouch + wd back (only on his backwards movement)…i was 1/3rd of the screen away and i’m at low percent, so i guess i’m afraid of yolo dair? that can be sniped out by backflip fair tho
  7. 0:25 i get shined for letting go of my shield when i land? yikes. i actually could have cross over rolled here, or continued shielding…wanting to land on the ground is okay but need to be more careful. also i could’ve just gone to side or stayed on top (?)
  8. 0:30 try to disrespectfully fair him? yeah i think that the backwards movement will make him come forwards (which is correct) but his dair is fast and my fair doesn’t reach
  9. 0:32 flustered, mashing
  10. 0:37 flub ledgedash
  11. 0:45 bad uair. instead SH uair or hold middle, his lasers won’t do much from here
  12. 0:47 misjudged situation, mashed grab cuz i thought he’d stay on ground/forced to be on ground but he had enough space
  13. 0:49 lol
  14. 0:50 mess up recovery
  15. frame skip
  16. 0:57 punish him for being too aggressive coming down
  17. 0:59 mess up grabbing stand tech
  18. 1:01 slow reactions
  19. 1:07 get tagged out of a misspaced/bad fair
  20. mess up ledgedash =(
  21. 1:17 grab his mess up
  22. 1:26 i get stuck in the middle because i wavedashed back in response to him moving forward. if i see him do that i should actually just run through lol, or shield + nair OOS to punish
  23. frame skip but i get a dash attack?
  24. 1:34 bad uair AGAIN, chains into utilt
  25. 1:35 caught unawares, didn’t expect the combo to end there
  26. 1:36 fair him because i notice that he missed his follow up
  27. frame skip
  28. 1:42 fair from too far away so he gets time to get back and laser. i think if i delayed fair by a tiny bit here i could’ve traded or got him!
  29. 1:44 late reaction to the cross over so i get tagged by laser out of my roll
  30. 1:52 FH and get hit by laser
  31. 1:55 mash shieldgrab lol
  32. 1:58 nair him for being too close
  33. 2:05 get hit by laser on the way down. shield the nair though
  34. 2:12 get under his laser from the top plat
  35. 2:14 tagged by side b
  36. 2:17 he runs through me, i try to ftilt him for some reason and then he shoots a laser at me and i get hit lmao
  37. 2:18 i WD forward trying to get his approach and i get tagged by shine
  38. 2:22 nair OOS for bad pressure
  39. frame skip
  40. 2:29 get him with a bair as i get out of the corner
  41. 2:31 overzealous and get hit by side b, leads to laser reset -> double dair
  42. 2:40 get hit by a shine as i try to hit him with a falling aerial
  43. 2:44 get him with a bair as i’m coming down, he didn’t respect? stray hit, really
  44. frame skip
  45. 2:52 get tagged with util as i’m falling with aerial
  46. 2:55 bad OOS input? get hit by utilt -> bair
  47. 3:03 get his regular stand cuz i react
  48. frame skip
  49. think i get hit with another thing on landing
  50. 3:15 yep get hit by another thing while i’m landing with an aerial rofl
  51. 3:19 reads ledgedash
  53. 3:33 get tagged by a laser as i’m wavedashing backwards lol
  54. 3:38 punish his whiffed aerial with ftilt, but it’s at a lower percent and he’s close so i’m afraid of shine and…shield? eh not terrible, i get a grab out of it. but in these situations i should be prepared to roll!
  55. frame skip…oh my lol
  56. 3:49 get clipped out of bair, but land sooner than he does and get an ftilt to push him out
  57. 3:51 get daired OOS for a poorly executed fair (too high), but he doesn’t l cancel and i grab him
  58. 3:57 he shoots a laser to scout me coming down, i mess up the wavedash i wanted to do out of it and get smacked with nair
  59. 4:00 subperfect ledgedash ftilt lol
  60. 4:02 messed up wavedash and got caught in a bad spot so utilt
  61. 4:05 got punished for teching in after he missed utilt bair
  62. frame skip
  63. 4:08 jab him out of his landing instead of going for grab, he blocks the following ftilt. i try to go in cuz i think he’s gonna continue blocking, but he smacks me w bair
  64. 4:11 punishes ftilting the back of his shield with bair
  65. frame skip, dsmash him off
  66. 4:30 whiff punishes my nair with dair. combos me with shine
  67. 4:36 punish his landing frames with dash attack
  68. frame skip, get hit by a shine somehow
  69. 4:47 punish him for jabbing my shield
  70. 4:50 dtilts me for trying to grab him…? i think i landed later than him lol
  71. 4:53 ledgedash ftilt his laser, he spotdodges correctly anticipating my grab
  72. 4:54 he moves out of there with a laser, which happens to whiff punish my grab
  73. 4:57 stray needle hit
  74. 5:01 stray jab hit
  75. frame skip. i could’ve landed a dash attack where it skipped
  76. 5:06 shield grab him out of his shield pressure
  77. 5:11 forgot to turn then usmash so he gets me with shine =(
  78. 5:14 i try to bait/establish threat of aerial but it clearly doesn’t work out cuz he nairs me
  79. 5:15 he shoots a laser to control the space behind him and i get hit cuz i WD out. he follows w a dash attack
  80. 5:26 i get punished for rtrying to fair but escape the follow up after the laser
  81. 5:27 tag him with a dash atack for coming towards me w bad laser. punish his no tech w uair
  82. 5:36 get punished for trying to bair him
  83. 5:45 he messes up on his recovery and i get a bair off him airdodging back
  84. 5:51 get jab->fsmashed out of poor attempt to pivot grab him, RIP
  85. 6:05 get tagged out of backdash
  86. 6:08 come down swinging and get punished
  87. 6:13 get tagged by jab, shield, spotdodge, get punishsed by dair-> dair-> bair combo which puts me offstage =(
  88. frame skip, bad recovery probably. he manages another dsmash
  89. 6:32 get punished in landing lag of uair for trying to chase him
  90. 6:34 whiff a bair, in a bad spot, he gets me with nair
  91. 6:38 get tagged by lasers, i panic and shield, get shield chipped with shine or letting go (not sure)
  92. 6:46 grab him for shielding on landing
  93. 6:48 get him with a bair -> ftilt for trying to laser in and not anticipating my ftilt, get a tech chase to dash attack
  94. 6:55 shield his laser, correctly anticipate him moving forward, and get a forward fair. actually i think it’s because he wavedashed and jumped cuz he wanted more speed
  95. 6:57 jabs me out of backdash
  96. frame skips into me landing a dash attack
  97. 7:05 get tagged with a weak nair for trying to attack him too quickly
  98. 7:07 bthrow to punish his fsmash, but flub edgeguard lol
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