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  1. command-block-overrides: []
  2. aliases:
  3.     icanhasbukkit:
  4.     - version $1-
  5.     potato:
  6.     - tellraw @s ["",{"text":"\nPotato.\n\n","color":"gold","bold":true}]
  7.     discord:
  8.     - tellraw @s ["",{"text":"\nOfficial BuilderHQ Discord: ","color":"gold","bold":true},{"text":"https://discord.gg/VBPFtvR\n\n","color":"dark_blue","bold":true,"clickEvent":{"action":"open_url","value":"https://discord.gg/VBPFtvR"}}]
  9.     fart:
  10.     - tellraw @a ["",{"text":"I just can't believe that "},{"selector":"@s ","color":"dark_red","bold":true},{"text":"farted!","color":"none","bold":false}]
  11.     server-rules:
  12.     - tellraw @s ["",{"text":"BuilderHQ Rules:\n\n","color":"gold","bold":true},{"text":"1. No Innapropriate builds. We won't name the criteria, as language is offensive, but you\nshould get the main gist.\n","color":"none","bold":false},{"text":"2. No charging real currency (Pound sterling, Krona, Dollar, Euro, e.t.c) for ranks. All ranks are free of charge, and if you did pay, we suggest you get a refund.\n","color":"none"},{"text":"3. No spamming, asking for op or any offensive language is allowed in chat. Doing any of these will result in a week-long mute.","color":"none"},{"text":"\n4. No abuse in discord will be tolerated, doing so will result in a ban from both the Discord and the Minecraft servers","color":"none"},{"text":"\n5. No griefing. We will try to WorldGuard most builds, but ruining a non-guarded one will result in a ban forever!\n","color":"none"}]
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