Ivory Towers (Starlight X Anon + M/S) (WIP)

May 23rd, 2016
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  1. Table of Contents
  2. 1. #ivry (or just scroll down you lazy fuck)
  3. 2. ????
  5. Chapter 1: Ivory (#ivry)
  6. >Only humans do evil things to ponies, right? Ponies are too pure and cute to be bad guys...right?
  7. >...
  8. >Let's see...
  9. >It is currently day...
  10. >Uhhhh...
  11. >You sighed as you put down your writing stick.
  12. >You're not sure what day it is anymore.
  13. >Being locked up and treated like a slave made it hard to remember.
  14. >Also not being given pen or paper or being taught how to actually write made it hard to keep track.
  15. >Let's be clear - you are a slave.
  16. >Always have been.
  17. >Just like the rest of the ponies who currently resided in the facility.
  18. >Just like the ponies who lived elsewhere.
  19. >Each and every day of your miserable life was meant to be in servitude of the humans who came, saw, and conquered your world so long ago, just like the rest of them.
  20. >As far as you knew, you would always be a slave.
  21. >But today...
  22. >You forced yourself to smile, as you started putting a brush through your dark purple mane.
  23. >Today would be different.
  24. >Today would be the day some kind and caring Master would take you away from this wretched place, to a better land filled with peace and happiness.
  25. >At the very least, he would take you away from the clutches of the crazy old man who kept you locked up here.
  27. >"N-no, sir, I'm not. See, I'm looking for a pony, and I was told you-"
  29. >Your eye twitched.
  30. >Of all the used pony pawn shops your previous Master could have dropped you off at, he had to have left you at Crazy Hassan's Used Camel Emporium.
  31. >Most ponies under Hassan were either sold at improbably low prices or were just given away, free of charge, without any training whatsoever.
  32. >They were 'used', after all.
  33. >Hell, he even threw in actual camels of various breeds in - it was a CAMEL emporium, after all.
  34. >But you?
  35. >Crazy Hassan saw to it you were the most expensive pony on the block, all because of some stupid, nasty rumor those other ponies spread about you.
  36. >As far as you could remember, you were nothing.
  37. >Nothing but a slave to these humans.
  38. >All you had was a name, but you felt uncomfortable even using it.
  39. >Not after your previous Master had...
  40. >Well, let's not talk about that.
  41. >But you would have been well worth it, though!
  42. >You were very good at cleaning, at cooking, at o-organizing things...
  43. >But no, no one ever thought to buy you.
  44. >"Listen, Hassan, I don't want two of them, I-"
  46. >As you watched the human walk out of the Used Camel Emporium with his two 'camels' (really just two orange and yellow ponies), you sighed.
  47. >Maybe another day.
  48. >A few minutes later, the store bell rang.
  49. >Your eyes snapped to the door, and watched as a young person with a nice, casual shirt stepped through the gates.
  50. >His hair was as gold as the finest jewelry, and his eyes were as blue as the streak in your mane.
  51. >He was like heaven had come to life and looked suave as all hell.
  52. >You became totally immersed in this god of a man.
  54. >Aaaaaand immersion ruined.
  55. >The person paused, then nonchalantly smiled. "Kinda. What do you got in the way of ponies?"
  57. >"Sure. I'm Incognito."
  58. >Incognito...
  59. >That is an oddly specific name.
  60. >But the crazed salesman paid no heed, as led the guy around the bazaar, pointing to all the ponies up for sale.
  61. >You watched intently as he observed each and every one of the ponies.
  62. >All the while, the crazed Arab tried to advertise them with various skills you were certain they didn't have.
  63. >Then again his camels could do some crazy shit, so who knows?
  64. >Then, Incognito looked towards your cage, and noticed you were staring at him.
  65. >You instinctively looked away.
  66. >A good slave never stares.
  67. >Never.
  68. >"How much for that one?"
  69. >Huh?
  70. >You looked back over at Incognito, who was pointing at you questioningly.
