Sweet memories [Anoncolt post-chapter 14]

Sep 11th, 2017
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  1. >You are a filly with a white coat and bicolor tail and mane that both were pink and purple. Your home is located in a happy forest with ponies that care and love each other.
  2. >You like it in here, magical creatures such as hydras and Timberwolves live among the town to protect everypony. They're the best company when nopony is around! Especially a tiny timberwolf whose name is Bark! He is your favorite timberwolf in the whole forest!
  3. >You don't remember the reason that your sister decided to leave you here for a while... but you know she'll be back! She is your sister and you know she loves you as much as you love her!
  4. >In this glorious and happy day you are in school and today's class is math! Again! There are various 8's all over the chalkboard; the 8's are lying down, which means they are no longer numbers! But infinity!
  5. >You sure love math!
  6. >Miss Cheerilee was giving her class, as usual, helping foals whenever possible and listening to everypony.
  7. >The class had various ponies, too! From right to left, there was Scootaloo, you, Anon, Silver Spoon, Rumble and Button Mash.
  8. >"Okay class! Who can solve this problem?" Miss Cheerilee said while pointing her hoof towards the chalkboard.
  9. >It wasn’t that hard to solve, as a matter of fact; you’ve seen this math problem multiple times that you memorized it!
  10. >A single pony raised his hoof, it was Anon of course.
  11. >"I'll do it Miss Cheerilee!" Anon with a cheerful voice said while standing from his seat.
  12. >He was so dreamy... you love him so much! And one day, you know you two will be together and he'll be your knight in shining armor.
  13. >Since the first day that you meet him, you knew he was meant to be with you… you feel as if you’ve known him for an eternity.
  14. >Eeee! Only thinking about you two together, cuddling and snuggling make your heart go craaaazy!
  15. >And Anon is a trusty and honest pony! After all, he promised-
  16. >"There! I solved it!" Anon said after finishing the math problem.
  17. >"Good job! Let's see how you did it this time, Anon."
  18. >The chalkboard no longer had the infinite symbols written, but now, there were words that said: "Lies", "Betrayal", "Nonsense", "Fake".
  19. "Uh?"
  20. >As you blink twice the chalkboard was back at normal, the math problem solved by Anon without anything that you saw.
  21. >Uh... was your mind playing you tricks again? It must be the fourth time this week! ...Maybe sixth.
  22. >"Correct! Nice work, Anon!"
  23. >Anon thanked Miss Cheerilee and went back to his seat, and the class continued.
  24. >Part of you wanted to focus in today's lesson... but another part was focusing more into Anon.
  25. >He was just lovely and cute.
  26. >You aren't so sure why you like him so much... you just... do!
  27. >Your memories are a bit fuzzy about the first day you meet him, but eventually, you two became inseparable friends!
  28. >Maybe one day you two will become something more...
  29. >Eee! Just thinking makes you blush even when you aren't looking at him!
  30. >Oh no! He's looking at you!
  31. >Quick, say something nice!
  32. "Uhmm, Anon, would you like to have breakfast with me later?"
  33. >That's not nice! That's risky! Aaaaa!
  34. >"Sure! I’d be glad to have breakfast with you, Sweetie Belle!"
  35. >...
  36. >Aaaaa! It worked! You are the best! He’s the best...
  37. >You just blush and giggle while you nod your head to him.
  38. >And so... the class finishes.
  39. >"Okay class! That's everything for today; we'll talk about the next lesson in the next class! See you all tomorrow! Have fun!"
  40. >And so the foals stand up from their seats and follow Miss Cheerilee to the exit.
  41. >All except Anon and you.
  42. "Sooo... about that breakfast..."
  43. >He was getting close to you.
  44. >"Oh yeah, I'm really, really hungry too."
  45. >He was getting closer! Your ears were perking up and they were red! Red as your cheeks!
  46. "A-Anon?"
  47. >The closest he started to come... your voice became the squeakiest.
  48. >"Close your eyes, Sweetie Belle."
  49. "Y-Yees"
  50. >You obey without replying.
  51. >He is going to do it!
  52. >He is going to-
  53. >"Okay class! Who can solve this problem?" You hear a voice in the classroom… it was the voice of Miss Cheerilee.
