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  1. __**Huskycraft Staff Application**__
  3. Role: Helper
  4. Requirements: Aged **15 and above.** It's a pretty much chill role as well, because of how Huskycraft is revamped like.
  6. > Description:
  7. Helper's role is **VERY DIFFERENT**  from the previous Helper's role. There won't be any special additional staff commands to be given. There will, however be the option to: mute, jail and kick players in the server. **NOTE:** You will start off as a trial helper, you'll be under probation of 2 weeks. Thereafter, we'll confirm your rank in the server. Your job is to, enter the server, chill, play and chat. Monitor the server's chat, and ensure a safe and positive environment for the players. (•‿•)
  9. Please also join if you think you have the capability to hold your responsibility and integrity as a staff. As a staff, we expect you to be honest, responsible and have good decision making skills. Do not randomly mute or kick players base on your emotions or personal relations. Do not put emotions into your role as  a staff. ~~Or I'll slaughter you~~
  11. __**If you still strongly think you have the capability, PM me in the following format (copy & paste the format please):**__
  13. __Name:__
  15. __Username:__
  17. __Date of Birth:__
  19. __How active you are:__
  21. __Are you very sure of this?__
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