  71. >Hassan frowned.
  72. >"FOR THAT ONE? 500 DOLLAR."
  73. >The man grimaced. "Really, that expensive?"
  75. >Incognito sighed. "Hmmm..."
  76. >Your ears drooped, and you lay down once again.
  77. >It was too good to be true...
  78. >You heard Incognito cough. "Well, I know she's expensive, but gosh, seeing her like that just...breaks my heart, y'know?"
  79. >Wait, was he really-
  80. >"I think I'll buy her."
  81. >HE WAS!
  82. >You were almost elated to hear this brave man take you in.
  83. >But Hassan shook his head.
  84. >"OH NONONONO," Hassan interrupted, waving his hands around defensively. "BREAKING OF THE HEART IS EXACTLY HER PLAN."
  85. >Oh Gods no, not this spiel again.
  87. >Every time.
  88. >Incognito grinned. "I still want to buy her. She doesn't seem *that* evil."
  89. >Really??
  90. >Crazy Hassan paused, for just a moment.
  91. >Then, he sighed in defeat. "400 DOLLAR!"
  92. >"I thought it was 500 dollars."
  94. >"I'll take the second option, then...?"
  95. >"DEAL!"
  96. >With that, the crazed Arab took you out of your cage, placed a leash on your collar, and handed it, along with several supplies, to Incognito.
  97. >"SHE IS YOURS..."
  98. >Incognito, your new Master from now own, smiled. "Thank you kindly, sir."
  99. >But just before the two of you left, Hassan placed his hand on the man's shoulder. "PROMISE ME, LAD."
  100. >"Huh?"
  102. >Incognito nodded. "Okay, then, I'm just...gonna head out."
  103. >Finally, he took you out of the bazaar, presumably never to return.
  105. >You hoped you never had to return at this rate.
  106. >You walked slowly behind your Master, following him wherever he led you.
  107. >It certainly wasn't towards any car of his.
  108. >But as he walked, you noticed a bit of uncertainty in his grip.
  109. >Something about him made you think he was reluctant to be your Master.
  110. >But a good slave never questions, right?
  111. >So you followed him unquestioningly.
  112. >Like a good slave.
  113. >Finally, the both of you found your final destination - a small, but very fancy-looking house at the center of a cul-de-sac.
  114. >Well, THAT explains how he was able to pay for you.
  115. >Your Master was apparently, among other things, reasonably wealthy.
  116. >You're not complaining.
  117. >He unlocked the door and started leading you inside.
  118. >Once he was certain the both of you were in, he closed the door and started putting away his other groceries.
  119. >As he did that, you sat down on your rump and waited patiently for his first command.
  120. >Or his first punishment.
  121. >Whichever came first.
  122. >Then, after so long of a wait between purchase and homeward bound, he spoke.
  123. >"So, er, miss pony...?"
  124. >Your ears perked up.
  125. "Y-Yes, Master?"
  126. >He froze for a just a second, just long enough for you to reel back in fear.
  127. "M-Master? Did I do something wrong?" you asked, fearful of what he might do.
  128. >He shook his head. "No, of course not. Was a little surprised at how, well, how mature your voice was."
  129. >Oh.
  130. >Yeah, it had been a while since you last talked.
  131. >"Anyway, I know Crazy Hassan was a bit, well, eccentric about you..."
  132. >Oh, Master, you had no idea...
  133. >"But in the heat of the moment, he never told me your name. What's your name?"
  134. >You tilted your head, wondering why he'd ask you for your name.
  135. "I-I don't have one, Master."
  136. >His eyebrow lifted.
  137. >"Is that true?"
  138. >It wasn't.
  139. >But you wouldn't dare use *that* name.
  140. >"Y-Yes, Master. W-Would you like to give me a name?"
  141. >He clenched his chin, presumably to think of a name for you.
  142. >Then, he snapped his fingers.
  143. >Instinctively, you bowed down in submission, which made him jump in surprise.