  54. >You open your eyes and the rest of the class was back in the classroom.
  55. >Everypony was sitting normally as if they didn’t go outside of the classroom just minutes ago.
  56. “Uh?”
  57. >Anon raised his hoof and he went to the chalkboard, this time without Miss Cheerilee nodding to him.
  58. >Were you day dreaming again?
  59. >You scratch your mane a bit and look at the chalkboard again.
  60. >It had the unfinished formula and math problem in there, lots of infinity symbols.
  61. “Pssst! Scootaloo!” You called her but she didn’t reply, she was just focusing on the chalkboard. “Hey! Scoots! Did I fall asleep again?”
  62. >But she wouldn’t reply.
  63. >Uh…
  64. >"There! I solved it!" Anon said after finishing once again the same math problem.
  65. >"Good job! Let's see how you did it this time, Anon."
  66. >Instead of numbers or symbols… the words “Wake up” were all over the chalkboard.
  67. >And in a blink of an eye the chalkboard was back to the symbols and solved the math problem.
  68. >Maybe you /are/ daydreaming.
  69. >Anon walks back to his seat and Miss Cheerilee continues the class once again.
  70. >This time, before she was writing on the chalkboard, you raise your hoof and call for her attention.
  71. “Miss Cheerilee, I don’t feel good… can I go to the nursery?” You lie, kind of. You were actually feeling completely disoriented.
  72. >Miss Cheerilee looked back and nodded to you.
  73. >”Sure thing Sweetie Belle! Nurse Redheart should be ready to help her first assistant anytime! Just do come back when you feel better so you don’t miss anything important with the lesson I’m giving.”
  74. >…Maybe you were daydreaming, for a moment you thought something was wrong.
  75. >You thank the teacher and stand up from your seat.
  76. >”If you want, I can teach you whatever Miss Cheerilee will teach this class! That way you won’t miss anything, Sweetie Belle!” Anon says to you while you were standing up.
  77. >Your ears perked up and they were getting red. Anon was… so kind! You’d love to study with him anytime…
  78. “S-Sure thing, Anon!“ You squeak a bit and make a turn in direction to the exit door.
  79. >Miss Cheerilee giggled to herself and continued the class.
  80. >You sigh in happiness.
  81. >That colt is really something, something that moves your world all around!
  82. >But, as you open the door of the classroom, something really shiny flashes into your eyes and your vision becomes blurry...
  83. >…Then you suddenly are back at your seat in the classroom.
  84. >"Okay class! Who can solve this problem?"
  85. >You were back again! What is going on!? Why can’t you get out of the classroom?
  86. >Is this really a dream or are you going crazy? You can't tell anymore!
  87. >Was your love for Anon that much that you were starting to forget things? That could explain your memory all fuzzy!
  88. >As previously, Anon raised his hoof and with a smile, started calling the attention of Miss Cheerilee to be the first to solve the math problem.
  89. >”Oh! Oh! Oh! Me! Me! Me!”
  90. >Despite feeling like an odd Deja-vu, you can’t remove the feeling that all this feels different.
  91. >”Okay Ano-“
  92. >But before Miss Cheerilee chooses Anon, you raise your hoof second.
  93. “Can I do the math problem this time Miss Cheerilee? Pretty pleeeeeeease?”
  94. >This made Anon get his hoof down and with a sly smile, he let you go first.
  95. >”Ladies first!”
  96. >What a gentlecolt, so… lovel-
  97. >Concentrate, Sweetie Belle! Don’t you feel something wrong in this place? Even Anon… was acting a bit different than before.
  98. >You stand from your seat… but before you go to the chalkboard to answer the math problem, you turn to Anon and ask him a question.
  99. “So… Anon, how do you like to call me again?”
  100. >He tilts his head to the side and with a sly smile, he replies:
  101. >”Sweetie Belle, of course! What else would I call the friend I care the most here?”
  102. >…
  103. >You… barely remember now that Anon used to call you just Sweetie. And that he isn’t speaking in his accent so often...
  104. >This is weird.
  105. >Really, really weird.
  106. “Okay, thanks! Hehe!”
  107. >You force a laugh that in the end looks too awkward, and then you walk to the chalkboard along Miss Cheerilee.
