OWB 3.4 Patch Notes

Nov 23rd, 2021
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  1. -- Update 3.3.15 --
  3. ### Added
  4. - Added focus progress checks to the Alamo Chapter focus ‘This Time as a Farce’ so you can start it if Ejército Mexicano has started either of those focuses.
  5. - Added several new leader traits including: Lead Foot(for car nations), Camouflage, Lone Wolf, Xenotech expert, and Fortune finder.
  6. - Added the Lambda Tribe who, upon Lanius being capitulated, will gain cores on their respective lands and be available for release or puppeting.
  8. ### Changed
  9. - Changed Caesar Legion focus ‘The Hashkeh Naabaah’ to spawn the units in flagstaff instead of New Navajo.
  10. - Changed how we limit wargoal justification from removing wargoals in the justification screen to disabling the justification button with a tooltip and why you can’t justify wars right now.
  11. - Changed white peace event for the Mojave Brotherhood with the Legion to also peace out Lanius and the Iron Alliance if they are at war with you but not in the Legions faction.
  13. ### Fixed
  14. - Fixed spelling issues in New Cannan starting unit names.
  15. - Fixed spelling issue in New Vegas focus ‘Cerulean Robotics’.
  16. - Fixed Odysseus not having manpower laws.
  17. - Fixed the event from asking to join a faction giving the faction leader the wrong country's name in the asking to join event.
  18. - Fixed Legion event ‘The Arizona Wars’ having both options be labeled the same.
  19. - Fixed tooltip in “The Malpas Legion” to show that divisions rewarded from the first option aren’t locked.
  20. - Fixed localisation errors in several focuses.
  21. - Fixed issue with Texas Brotherhood focus ‘Restore the Lone Star’ not properly adding them into your faction.
  22. - Fixed issue of Crusher’s Army becoming Shale’s puppet even if Shale’s Army was already dead.
  23. - Fixed possibility of New Vegas having the focuses ‘The Vault’ and ‘The Platinum Chip’ being completed again allowing you to obtain the rewards twice.
  25. ### Removed
  26. - Removed locked status from the following templates, which Reno can get in their focus tree: Hell Hammers, Roaring Bears, Thradd Immortals.
  27. - Removed locked status from the divisions you gain in the ‘The Chariots of Two Sun’ Caesar Legion decision.
  29. ### Technical Changes
  30. - Added in a new faction effect called ‘unmark_from_current_faction’ this is to act as a ‘catch all’ for unmarking a nation from whatever faction they existed in when the effect is called. It’s main use is to remove a nation from a faction when you mark it as in another faction as that wasn’t properly handled before. Added the effect to all current mark effects in base Old World Blues as well as setup the templates to deal with it. You only need to make a faction in a different faction and it’ll handle the rest.
  31. - Added new nation type ‘Car Nation’ currently applied to the nations Two Suns, Eighties, and Ironmongers. They are set using a array instead of flags for more info on how to set a nation as a car nation check the set_arrays_on_actions.txt file in common/on_actions.
  32. - Moved several focus icon spriteType declarations out of the subfolders found in the interface folder and into the current 3 focus icon gfx files we have.
  34. -- Update 3.4 Thanksgiving Update --
  36. ### Added
  37. - New loading screen, main theme, focus tree and events to help celebrate the holidays!
  38. - Gobble Gobble.
  40. ### Changed
  41. - Major preliminary database changes to facilitate No Step Back's support.
  43. ### Fixed
  44. - Lanius in the Kaiser's Legion game rule now breaks off correctly.
  46. ### Removed
  47. - Doctrines, and a good deal of army advisors, aren't available in this release for technical reasons.
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