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Burning Sensation (Mutant!Sunset/Anon, NSFW)

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  1. >"Uh, Anon?"
  2. >Yes you are
  3. >It's been a day since you got reeled into a poolside threesome with the Dazzling sisters
  4. >You learned a lot more about mermaid-pussy than you ever thought
  5. >With effort, you lift your head from your lunch to be surprised by a pretty worried-looking Sunset Shimmer
  6. >Former-bully-turned-good-girl and all around amazingly talented pyrokinetic, from what you'd heard
  7. >What the fuck is she doing here?
  8. "Ah, uh, hey... Sunset? What's up?"
  9. >She shifts from side to side, seemingly uncertain of how to address you, before taking a breath
  10. >"Anon, is someone... bullying you?"
  11. >Wait what the fuck? Why-
  12. >Ooooh
  13. >Right, the caveat to your little mermaid à trois
  14. >You follow her gaze to where your neck and shoulder meet, the exposed skin revealing a jagged, oval bruise of pretty decent size
  15. >Adagio's version of a good-night kiss
  16. >Sonata, for her part, hadn't seemed particularly worried, telling you it was part of "Dagi's little game"
  17. >Aria had been near silent the entire time, which was worrying in its own way
  18. >Before you can speak, Sunset plants her fists on her hips
  19. >"Because if someone is, you can tell me! I know being the only powerless person here might seem scary, but you should never be afraid to speak up! You can go to Principle Celestia, Vice Principle Luna, Twilight, or e-even me! I promise, we'll help keep you safe here!"
  20. >You cough, cheeks tinted red, as the cafeteria falls silent and stares at you
  21. >Oh god, she looks so proud of herself
  22. >Rubbing your temples, you sigh
  23. "Okay, okay. Look, can we meet somewhere and I'll tell you about it? Just please, for the love of god, stop yelling."
  24. >Reality catches up to little miss do-gooder and she pales, looking around before nodding
  25. >"Sorry! Um, sure? Where at?"
  26. >You wrack your skull for an idea before settling on an idea
  27. "The school pool, midnight tonight."
  28. >"Sure! If that makes you feel safe, I'll see you then!"
  29. >Sunset walks back to her group and conversation resumes, with your name on most everyone's lips
  31. >Okay Anon, congratulations, you've managed to get some alone time with literally the hottest girl in school so you can explain how you got all bruised up fucking a trio of former super-villains
  32. "Well, when you say it that way, this all sounds stupid as fu-"
  33. >'Creak'
  34. >"Anon, you in here?"
  35. >Ohshit, right, girl, use words you fuck!
  36. "Uh, okay, so lemme jus-"
  37. >She rushes over, practically inches from you
  38. >"Who is it? Just give me names and I can go right to Twi, she'll help you! And don't worry, you'll be protected from them! Was it Gilda? Glimmer? Tri-mmff!?"
  39. >You cut off her rambling with a finger to the lips as soon as you start seeing wisps of fire teasing from her hair, a sure sign of her excitement
  40. >She's cute, in a exciteable, terrifying kind of way
  41. >Tugging down the collar of your shirt with your free hand, you expose the bruise
  42. "Sunset, chill, it's just a hickey."
  43. >Quirking an eyebrow, you pull the quickly-cooking finger back, wiping it on the side of your pants
  44. >Jeeze, she was hot to the touch!
  45. >"A... hickey?"
  46. >You kick your heels a bit, feeling more than a little weird about the whole situation
  47. "Yeah... look, if I tell you about it, do you promise not to freak out again?"
  48. >Sunset chews her bottom lip and nods
  49. >So you explain the whole, sexy affair. The note, Sonata, her sisters, the bite...
  50. >By the end of it, Sunset's face is as red as her hair
  51. "... And that about sums it up. So, no bullies to hunt, got it, Sunset?"
  52. >...
  53. >"Sunset?"
  54. >Shaking her head (and whipping a few errant flames around), she huffs, looking away
  55. >"O-Okay, fine! So you just... did all that stuff and got a..."
  56. "Hickey, Sunset."
  57. >The way she's acting...
  58. >There's no way
  59. "You /did/ know what a hickey was before I told you, didn't you?"
  60. >"Y-Yeah, of course! I know all about that sort of, um, thing!"
  61. >Oho, methinks the lady doth protest too much
  62. "You had no idea, did you? Sunset Shimmer, former Queen Bitch of Canterlot, and you had no clue about sex!"
  63. >"I totally do!"
  64. "Prove it."
  65. >"Fine!"
  67. >Holy shit that worked
  68. "Uh, whuh-"
  69. >"C'mon!"
  70. >Sunset grabs you by the wrist and starts forcefully dragging your ass off to the showers
  71. >Anon, you've made a mistake
  72. >A sexy, sexy mistake
  73. >Shoving the door open, she all but tosses you against the cool tile wall beneath a showerhead
  74. >"Shirt. Pants. Lose 'em. Now!"
  75. >Something has gone awry
  76. >You just wanted to tease her, now she's gonna Carrie you in the ladies showers!
  77. >Dad always told you this would happen one day!
  78. >With a gulp, you carefully unzip and kick off your pants, leaving you clad in boxers and sporting a tent you could hang a flag from
  79. >Damn your addiction to dangerous women!