  108. >With your magic you grab the chalk and stare at the chalkboard.
  109. >The chalkboard was without any word this time, not even a symbol.
  110. >As you touch the chalkboard with the chalk, words start to emerge.
  111. >FAKE
  112. >PRISONER
  113. >TOWN
  114. >LOVE
  115. >CAMP
  116. >WAKE
  117. >PLEASE
  118. >CAN’T
  119. >YOU
  120. >DO
  121. >KEEP
  122. >THIS
  123. >UP
  124. >DANGER
  125. >KING
  126. >DARK
  127. >MAGIC
  128. >WAKE
  129. >UP
  130. >WAKE
  131. >UP
  132. >WAKE
  133. >UP
  134. >The words repeated infinitely on the chalkboard.
  135. >As you look behind to the class, the words were flying all over the place.
  136. “Wh-What is going on?! I don’t get it!”
  137. >Everypony started to... fade away.
  138. >You were alone with only Anon in the whole classroom, which now had a void in the middle of the room.
  139. “Anon! Anon, what’s going on?!”
  140. >Anon… just started to laugh, a deep and bizarre laughter you never heard from him before.
  141. >”Anon? Don’t you mean… Prince Anon?”
  142. >His body changed from a cute green colt to an… ugly black changeling wearing a crown.
  143. >Changelings…
  144. >Crown…
  145. >…
  146. >You now remember! Anon’s father! Anon is…!
  147. >…
  148. >..
  149. >.
  150. >Everything fades away and your vision becomes all black.
  152. >After some recovery, you wake up on the back of somepony that was running from something or someone.
  153. >His back was too rough and uncomfortable.
  154. >”Uff… ugh… please…! Wake up! We don’t have time for this!”
  155. "W-Wah..."
  156. >"Excellent! You /did/ wake up! That's a good start! N-Now if you could run a little bit... no, no, nopony can run that fast after being in deep... hnng, forget it. Don't enter in panic, we got this!"
  157. >You could barely hear the voice of this pony, but you recognize it was male.
  158. >But his tone... was out of place.
  159. >Maybe he wasn’t a pony? You remember by Miss Cheerilee classes that not everypony sounds the same and other creatures have a pitch of voice different, Diamond Dogs as an example.
  160. >If only you weren't so tired, dizzy and fatigued you could turn to see his face.
  161. >You don’t know where you are and your head hurts a bit.
  162. >You see all around you the place you were, and by logic, you weren’t any near of the Everfree Forest.
  163. >The pony that was carrying you was galloping across a big field that was covered in snow, the sky looked as if dawn was near and there were various black clouds above the sky.
  164. >What you couldn’t ignore were the oddly black large pillars that looked brand-new and made out of nowhere. What were those?
  165. “Where I am?” You try to move your head to see the face of the pony that was carrying you, but you couldn’t move it. Maybe you were exhausted from sleeping too much. “Uhh… my head spins.”
  166. >”We’re almost… near my cave…! I’ll explain… everything when we arrive!” The pony looked exhausted as if he had run a marathon twice in the day.
  167. >Part of you wants to sleep for a bit again, but then again, you don’t want to have that bad nightmare again.
  168. >Your ears perk up as you heard a distant laughter.
  169. >You take a look behind, and all of the sudden… various black pillar were appearing from far away. They were soooo pointy as if made of crystal.
  170. >But that’s impossible, right? Rarity told you that crystals don’t just appear out of nowhere.
  171. >"Of course he knows where we are... hopefully he can't track us down to this cave... hnnng..."
  173. >You two finally arrive at some large cavern; there were crystals in every corner of the cavern which gave light to the whole place.
  174. >As beautiful as it looked… you still had questions to make to the pony that was carrying you all the way from who knows where.
  175. >”Okay… okay… we’re safe… for now. Umm...” The pony said, feeling awkward suddenly. “Look, when you look at me… could you not, umm, scream? I’ll explain everything and you don’t have to fear me! Especially fear me!”
  176. >You were still looking to the opposite side, so you couldn’t see the pony at all, just his black and rough skin.
  177. “Why would I be scared of somepony?”