  144. "O-Oh, I wasn't asking you to kneel, miss."
  145. >Oh.
  146. >Sheepishly, you got back up, and bowed your head down.
  147. >Then, you turned away from him and waited to be punished.
  148. >"Miss, what are you doing?"
  149. "W-Waiting for you to punish me, Master," you stated, matter-of-factly.
  150. >Master chuckled.
  151. >"An eager little girl, are we?"
  152. >Oh.
  153. >You turned back around, and waited.
  154. >"Well, er, I can't quite think of a good name, so bear with me here." he muttered. "How about...?"
  155. >He surveyed your body, all battered and dirtied from your time at the emporium.
  156. >"How about Ivory?"
  157. >Ivory.
  158. >The name made you smile.
  159. >"You like it?" he asked.
  160. "Thank you, Master. I-It's perfect!"
  161. >It truly was.
  162. >Though in honesty, any name would have worked just as well.
  163. >But Ivory just stood out to you as being beautiful.
  164. >He smiled. "That's good. I think you'll enjoy living here, Ivory."
  165. >Then, he reached down to gently stroke your mane.
  166. >You felt a wave of pleasure surge through your head as he petted you.
  167. >Yes, you would enjoy living with Master Incognito.
  168. >Then just as soon as the petting had begun, it stopped.
  169. >"So, Ivory," he asked, "what do you like to do?"
  170. >Well, you did like being petted.
  171. >But you weren't there just to be petted and played with.
  172. >Oh no.
  173. >You had a job to do.
  174. >And a good slave always makes a good first impression.
  175. "Well, Master," you explained, "I can clean, I can cook, and in the bedroom-"
  176. >Master shook his head. "No, Ivory, that falls under what you can do, what other, more cruel people would make you do."
  177. >It was what you were good at, though!
  178. >"What I want to know is, what do you LIKE to do? As in do you have any hobbies?"
  179. >That was a very hard question to answer.
  180. >Slaves don't have hobbies.
  181. >They only have their orders.
  182. "W-Well... uhhh.."
  183. >"It's okay," he assured you, "don't be shy."
  184. >You gulped.
  185. "Well, uh, I-I usually just do whatever my Master wants me to do, and I usually just clean, cook, fuck, something like that. S-so I don't really have anything I l-like to do myself."
  186. >He grumbled.
  187. >Oh no.
  188. "I-I've disappointed you, haven't I Master?"
  189. >Master shook his head again.
  190. >"No, but I'm a little surprised."
  191. >Then, you noticed a slight bulge in his crotch, indicating that Master was getting horny.
  192. "O-Oh, let me get that for you, Master!"
  193. >You had it ingrained in your mind what you needed to do.
  194. >So without even thinking, you used your mouth to unzip his pants and send them down.
  195. >"I-Ivory-" he choked, presumably pleasantly surprised at how fast you responded.
  196. "Shhhh.." you whispered, in a seductive tone, "just let me handle it, Master, and it'll all be fine..."
  197. >Master would be so happy to see you suck him off so quickly.
  198. >"Hnngggg..."
  199. >Then you see it.
  200. >Master's hardened cock.
  201. >I-It's a lot smaller than you thought it was.
  202. >But who are you to complain?
  203. >You began sucking on it, as Master would want.
  204. "Mmmmmmphh..." you moaned.
  205. >Stroking the rock-solid phallus so gently with your tongue, as if it were a simple lollipop on a stick - that made Master feel good, and it made you feel good.
  206. >It tasted good, too - though a slave never complains or compliments, she just does.
  207. >That was not the purpose of doing that, though.
  208. >Your Master needed release, a-and if you stroked his dick he'd be able to have it.
  209. >And you bet he'd love to see your pretty face completely dirtied by his release.
  210. >Eventually, you saw an unmistakable throbbing extruding from his dick.
  211. >In response, you opened your mouth up and waited him to cum.
  212. >"I-Ivory, no, please- Haaaaaaaaaaaah"
  213. >And then, he came.