  80. >To her credit, Sunset only hesitates for a moment before pushing you down into a seating position on the cold as fuck tiles
  81. >She follows, kneeling in front of you, glaring at your covered, stubborn arousal
  82. >Silence drags on until you clear your throat
  83. "So, uh, are you gonna-"
  84. >"Shut it, I'm just..."
  85. >She falters again, her blush returning, which only makes your arousal twitch and stiffen
  86. "Stalling for time?"
  87. >"N-No!"
  88. >A little flare from her hair reminds you that, fumbling virgin or not, Sunset could still flash-fry you if you push her
  89. "Okay, okay, you aren't stalling! You're just... gearing up to off my boxers, yeah?"
  90. >The red-head give you a look you can't really decipher, so you shrug
  91. "Baby steps?"
  92. >Sunset nods and takes a breath, reaching out to your crotch tentatively
  93. >"Right... baby steps... Icandothis"
  95. >She grips your boxers and tugs, exposing your poor ass to the frigid tile and making your cock bob in the open air
  96. "Ack, cold!"
  97. >"O-Oh! Right, sorry!"
  98. >Sunset takes your hand in hers and suddenly the cold gives way to a full-body warmth that reminds you of stretching out in front of a fireplace
  99. "W-Woah..."
  100. >Toasty!
  101. >She gives you a small smile, tucking a lose strand of hair behind her ear
  102. >"Better? Good. Just keep hold of my hand and you should stay pretty warm..."
  103. >Idly, you lace fingers with her
  104. >She doesn't pull away
  105. >L-Lewd
  106. >But again, her focus is drawn down to your cock, before finally she takes you in hand with a gentle, soft grip
  107. >"Huh... it's... different."
  108. >You keep your comments to yourself for once, letting her explore while you bask in the heavenly warmth and attention
  109. >This was so different from Sonata and the other Dazzlings
  110. >Sweeter, more naive
  111. >Eventually, though, you have to speak up, no matter how much you enjoy a good handy
  112. "Shouldn't, ah, you get naked too?"
  113. >The comment draws Sunset out of her revelry and the smooth tenderness of her explorative hand leaves you
  114. >"Right, for the, uh, the sex, yeah..."
  115. >She chews her lip, which you can't help but find adorable
  116. "Y'know, we don't have to.."
  117. >And that cute expression vanishes, replaced by a determined glare
  118. >"What, don't think I can do it?"
  119. >Oh god dammit
  120. >That warming hand is yanked away and replaced with the shocking cold of the shower floor as Sunset stands up and starts stripping down angrily, tossing her shed clothing into a pile, panties and all
  121. >Standing in front of you, hands on her generous hips, is Sunset Shimmer
  122. >Goddamn you, you aren't sure what's sexier, submissive Sunset or dominant Sunset!
  123. >Then she flicks on the shower and douses you in a spray of cold water that forces out a totally-manly-not-girly-at-all shriek from you
  124. >Okay, changed your mind, Dominant Sunset is a bitch!
  125. >"Heh, sorry, but if we're doing this, I don't want to burn you if I get a little wild."
  126. >Sunset bends down low, giving you a face-full of smug
  127. >"Assuming you can even do that."
  128. >Oh, you'll fucking show her
  129. >But for now, you play nice, putting on a strained smile and locking eyes
  131. "We'll just have to see, huh, princess?"
  132. >She huffs and carefully gets down on her knees, her hips kissing yours and returning that comforting warmth, only slightly dampened by the constant staccato of the shower
  133. >It's weird, being in this position again, with a beautiful mutant girl in your lap and doused in water
  134. >The pause in dialogue gives Sunset time to think too, obviously debating the benefits of proving herself versus losing her virginity
  135. >Her hand reaching down to line your cock up with her pussy was a pretty clear indicator of her decision
  136. >Slowly, Sunset sinks down, shuddering as you pierce her wall but not stopping until her hips kiss yours, leaving you surrounded by her vice-like heat
  137. >"F-Fuck~..."
  138. "F-Fuck~...
  139. >You sit there together, soaked, panting, adjusting to the sensation
  140. >Your vision is filled with Sunset's flushed face and gorgeous eyes, her long hair framing her face in vines of crimson and gold
  141. >She's the one to make the first move, awkward and halting as it is, lifting her hips in short, uneven motions
  142. "H-Here, let me help..."
  143. >You reach out to take her hips, trying to change her movements into something more steady and pleasurable
  144. >Sunset pauses, but thankfully goes with it, allowing you to guide her hips
  145. >Your shared moans are muffled by the constant fall of water but something you do notice is the volume of steam as the pace increases
  146. >As it turns out, in the heat of the moment, little miss badass turns into a human sauna
  147. >The meaty slaps of your fucking echo off the tiled walls, mixing with the moans and water as your vision is obscured
  148. >Still, you're pretty proud of the effect
  149. >You can feel yourself getting close
  150. >Gotta warn her
  151. "S-Sunset, I'm-MPH!"
  152. >She cuts you off with a kiss, hugging you tight as her body shakes on top of yours, the two of you sharing a moment of total bliss
  153. >Slowly the blanket of heat ebbs away, just leaving the two of you, curled together beneath the cascade of cool, cleansing water
  154. ".... Sunset?"
  155. >"zzzzz..."
  156. >God dammit
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