  178. >He carefully leaves you on the floor and he gets in front of you to make you have a good look at him.
  179. >Hmm, his face was very black and his eyes were too blue and his hooves had holes.
  180. >And… he was a Changeling, wasn’t he?
  181. >Oh Celestia above.
  182. “Ch-Ch-Ch-Chang-ang-“
  183. >The Changeling placed a hoof on your mouth to hush you.
  184. >But, his hoof having a hole over your mouth, didn't stop you from screaming a bit.
  185. "C-Changeling!"
  186. >But the Changeling didn't attack you, he just... looked worried, and cringed when he didn't stop you from screaming.
  187. >”Please! Don’t fear me and don’t scream! I… I know is weird to tell you this, even more coming from a changeling… but I couldn’t just leave a filly all by herself back at that camp, okay!?”
  188. >You were almost on the verge of crying, but you tried your best to not cry or scream as the Changeling said.
  189. >You don’t know how dangerous these creatures are, but you heard rumors… and you’ve seen them before in Discord’s castle.
  190. >Wait, did he say camp?
  191. >You try to calm down a bit, he isn’t trying anything yet… so it’s all good, for now.
  192. >”Okay… you seem to be a bit less tense… let me begin. “The Changeling left his hoof from your mouth and took a tiny breath. “My name is Thorax… yes, I’m a changeling and no, I don’t want to hurt you.” The changeling, Thorax, looked so hurt at you. “I am really sorry that you were used by my Queen… and I don’t know how much you can remember, but you were in a cocoon prison, your love being sucked by some mind controlling spell from my queen, I'm so sorry.”
  193. >Your throat felt sore.
  194. >All this time… Were you sleeping? Was nothing real? What happened to the village?
  195. >You don’t even remember anything happening after you were with Anon.
  196. >Anon…
  197. >Did he…?
  198. “H-How long I’ve been sleeping?”
  199. >Thorax looked away.
  200. “Tell me!”
  201. >”…Maybe a few moons? You were repeating the same dream probably one hundred… Fifty-two times in a row.”
  202. >You… what?
  203. “…How?”
  204. >”My queen’s spell is strong on the bravest of ponies, try that on a filly and… well, you saw that by yourself already.” His voice then got a bit happy while looking at you with an awkward smile. “B-But you broke the spell! You did it! You must be strong to break that mind spell! …Or something happened to my queen… which… is probably a big probability since she wanted to fight an unknown king that nopony has an idea of who he is.”
  205. >That doesn’t answer why this changeling saved you from wherever you were.
  206. >You could move a bit more now, so you take a sit very carefully and look at Thorax.
  207. >For some reason… he didn’t look that much compared to a Changeling. Sure he had the same characteristics, but, he was so… different.
  208. “But, why did you save me? Why me?”
  209. >”Because it was the right thing to do.” Thorax said with an expression that showed determination while his chest was raised. “I never liked hurting other ponies, never liked that my Queen forced us into getting love by force… it just… feels wrong.”
  211. >You were awestruck. Can Changelings be… good? They all wanted the love of everypony and dominance over the lands of Equestria, but this Changeling… you can see an aura of kindness on him.
  212. >Your head was little by little putting it all together, remembering what happened, but it hurt too much to remember.
  213. “Can you tell me what was happening or where I was? I barely remember anything.”
  214. >”Sure, no problem! You need some rest before we move onto the next town! But well, you were in a love camp that my Queen made us construct since Discord was the new king of Equestria. Love was hard to get and my brothers were starving… my Queen used all her methods to join what tiny towns were left intact by Discord’s magic and, well, she kidnapped most of them and brought them near our hive, but… that wasn’t enough.”
  215. >Thorax’s sight went directly to the exit of the cave.
  216. >”She forced all those ponies, made them dream for so long… no matter what age, she wanted all the love she could get… as if she wanted to use the love as a weapon.” Thorax looked back at you. “I’m glad she stopped now but… this probably isn’t the end, not now since we’re followed by some shadow… creature.”
  217. >Now you could remember more now that you had time to think while listening to Thorax.
  218. >Anon told you he would protect you, he made some Changelings to carry you out of Discord’s castle… you were near the village, and then… you started dreaming.