  214. >That white, thick, liquid-y substance came flooding from his cock, spreading all throughout your face.
  215. >And ever so eagerly you lapped up as much cum as you could.
  216. >Like a good slave.
  217. >Like a good cumslut.
  218. >Master would be proud.
  219. >Eventually, Master's wells turned dry, and you were left with the cum on your face, and the remainder on the floor beside you.
  220. >"M-Master," you groaned, trying to catch your breath from drinking so much cum, "d-do you feel better? W-Was I good?"
  221. >You looked up, expecting Master to be smiling.
  222. >But he wasn't.
  223. >Instead, he had a ghastly look upon his face - one filled with fear and dread.
  224. >And that filled YOU with dread.
  225. >So much for a good first impression.
  226. "I-I'm sorry, Master," you stammered, in a state of panic from what he might do. "I-I'll try and drink your cum faster, Master! I-I promise I'll do better!"
  227. >Master simply shook his head.
  228. >"O-Oh, Ivory..."
  229. >That was it.
  230. >Not even 5 minutes in his home, and you had already soured your relations with Master Incognito.
  231. >Y-You d-didn't deserve him.
  232. >You didn't deserve such a kind and caring Master.
  233. >You didn't even deserve that name he gave you.
  234. "P-Please, Master, d-don't send me back!" you cried, tears now flowing from your eyes like a torrent.
  235. >In response, Master knelt down once again, and reached out.
  236. >You reeled back, instinctively, as he was only doing that to punish you.
  237. >But when you saw that he wasn't trying to hurt you outright, you, ever so reluctantly, moved forward.
  238. >"Ivory," he sighed, "I don't know what made y'all think sucking me off when I got hard was a good idea, but hear me out, okay? I don't want you doing that ever again. That disturbed the ever-living heavens out of me."
  239. >Oh.
  240. >S-So you weren't supposed to suck him off.
  241. >I-It would have been helpful to know earlier.
  242. >But you had fucked up.
  243. >Badly.
  244. >"Understand?"
  245. "Y-Yes, Master."
  246. >Then, you looked around and located the whipping crop Hassan had packed with your belongings, and levitated it into Master's hand.
  247. "I-I've been a bad slave, Master. Bad slaves deserve to be whipped."
  248. >Then, finally, you lay down on the floor, and waited for Master to whip you.
  249. >He just stared down at the crop.
  250. >"Why on God's Earth would I do that, Ivory?"
  251. "B-Because I did something without your permission, because I violated you without asking, because-"
  252. >"Ivory, Ivory, Ivory," he sighed, shaking his head. "I'm not gonna whip you."
  253. >He then took the whip and tossed it aside.
  254. >"Come here," Incognito beckoned.
  255. >You didn't at first, in fear of what he might do otherwise.
  256. >But, having disobeyed him, Master picked you off from the floor, and carried you over to a chair, which he then sat down in.
  257. >Then he placed you onto his lap.
  258. >It was actually pretty comfortable-
  259. >No.
  260. >A slave doesn't think those thoughts about her Master, not after being a bad slave like you had.
  261. >"Ivory, look at me."
  262. >You did as he asked, and you saw a look of concern, as if he himself had done something wrong.
  263. >You trembled.
  264. "M-Master? W-Why aren't y-you punishing me?"
  265. >"Look," he explained, "I don't know what happened before I bought you, and I have a gut feeling that old coot might have been the reason..."
  266. >He wasn't.
  267. >But you could see why he'd think that.
  268. >"But really, I just wanted someone who I could play with and have around. Like a companion, or a pet puppy, or something. Not someone I would rape, or abuse, or any of that."
  269. >A-A Master who wouldn't abuse you?
  270. >W-What?
  271. "M-Master? Isn't that what I'm for, to be abused like some sort of nobody?"
  272. >He sighed.
  273. >"Ivory..."
  274. >Oh no.
  275. >You know where this would lead.
  276. >He'd take you back, back to that wretched place.
