The 26th of December, 2017 -Chapter One

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  1. So much bullshit from /v/tards and redditors that I'm making a summary so we can maybe get some self-moderation in here.
  3. December 26th 2017
  4. <name>'s duty has ended, all singularities have been erased, the threat to humankind has vanished.
  5. The Ley-shift facilities, which make possible Alteration (Amending) of the Past, an act of rebellion against Human History, are hereby frozen.
  6. Having fulfilled their roles, the Servants of Chaldea have been released from their contracts and departed.
  7. Excluding Temporary Director Da Vinci, all Servants have disappeared from the face of the earth.
  9. The chapter starts out with the protagonist being woken up by Fou and an alarm clock and talking to Mashu. Last night was a big Christmas party and also a celebration of the passing of one year since the completion of the Grand Order. Most of the staff will be moving up in the world to different places.
  10. The protagonist plans to go home, but doesn't know what he's going to do after that. He's still not sure what he's going to do with the mother-load of a salary he just got.
  13. ""I was sure to look at it objectively and not show any favoritism, but no matter how I reckon it it's got to be at least this much." -Da Vinci" -Mashu.
  16. Mashu says that he should spend it however he wishes, but her recommendation is of course savings, so as not to be troubled by any unexpected expenses.
  17. Mashu will be staying at Chaldea for a little longer, as she apparently still needs to be "cut away from the summoning system" At this point Fou runs out the door, and Mashu goes after him to make sure he doesn't cause any trouble, reminding the protagonist that there is a farewell party tonight as she goes. After a moment of thought, the protagnist decides to take a walk/visit the control room.
  19. The tone gets a bit darker as he sees a female Control Room staff member and a male engineer discussing the situation.
  20. The inquiry group is at the base of the mountain, awaiting the end of the blizzard to take a helicopter up to Chaldea. In addition, the new director and 50 of his "lackeys" will be arriving as well.
  21. The engineer laments that the Mage's Association, having long thought nothing of Chaldea, are coming to take over and reap all the benefits now that they've realized it’s value. He then states that perhaps it's not his place to get mad about it, but Olga wouldn't be happy about this.
  22. The staff member points out that the engineer had always hated Olga, which the engineer affirms, saying that she was quick to yell at people, did poor work, and often made mistakes, but he now understood that she simply had more responsibility than she was ready for, and thought that she did well for how unqualified she was.
  23.  The staff member replies that she ought to have been complete when she became the successor to the Animusphere family, and that she insisted on having her rightful place as the new Director and the result was the sorry state they were in now. Chaldea was almost destroyed, and the Mage's Association's support was absolutely necessary for it to rebuild.
  25. "It's not a great situation, but if we want Chaldea to continue functioning we have no option other than accepting a new Director. If Olgamari was still alive she'd welcome him, rather than having to shut down."
  27. At this point they notice the protagist, or he speaks up. They greet him, (as "Canidate <name> interesting enough) and the engineer says he might join him in taking a walk.
  29. "This might be last time I'll be able to casually show up at other people's departments without having to get a pass."
  30. It's revealed that the engineer's name is Duston, and that he's a normal engineer who had no connection to Magecraft. He was originally a poor physicist studying cosmic rays, and Marriesbilly scouted him for his knowledge of particle accelerators 15 years ago. Chaldea is like his home, and he will be staying.
  31. The staff member, who's name is revealed to be Sylvia, has been scouted by a faction in the Clock-tower, and will call him if it looks like they'll be able to make a next-generation Chaldeus over there.
  33. "We're mature adults, so lets make sure we both sell the skills we've acquired for a good price"
  35. Duston warns the protagonist that the Inquisitory Commission will have a lot of questions for him, and may not treat him very well, but so long as he's cooperative and doesn't say anything he shouldn't they'll eventually have no choice but to let him go. Sylvia agrees with this, stating that the protagonist has done nothing wrong and that if something happens all of the staff will have his back.
  36. The protagonist visits Da Vinci in her workshop, where she teases him a little.
  39. "Are you sure you don't want to be with Mashu? There's only a few day's left in the year, and I would think you would want to make as many memories as possible."