  219. >You want to return to the village in the Everfree Forest, see if everypony is alright.
  220. >But before asking...
  221. “A love camp… do you know if there… was a mare that looked like me? Well, except for the mane, she had it all purple and… cutie mark of three diamonds.”
  222. >Thorax thought for a while putting his hoof on his chin.
  223. >”Not that I recall of, I remember every prisoner my Queen had, I wish I didn’t but…”
  224. >You smile back at Thorax and walk towards him, slowly giving him a hug.
  225. “Don’t worry… that’s what I wanted to listen…”
  226. >"T-Than- H-HISSSSS!"
  227. >You back up from your hug and fright quickly regains back. That was so suddenly from him!
  228. >Maybe a hug was too much?
  229. >"I'm sorry! ...I just, being a Changeling is tough... more when you don't have a source of love, sorry if I scared you..."
  230. "How do you survive all this time without love then? What do Changelings eat besides love? Maybe I could help."
  231. >Thorax shakes his head.
  232. >"Changelings only eat love... and lust in rare occasions, but you are a filly and I'm not forcing you into giving me your love."
  233. >What's lust?
  234. >Well... so, your sister is right! Maybe she made it to somewhere that can bring help to the town in the Everfree Forest.
  235. >You need to hold on hope as she said! You’ll encounter her someday, you know that…
  236. >You smile back at Thorax and stare at him.
  237. “So… what now?”
  238. >”We run. We can’t stay in this cave forever; we’re being chased after all.” Thorax turned into a Timberwolf, the side was enough to ride him. “Get on my back, we’re going to a town that is near here.”
  239. >You almost get on Thorax’s back, but then you stopped and asked him.
  240. “Can’t you bring me to my village near the Everfree Forest after that town? I-I don’t know if it’s far away, but I want to see if my friends are okay.”
  241. >Thorax didn’t reply, he got so silent that you could listen to the silence of the whole cave.
  242. >"About... that town."
  244. >Thorax's left ear perked up as he listened to something near the cave.
  245. >”Oh no… he’s here!” Thorax grabbed you with his fangs near your coat and quickly placed you behind some crystal rocks. “Hide! Don’t move or make a noise!”
  246. >Your mind was racing with various thoughts, but by logic, your first thought was the distant laughter of somepony trying to chase you two for some reason.
  247. >You do remember Thorax mentioning a shadow king... what did he mean by that?
  248. >Thorax transformed into something you couldn't see from your hiding spot and so, the whole cave was in deep silence.
  249. >Some snow steps could be heard just outside of the cave.
  250. >Little by little somepony was coming near.
  251. >You only could hear a deep male voice chuckling.
  252. >"So... why don't you stop your childish games and give me what I need, peasant Changeling?"
  253. >You tried to take a peek at the pony that just entered the cave.
  254. >You spot him, his coat was gray, his mane black as the night and he had the weirdest horn you've ever seen. Was it possible to have your horn red and pointy? Was this a unicorn? He had... fangs too! You could barely see them while he chuckled!
  255. >And his eyes... had some purple mist coming out of it! What is this creature? Where did it come from?
  256. >He was gazing at the crystal rocks around the cave.
  257. >"So... judging by the silence, you won't give me that filly."
  258. >Filly? Did that pony mean you?
  259. >Thorax didn't reply from his hiding spot.
  260. >"So be it."
  261. >His... horn started shining, you could see an aura that was so... unique and by the looks of it, scary. Purple and green bubbles with some sparks came from it.
  262. >What kind of magic was he trying to do?
  263. >He keeps on gazing at the rocks near the cave, you quickly hide behind it and hold your breath before he spots you.
  264. >Your eyes catch a rock that was shaking slightly... was that...?
  265. >Can Changelings transform into rocks?! You didn't know that! That's incredible and creative!
  266. >Whoa, after you two get out of this, you wanna ask Thorax soooooo many things!
  267. >"Didn't think I wouldn't know you bugs transform into rocks too, did you?" The black unicorn said, moments before casting a spell towards the rock that was shaking. "RAAAAAWH!"
  268. >The spell the unicorn cast was so black, something you have never seen in your life... and it had a form of a spear and a geyser... that went directly to the rock that was shaking! Oh no!