  277. "P-Please don't send me back there, Master! I-I can be a good slave! I c-can-"
  278. >In desperation, you lunged forward to kiss him, before he pushed you back.
  279. >"NO!"
  280. >You winced.
  281. >I-If he wasn't before, he surely would now.
  282. >"Ivory, wha-"
  283. "Master?" you asked. "I-I'm so sorry, I d-don't know what came over me. P-Please, I want to be a good slave, but I-I've been so bad, especially on my first day of being your t-to keep!"
  284. >He shook his head again.
  285. "W-Will you tell me, please, h-how to be a good slave?"
  286. >"You can start," he responded, "by calming down stop beating yourself over messing up."
  287. >It was very hard to calm down, at risk of being kicked out.
  288. >But you started to calm your breath, even if just a tiny bit.
  289. >He started to stroke your mane again, which helped relieve a fraction of your tension.
  290. >But things were still very tense.
  291. >"Ivory, I'll be honest. I'm not going to use you as an object, or treat you like a common whore. That isn't what I bought you for. Heck, you don't even need to call me Master in my house."
  292. "B-But Master, what am I to call you? Owner? Supreme leader?"
  293. >He smiled.
  294. >"Just Incognito, or Incog, is fine."
  295. >You nodded.
  296. "Y-Yes, Incognito sir."
  297. >He facepalmed. "Not Incognito, 'sir', Ivory, just Incog."
  298. >Several questions were flurrying through your mind right now, with how confusing Incognito was acting right now.
  299. >But a good slave should never question.
  300. "Y-Yes s- ahhhh, Incog."
  301. >To you, though, no matter what Incognito wished to be called, you would always know of him as Master.
  302. >You SHOULD always know of him as Master.
  303. >And you smiled at that fact.
  304. >Master coughed.
  305. >"Tell me, Ivory. What is life, to you? What was your previous Master like?"
  306. >You gulped.
  307. >There was no good answer to what Master asked.
  308. >What you would want to answer was disrespectful, but what Master might expect is not the truth.
  309. >So you didn't respond.
  310. "Do you enjoy being a slave?"
  311. "Y-Yes, Ma- er, Incognito. I-I do."
  312. >"Do you, really?" he asked again, unconvinced of your answer.
  313. "I-I do, really. But it doesn't matter. I've always been told that obeying Master comes first, that what I want is irrelevant to what my owner wants. If I can't obey, I'm to be punished, to be beaten or whipped, or worse - abandoned. My M-Master's will is superior, and that's my life."
  314. >You trembled as you managed the words, for all the while, memories of your previous Master came pouring back.
  315. >Memories of how he beat you, how he raped you, of how he treated you like you were a criminal being tortured in the name of justice.
  316. >A slave does not deserve anything better.
  317. >Only what her Master wished.
  318. >But you smiled.
  319. "B-But I enjoy it, really. It's n-not like I can't have fun while doing it, right?"
  320. >"Miss, can you tell me your name?"
  321. >Oh joy, an easy question.
  322. >Real good change of pace.
  323. "My name is Ivory."
  324. >He shook his head.
  325. >Wait, that wasn't your name?
  326. >"Not that one. That was just a placeholder, and I'm pretty certain you had a name before coming here. Now what's your name?"
  327. >You blinked.
  328. "M-My previous owner called me cumbucket, bitch, cumslut, whore-"
  329. >"No, that's not what I meant. I mean a real name, from before you were a slave."
  330. >You could have sworn you saw a tear come from his eye.
  331. >"From before humans came to Equestria."
  332. >Memories - painful, PAINFUL memories came rushing back.
  333. >Memories of when your old Master took you in.
  334. >Of when he forcefully reminded you every single night that what you were in the previous life was that of a mare who needed severe punishment.
  335. >Slaves don't deserve names.
  336. >Especially not bad slaves like you.
  337. "T-There wasn't anything before being a slave, honest, Incognito!"
  338. >Master narrowed his eyebrows. "Sure there was. There had to have been."
