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WarpedRealm release 1.27

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Sep 22nd, 2022
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  1. Release 1.27 Changes:
  2. - Staff durability got lowered from 2000 uses to 1500 uses globally
  3. - All gems now have a success chance of 50%
  4. - Changed the bone blocks winnable in the vote crate to 2 gold blocks
  5. - Increased chance of both types of lodestones to drop
  6. - Decreased price of bossdungeon keys by swapping the material costs, now takes 4 of the rare material instead of 8
  7. - Fixed arrow effect placeholder in custom item lores being broken
  8. - Added dodge rating +15% to the withering bow
  9. - Moved base-showcasechannel into the public ones, added sneak peek channel into the important locked ones to show upcoming features and share videos / screenshots to keep the update channel clean
  10. - Improved the maintenance kick-message
  11. - Added global boss-slain broadcasts for all bosses
  12. - Fixed custom items in preview-modes displaying bars in wrong colors
  13. - Fixed gem-stone values not displaying properly in custom item lores
  14. - Slightly adjusted gaia and frost lich cooldown timings and aura cooldowns
  15. - Added money drops to most other bosses with a variable amount instead of fixed ones
  16. - Lowered chance of ethereal leaves dropping from 1% to 0.8%
  17. - Fixed issues with application of gem stones failing
  18. - Improved handling of stacked spawners
  19. - Decreased time of linked [item]'s in the chat staying active
  20. - Fixed issues where custom mobs would despawn too early
  21. - Fixed zone issues in custom dungeons sometimes not letting players use keys
  22. - Slightly buffed the voter's staff range
  23. - Fixed an issue where NPCs and mobs with disguises would show double names above their heads (hopefully)
  24. - Fixed issues with custom chat tags (mainly of builders) having too many spaces inbetween messages
  25. - Added new Gem of Power with crafting recipe inside of the forge
  29. - Added new "adaptation" system which will slowly roll out over the next weeks and months unlocking more and more skills and subskills. Right now the only active skill is the "Discovery" Skill with 3 subskills. You can check all of them out through right-clicking a regular bookshelf, a wiki page explaining the system will follow soon.
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