  269. >The sound of his spell and roaring could be heard in an echo through the whole cave... it was so scary, you had to duck for the fear of it.
  270. >But when you turned your look at where you saw the shaking rock...
  271. >...It was destroyed.
  272. >"Pathetic." The black unicorn says with eyes that didn't show any mercy to the rock.
  273. >You gasped as you watched in horror what the magic of the unicorn did to the Changeling.
  274. >There was nothing left of the rock, only... ashes.
  275. "No!"
  276. >And you realized that you just gave your position to that evil unicorn that just... destroyed the only kind and friendly Changeling there could ever be!
  277. >"Ah, there you are. I felt how there was fear in the air... not from that pest, but from somepony else."
  278. >The crystal rock that was helping you to hide was soon levitated by the black unicorn, whose stare was on you now.
  279. >"Now come, I don't want to waste any more time here."
  280. >You were just shaking, this pony was too scary... and he already showed it!
  281. "You just hurt that poor Changeling! He didn't do anything to you! Why would I come with you? Go away!"
  282. >"You're coming with me, like it or not." The evil unicorn chuckled while showing his fangs at you. "Unless you want to become dust too."
  283. >He was coming close to where you were.
  284. >There was no way you could escape from this one! You were just... scared and couldn't move!
  285. “No! I won’t! I refuse!” You tried to run away but you were cornered in the cave. “Somepony! Help!”
  286. >You kneel and cover your head with your hooves, hoping this bad unicorn wouldn’t harm you as he did to the friendly Changeling.
  287. ”Anon!” You desperately cry out.
  289. >The black unicorn was looking at you with mist coming out from his eyes and his horn was slightly shining with a purple color that started to combine with the mist that was coming from his eyes.
  290. >You don't know what it does... but it must be something bad!
  291. >But... as you waited, nothing happened.
  292. >What's worse, you were starting to... have thoughts again.
  293. >There was something you can’t get out of your head.
  294. >Suddenly... you had thoughts of your family, the town in the Everfree Forest... your sister Rarity, everypony was in danger...
  295. >Visions of Anon, laughing while sitting on a throne as he ordered each one of them to do what he pleased.
  296. >Visions of his father, Discord, moving the threads as if everything was just a plain game…
  297. >You stop covering your head after realizing this unicorn hasn’t done anything to you.
  298. >You get it.
  299. >The unicorn stares down at you with a grin.
  300. >"Open your mind to the truth you are evading."
  301. >You weren't there but somehow you know what happened in your absence, all this time... all these moons.
  302. >He abandoned you.
  303. >He didn't even try to save you.
  304. “Why I am screaming for his name… he never tried to protect me.” You stare down at the ground. "Deep inside when I realized he was the son of Discord... I knew everything was lost, yet... I trusted him."
  305. >You were starting to feel… angry at him... angry at Anon.
  306. >He tricked you and you were… in that dream in love with him.
  307. >You loved him… fake feelings that you no longer feel.
  308. "I can't believe it." You were gritting your teeth while closing your eyes. "What was I thinking?"
  309. >He ruined everything.
  310. >The cave becomes silent, everything that could be heard was the sound of the unknown unicorn using his magic.
  311. >A single drop hits the ground from the ceiling of the cavern.
  312. >You’re all alone. Nopony is here with you but this mysterious black unicorn with a weird red horn… the friendly Changeling is… not okay, you are far away from your village and everypony is under Discord’s power... as it always has been.
  313. >There isn’t anything you can do.
  314. >There isn’t anything for you to do.
  315. >…
  317. >As silence remains in the cavern, a single noise makes your ears perk up.
  318. >A pair of jingle bells could be heard somewhere in the distance of the cavern.
  319. >You open your eyes and stare at the unicorn, thinking it was coming from him.
  320. >He didn't have any sort of bells to make that sound...
  321. >As you stare into the distance for a while, you heard a voice only you could listen to.
  322. >"The little lamb was abandoned between a pack of wolves... the little lamb thought everything was lost... but one day, the lamb found something not many others could find at the first sight. Hope."
  323. >Something shines out in the distance, but you can't see what that is.
  324. >Your eyes shine for a second.