  339. >You felt tears come from your eyes again.
  340. >It was painful to even think of your name.
  341. >Without even realizing it, you mumbled something.
  342. >"What was that?"
  343. >Then, you took a deep breath, and repeated it.
  344. "Starlight Glimmer. Starlight Glimmer was my name."
  345. >There was a deep silence that entombed the room for what felt like forever.
  346. >Then, Master smiled.
  347. >"Then we'll go with Starlight Glimmer. It's a better name, I think."
  348. >Oh.
  349. >Oh no no no.
  350. "Oh, no, you mustn't-"
  351. >"But I will," he affirmed, a calm, caring smile on his face. "In my care, I'd rather you be yourself, rather than what stereotypical slave you think I expect you to be. And if that means using your own name, then that's fine."
  352. >He... He expects you to be a free pony?
  353. "Master, I don't understand."
  354. >Master scowled. "What was that about calling me 'Master'?"
  355. >Oh.
  356. >Shit, right.
  357. "S-Sorry, Ma- er, si- errrr, I mean, Incognito."
  358. >He shook his head again.
  359. >You'd think with how many times he shook his head, his brain got loose.
  360. "B-But why?"
  361. >"Why what?"
  362. "Why are you treating me nicely? I've done nothing to deserve it. A b-bad slave never deserves-"
  363. >He chuckled. "That's the thing. I'm not treating you like a slave. Heck, I'm sorry I even bought ya."
  364. >Oh no.
  365. >He regrets owning me.
  366. "Ma- Incognito, if y-you don't want me, I-I can-"
  367. >"Oh no, I'm grateful I've gotten to meet you," Master admitted. "I'm just bummed that I wound up buying the life and well-being of some other borderline human being."
  368. >Oh...
  369. >"I just wanted someone to kinda be friends with, is all. Nothing more to it, Starlight."
  370. >You mentally winced at Master's usage of your old name.
  371. >You hated it when people spoke your name.
  372. >It always brought back bad memories.
  373. >But he *is* your Master.
  374. >He then started to get up from the chair, prompting you to leap off to avoid getting pushed off.
  375. >A good slave knows to get off Master's lap before he gets up.
  376. >You learned that the hard way.
  377. "Welp," he shrugged, "I'd better get ready for dinner. All that walking in the heat made me pretty hungry."
  378. >You looked around to see what time it was-
  379. >Oh, shit, he's right.
  380. >It's 6:00!
  381. >Usually you'd have Master's dinner ready by now.
  382. "I-I'll go get dinner started, Ma- er, Incog-"
  383. >"No go, Starlight," he interrupted, putting a finger to your mouth.
  384. >You were almost tempted to lick it.
  385. >But after what had just happened, it' not to pull any more shenanigans right now.
  386. >"I'll go get dinner set up. Wait here, and I'll try and surprise you. I think you'll like what I'm making."
  387. >And with that, he walked to the kitchen, leaving you behind to wait for his return...
  389. "Wow..."
  390. >About thirty minutes later, give or take, he came back, beckoning you to the kitchen table for dinner.
  391. >And what a dinner it was - a roasted ham on a bed of lettuce, a beautiful garden salad, a set of mashed potatoes, a bunch of bananas, and a nice loaf of wheat bread.
  392. >Master was going to enjoy his dinner so much.
  393. >You were almost jealous at his cooking skills.
  394. >However, you couldn't help but notice that there were two sets of silverware.
  395. "Who's the other person you're cooking for, Incognito?" you asked Master, pointing to the plate. "Your wife?"
  396. >In response, he pointed to you.
  397. >You were a little taken aback from his statement.
  398. "I-I'm not your wife, Master - you haven't put a ring on me."
  399. >He just laughed.
  400. >"No, no, I mean the dinner is also for you!"
  401. >What.
  402. "No. You're foaling me."
  403. >"I'm not," he smiled.
  404. >There was no way.
  405. "Ma- I mean, Incognito! I don't deserve dinner at the table!"