  42. The protagonist either ignores her and says he's here to greet here there for the last time, or gets embarrassed and chucks things at her. Da Vinci says she's in the middle of writing a report and that she'll listen any questions while doing it. She then continues on to say that he doesn't even need to ask, as she already knows what he wants to know. She proceeds to summarize the events of part one.
  45. "Indeed, the exhilarating adventure spanning legends has come to an end. What awaits us now is reality."
  48. Chaldea has lost 80% of it's staff, and will need new staff members from outside in order to continue functioning. The arrangements were completed one month ago, and the preparations were finished a week ago. The new staff have almost arrived, and within a few days Chaldea will have a new operating structure.
  49. The new director is to be Gorldolf Mujik, a successor of a fairly famous family who used his considerable fiances to purchase the rights to Chaldea. The majority of the remaining current staff will be leaving their positions here.
  50. However, Da Vinci does not consider this a problem. The only thing she's worried about is the Inquisitory Committee. Chaldea did many things that were forbidden to it during the Grand Order, including instituting significant personnel changes on their own authority, disclosing secret knowledge to non-mage staff, exceeding the original limit of seven in their summoning of servants, and conducting Ley-shifts without approval, all serious crimes.
  51.  From the perspective of the outside organizations, the world ended and was saved while they were sleeping, and all the remains are records, many casualties, severely injured Master Candidates, and a lot of broken rules. The purpose of the Committee is to determine to what extent these things were done intentionally. Da Vinci is writing reports in order to clear any misunderstandings and help prove the innocence of Chaldea
  54. "Once that's complete I'll be done. I'll finally be able to put down all the luggage he dumped on me. That includes you by the way."
  57. The reports she's writing are mostly about the use of servants, as they're the thing that the outside agencies are most worried about.
  58. She moves on to talk about the other 47 Master candidates who were frozen on the verge of death. Almost all of them have been successfully revived and sent home, but the seven who made up the A Team along with Mashu are still frozen. Their thawing and revival seems like it will be harder than the others and had been put off until Chaldea is running properly again, but with the specialist among the new staff they will finally be ready.
  59. Da Vinci speculates that at least some of the A Team will join the new Chaldea as Masters, as they wouldn't end the protagonist's employment there unless the new director had a lead on a trustworthy Mage to serve as one.
  62. "Well there's lots of complicated stuff happening, but just leave it all to me! I've been preparing for this for about half a year!"
  64. "Don't you mean "We've", Leonardo Da Vinci? The investigations of the movements in the Mage's Association, the Saint Graph concealment (that's the cannon translation of 霊基 right?), and the departures of each Servant were done primarily by my efforts. Elementary tasks though they were."
  67. The protagonist is shocked by the appearance of Holmes, much to his amusement. Da Vinci is annoyed Holmes revealing himself. She states that Holmes is a secret among secrets, and she hasn't said even a word about his existence to the Magecraft Association so he can serve as insurance, just in case. The protagonist replies in the Solid Snake school of conversation, saying either "Insurance?" or "Just in case?" Holmes explains that in the event that there is an enemy unseen to them, he will be their ally unseen by the enemy. However, as he's not combat-oriented, he won't be any help in a fight.
  69. "Baritsu is simply a form of self-defense. How could you expect me to defend any more than myself against an armed group?"
  71. Da Vinci says that there won't be a fight, and she mostly kept Holmes here to help her with her work. Holmes is apparently a great deal more adept in science and Magecraft than he was in his books, and has been able to help Da Vinci with the creation of a certain gadget. The case is shown, and Da Vinci claims that it's contents are "about as valuable as the earth". The "transfer" isn't done yet so it can't be taken out yet, but it should be done in five days before they leave Chaldea, and she'll tell the protagonist about it's contents then. Holmes agrees with that decision and returns to his workshop, assuring the protagonist that should he end up locked up somewhere he'll reveal one of his secret skills. The protagonist dreams of Super Baristsu for a moment, but Da Vinci says it's probably lock-picking. With this the first scene ends.
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