  325. >"And so, the little lamb broke the curse, became the predator and joined the hunt."
  326. >Another set of jingle bells resonates near you and your mind clears.
  327. >You were lost for a moment, you thought everything was lost... but somehow, at the last moment of your sadness... all went away.
  328. >Sister, was that you?
  329. >...
  330. >You get it.
  331. >You won’t give up that easily!
  332. >Something deep inside you tells you that this isn't over yet; not only you got bad visions, but you remember why you always stayed strong... why you always saw the good side of the things.
  333. >You did it for her, you want to be as brave as your sister is!
  334. >You just gotta look for the good side of the things and stay positive.
  335. >This unicorn must have something to fight against Discord, somehow… if he destroyed that rock without a single doubt.
  336. >Maybe you need to fight fire with fire.
  337. >That Queen of the Changelings must have seen you as a fool, same with Discord… same with Anon!
  338. >Everypony seems to see you as a weakling; this unicorn probably is no exception.
  339. >You will show everypony what you're made of.
  340. >You stare up to the black unicorn with a sly smile and focusing yourself in everything he had to tell you.
  341. “What do you want from me?”
  342. >He chuckled as his magic started to fade, but there was mist coming out of his eyes.
  343. >”A little bug… told me about you.” He started walking around you. “A filly, unicorn, in love with a colt that resulted to be no one else but the son of Discord, the God of chaos."
  344. >You cringe as he continues speaking.
  345. >You don’t need a reminder.
  346. >”A filly that got fooled from such colt. A filly that got kidnapped and used by bugs to feed them.”
  347. >As he continued talking, you would stare more into the ground… you were feeling awful, even dreadful each time.
  348. >You hated that.
  349. >You wanted to change that.
  350. >No! You WILL change that!
  351. >”A filly…”
  352. >He stopped walking and with his hoof under your neck, slightly moved it so you could look at him.
  353. >”That wants revenge.”
  354. >Revenge…
  355. >Your sister always told you that revenge was bad… but…
  356. >She’s not here anymore.
  357. >”You want revenge, don’t you? Revenge on the pony that manipulated you, revenge on the queen that used you, revenge… on the God of chaos who desires every land to be full in his control.
  358. >Revenge...
  359. >No!
  360. >It's not revenging what you desire!
  361. >You want justice!
  362. >And you will deliver it; you don’t care if something happens to you on the way there, in the end… you will be strong enough to fool those who fooled you!
  363. >But now, you need to follow the game of this unicorn.
  364. >Who knows? Maybe you can learn something new from him in the way there.
  365. “I want revenge…”
  366. >Your sight was feeling a bit different, but you couldn’t notice why.
  367. >For some reason, your mouth started moving on its own as if somepony else was making you speak.
  368. “I had everything and we could have had more! But Anon decided to ruin it! Anon decided to play with my feelings! He is a liar! A cheater! I was a fool for falling for his tricks!” You cry out loud. "And Discord? I hate him, I hate him, I hate him! We live under the fear of every day that one day; everything will be in complete doom! There was no day my sister would sleep because she thought something would happen the next morning! I hate him!"
  369. >Words come out from your mouth even if you aren’t thinking about them.
  370. >And your vision becomes different as if there was... blur in your vision.
  371. >You are not crying, crying… doesn’t solve anything anyway.
  372. >Neither words do solve anything, it’s the actions that ponies do.
  373. >And probably, this unicorn was trying to manipulate you.
  374. >But you were aware of it... somehow.
  375. >Maybe you had a guardian angel looking up for you.
  376. >You’ll play along.
  377. >You’re tired of being used as a toy.
  378. >”Precisely. Let your hate rise and I shall show you how this world works, the new Equestria… I will rule and control, mold it with my own hooves.”
  379. >Great, another freak that wants to take over Equestria.
  380. >You feel like you regained back your will to speak on your own.
  381. >…You’ll just play as the defenseless filly.
  382. “But… what do you need from me? I’m just a loser... fooled filly who thought everything could be solved with friendship and somepony to trust.”
  383. >The black unicorn chuckles slightly.
  384. >”You don’t need friendship to solve problems.” He started walking around the rests of the shattered rock. “Power, wisdom, leadership… be serious about your actions and you will go beyond expected, don’t follow them and…”
  385. >He crushed the remains of the rock.