  406. >"You do in my house, Starlight," he explained.
  407. >Wow.
  408. >Incognito was so generous.
  409. >Almost too generous...
  410. >Master sat down at the table, and started serving himself a plate.
  411. >With nothing else better to do, you sat down too, and looked for nearby food for *you* to eat.
  412. >"What'cha looking for?"
  413. "Dog food."
  414. >He blinked. "Why?"
  415. "It's my dinner, right?"
  416. >He cleared his throat. "I guess I didn't make myself clear - this dinner, even the food I'm having, is ours to eat. Again, I'm not treating you like a slave in this household."
  417. >You were blown away at how...nice, this man was.
  418. >Your suspicions were correct - he didn't want you to be his slave.
  419. >But that's what he bought you for, right?
  420. >So you might as well just go along with it.
  421. >You weren't complaining about delicious free food.
  422. >So, with a nod, you thanked Master and started serving yourself something to eat.
  423. >Obviously you didn't want ham.
  424. >You decided to try the garden salad, and put seasoning on it.
  425. >Then you got a bit of mashed potatoes, but put no gravy on it because it has meat in it and ponies don't eat meat.
  426. >At least, you've never tried it, so who knows?
  427. >Then you took a banana, and buttered a slice of bread.
  428. >And with that, your dinner was complete, and it looked like Master had begun eating his dinner, so you started eating.
  429. >It was delicious.
  430. >How long had it been since you last ate a decent meal?
  431. >For as long as you could remember, all you ate were dog food, piss or cum.
  432. >Nothing like the meal Master was offering.
  433. >"Enjoying yourself?"
  434. >You looked up from your meal, to see that Master Incognito was smiling.
  435. "Y-Yfff, NNNcgggnnnnt..." you mumbled.
  436. >"Good," he stated. “Was worried the food didn't turn out well. I'm a terrible chef, y'know?”
  437. >You felt a wave of peace inside you.
  438. >This was the Master that had come to take you to a better place.
  439. >"So, Starlight, tell me about your last owner."
  440. >Your better place seemed to vanish.
  441. >The wave of peace vanished along with it.
  442. >It was too good to last.
  443. "Mm..." you mumbled, trying to swallow your last bit of food before you answered.
  444. >Once you swallowed your potatoes, you answered him. "What about him?"
  445. >"What was he like?"
  446. >Oh boy...
  447. >How to answer him?
  448. "Well..."
  449. >You didn't want to lie about him.
  450. >But you wanted Master to be happy.
  451. >"Starlight?"
  452. "Well...m-my old Master was..."
  453. >Memories of how bad your old Master was kept flowing through your head, like a ghost that would haunt you forever.
  454. "H-He was bad-" you blurted out, before covering your mouth as you realized what you said.
  455. >"Uh-huh...?"
  456. >After realizing Master wouldn't hurt you, you continued.
  457. "I-I mean, he would, er, hurt me i-if I was bad, a-and would force me to suck h-him off every day, a-and w-when I was good, h-he'd-"
  458. >You felt the waterworks fill up once again, but before you could become yet another tear-stained wreck in front of Master, he came up to your chair and started to pet you.
  459. >"There, there..." he cooed, trying to soothe your mind. "It's going to be alright."
  460. >You reluctantly looked up at your owner.
  461. >"I don't know how long he's had to mess you up, but at my home, things will be better," he reassured you. "There won't be any talk of abuse or fear here."
  462. >You almost wanted to believe him.
  463. >But after the last Master...
  464. "P-Promise...?"
  465. >"Promise."
  466. >Then, he took his plate, and your empty plate, and put it in the sink.
  467. >You got up to go clean them, before Incognito stopped you. "Don't you worry your pretty little about that. I'll take care of it tomorrow."
  468. >O-Oh.
  469. >This Master wasn't going to let you do his chores?
  470. >"Now, it's time to bed. We've both had a pretty long day."
  471. >Oh.
  472. >Yeah, no, that made sense - of course he'd have a strict curfew.
  474. >He led you through the house to his bedroom, where he had two beds installed.
  475. >To your left was a very neatly made bed, as if it were brand new.
  476. >To your right, a bed that looked like a wreck - all the blankets were wrinkled, the pillows were scattered about, and even the sheets were starting to come undone.
  477. >Yep, that was your bed, alright.
  478. >But as you started walking to it, Master Incognito stopped you.
  479. "M-Ma- I mean, I-Incognito?"
  480. >"That's my bed, and as much as I like you so far, I'm not comfortable with you sleeping with me quiiiite yet."
  481. >Oh?
  482. "B-But I thought t-that was my bed, Incognito. I thought my owner's bed would be nicely kept."
  483. >He snorted. "You should see the way I sleep sometimes." Then, he gestured to the neatly made bed. "That's where you're going to sleep tonight."
  484. >Oh no.
  485. >Oh no no no.
  486. "Master, I-I shouldn't-"
  487. >"What did I say about calling me Master?"
  488. >You felt a twinge of pain at his words.
  489. "S-Sorry, Incognito. B-But I don't deserve a good bed."
  490. >"You do in my house," he explained once again.
  491. >H-He was really going to give you a good bed?
  492. >Never in your life did you think he was going to be this nice.
  493. >You gave him the most genuine smile you've ever had.
  494. "T-Thank you, Incognito.."
  495. >"No problem, Starlight Glimmer."
  496. >You slowly inched towards the bed, almost tempted to run from it.
  497. >Eventually, you decided to jump onto it, and OH GODS ABOVE, IT FELT GOOD.
  498. >This was the most comfortable you had ever been in your entire life...
  499. >Looking to your left, you saw Incognito had followed suit.
  500. >"Getting comfy there?"
  501. >You nodded.
  502. >"Good," he yawned. “Ma used to love that bed so much.”
  503. >Yes.
  504. >This was good.
  505. >But something wasn't 'good'.
  506. >Something was bugging you.
  507. >But you wouldn't dare ask.
  508. >...
  509. >Would you?
  510. "I-Incog, may I have permission to ask you something?"
  511. >He yawned again. "Sure."
  512. "W-Would you...would you please let me call you Master again? I feel so uncomfortable calling you just by your name."
  513. >Master wrinkled his nose, confused by your question.
  514. >"Oh? Why's that?"
  515. "Well...I-It just feels wrong and disrespectful treating my owner as an equal. I dunno how else to describe it."
  516. >He chuckled. "Again, I'd rather you not, but...if it makes you feel better, then sure."
  517. >You nodded. "T-Thank you, Master."
  518. >Master shrugged, then turned away.
  519. >H-He was being so nice.
  520. >Y-You might almost dare to-
  521. "M-Master, another question."
  522. >"Shoot."
  523. >You gulped.
  524. >Moment of truth.
  525. "C-Can you...c-can you please call me Ivory?"
  526. >He turned back towards you, with his eyebrows raised.
  527. >"I dunno, I kinda like Starlight Glimmer better."
  528. "I don't."
  529. >There was another silence that filled the room.
  530. >Then Master broke the silence.
  531. >"You don't?"
  532. >You shook your head as he parroted your admission.
  533. "I-I know it's not my position to complain about my name, Master, b-but I just feel bad about using my real name. It brings back bad memories."
  534. >He paused, as if to ponder whether he should call you by your preferred name.
  535. >Then, he smiled. "Alright, Ivory."
  536. >You smiled in return. "Thank you, Master."
  537. >"No problem."
  538. >Then, he turned off the lamp at the side of his bed. "G'night, Ivory."
  539. "G-Good night, Master."
  540. >As you turned off your light, you smiled.
  541. >Master Incognito was so generous, so kind and honest.
  542. >And you saw no reason that would end anytime soon.
  543. >So you lay on your bed, wondering what he would have you do the next day.
  544. >You think you'll enjoy living here just as well...
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