  386. >”Somepony will crush you.”
  387. >Somehow, you felt less compassion for the friendly Changeling.
  388. >And your eyes were feeling… tired.
  389. >”As for your first question… I need somepony powerful enough to be at my side until my last moments… an inheritor. And I see the blood of a truly powerful unicorn in you.”
  390. >An inheritor?
  391. "...Me?" You pointed your hoof towards your chest.
  392. >He nodded.
  393. >”What do you say?” He extended his hoof towards you.
  394. >...
  395. >Fire with fire… uh?
  396. >It can’t be perfect than this.
  397. >You hold his hoof while staring at him with a deadpan expression.
  398. "Deal.”
  399. >He smiled at you, a grim smile while chuckling... moments before whispering something under his breath.
  400. >"Et unus apud umbrum."
  401. >You couldn't catch what he said, but you ignore it.
  402. >”Ah… how vulgar of me, I forgot to mention my name.” He chuckled slightly to himself. “I’m Sombra, King of the Crystal Empire.”
  403. >Crystal Empire? You never heard of that place.
  404. “Sweetie Belle.” You make your presentation simple.
  405. >”Now, now. Your sole name feels… raw. Maybe the title of… shadow princess would suit.”
  406. >Shadow princess…
  407. >You don’t mind it.
  408. “Yes, King Sombra.” You bow down while closing your eyes, looking down at the ground.
  409. >Your vision keeps becoming blurrier it started to be annoying.
  410. >”No need to bow to me, leave that to the slaves.”
  411. >Slaves? Maybe this pony was as insane as Discord was.
  412. >One wrong move and… you probably become one.
  413. >In what mess are you dealing with?
  414. >”Now...”
  415. >His horn shines a deep purple color and something behind him appears in a flash of magic.
  416. >”How about we start training your magic? As for me as an instructor… your dark magic will be powerful as mine. You have it in your blood, the strength of a unicorn capable of learning it; I can feel it inside of you.”
  417. >Dark… magic?
  418. >Sombra moved to his side, showing a green colt sitting with the same mist coming out of his eyes as Sombra and his expression was... so sad.
  419. >That colt… no way…
  420. >It was Anon, but he wasn’t moving or had any reaction.
  421. >Probably a freeze or immobilize spell?
  422. >”Behold, the queen of the Changelings… as the shape of the pony who betrayed you. Don’t you feel your hate rising? Don't you want to hurt them? Let it all out… show me what your true magic can do, feed on your hate and use it against them. Show them what REAL pain is.”
  424. >So the queen of the changelings was under his control... this pony is more powerful than her?
  425. >This is crazy.
  426. >You were really scared for a bit.
  427. >You want justice... but you haven't thought about how delivering it.
  428. >Maybe Princess Celestia and Princess Luna... if you somehow tried to free them from Discord's power... but that's more elaborated.
  429. >You've seen what Discord does to ponies.
  430. >You've seen now what this, Sombra, does to ponies apparently.
  431. >And Anon...
  432. >You need to start thinking about plans.
  433. >It's three versus one... you can't do this alone!
  434. >...You'll think about it later.
  435. "I..."
  436. >Sombra sighs and his horn shines a deep purple color, the queen of the Changelings disappears in a flash.
  437. >”Practice… makes the master. I will teach you how to handle dark magic but most important, how to control your feelings, so that way you don't have any remorse, just like I do.”
  438. >Sombra starts walking towards the exit of the cave, not looking back at you.
  439. >”Now follow me, we need to start before that clown of a God starts moving his threads.”
  440. >You nod and follow him.
  441. >Fire with fire...
  442. >This "dark magic" might help you.
  443. >You will learn about this magic... and defeat those who call themselves kings and free Equestria from their hooves.
  444. >Maybe this is your destiny.
  445. >But first you will need allies... or you could free some.
  446. >This will be a challenge, but you won't give up on hope.
  448. >As you two exit the cave, a stalactite shakes and falls to the ground of the cavern.
  449. >”Ouch!” Thorax yelps while he transforms back to his Changeling shape, a bit of sweat on his forehead. “That… that was close...”
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