Tumble; filly scout (RumblexAnon+Sisters, lewd) to do

Jul 13th, 2017
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  2. >Would you buy her cookies?
  5. >Comes out the door
  6. >See this
  7. "Rumble? Why are you--"
  8. >Some snickering catches your attention, and you look up to see the two sisters lying on a cloud and watching, grinning deviously
  9. >Hear a faint buzzing sound
  10. "What's happening here?"
  11. >The colt is blushing like crazy
  12. >He mumbles something, before he lets out a pant
  13. >The buzzing makes you curious, so you inspect him some more
  14. >And you notice he's slightly fidgeting, his back legs quivering every so often and positioned close together
  15. "Did they put something in your butt, again?"
  16. >His face gets even redder than before, his lips tightly shut, his eyes go down, obviously too embarrassed to look at you
  17. >And he gives you a quick nod
  18. >You give a defeated sigh
  19. >Fucking deviants
  20. >Oh well, might as well entertain them
  21. "Come here,"
  22. >You lift his gaze using a hand, and cup his cheek using the other
  23. >Then you kneel down and leans forward, capturing his soft lips with yours
  24. >He whimpers in surprise, then moans when the realization hits him
  25. >When you finally let go of him, you notice his soldier standing at attention, throbbing in need, a bit of pre beading at his tip
  26. >And when you look up you find the two sisters completely flabbergasted by your display
  27. >And horny, if their flicking tails and flitter's lip bite tells you anything
  28. >It's your turn to grin
  29. "I'm sure those cookies are delicious, and I'd love to get some, but I'm kinda short on money this month, so how about we negotiate?"
  30. >The colt's happy expression turns into a pondering one, before he peeks up, expectantly looking for a response
  31. >And it comes from cloud's head eagerly nodding
  32. >"Um, I guess we can..."
  33. "How about I pay you in... liquid?"
  34. >You point to the bulge forming on your crotch
  35. >He gulps, and looks up again
  36. >"YES, SUCK HIS DICK!"
  37. >He has a hard time meeting your gaze, but if the throb of his pride means anything, he's just as eager to get to the juicy part as you are
  38. >"S-sure,"
  40. >You have been... 'saving up' lately, what's with all the work and the weekly monster attack that stopped you right as you were getting close
  41. >And you were planning to have some alone time later today
  42. >Guess this is fine
  43. >Another throb from your cock
  44. >Yep, definitely fine
  45. >So you stand up and step aside, signaling the colt to get in
  46. >His little cock slaps against his stomach as his mind realizes that he's going to get some dick if he enters
  47. >And you grin when he does
  49. >You lead him to your living room, and signals for him to sit down
  50. >"Do you want anything to drink?"
  51. >He pauses for a second, not prepared to receive this kind of question
  52. >"N-no,"
  53. >A loud bang startles you both, and your heads turn towards it to find the sisters' faces squished against your window
  54. >You roll your eyes at their antics and walk towards them
  55. >Flitter recoils more and more as you get closer, obviously trying to make herself appear smaller
  56. >She certainly would've fled if her sister wasn't next to her
  57. >Grinning, as usual
  58. >Challenging you, even
  59. >You never know what's in that noggin of hers
  60. >But it certainly involves Rumble's cock
  61. >Or maybe even his ass
  62. >Whatever
  63. >You proceeds to open the window
  64. "So... You girls want to come in?"
  65. >Flitter's gaze instantly turns towards her sister
  66. >And she shakes her head
  67. >But doesn't say anything
  68. "You're just going to look?"
  69. >Her devious grin widens
  70. >And you roll your eyes once more
  71. >Fucking deviants
  72. >But you still have an erection to please, two, if you feel like a gentleman
  73. >So you turn around, take the five steps you need to get in front of the colt, and unceremoniously unzips your dick
  74. >He gulps as the head of your cock appears, and he keeps his eyes locked onto it as it bounces up and down
  75. >You even see him lick his lips as you slowly stroke yourself
  76. >Fuck, you really need this
  78. >And the way his little cock throbs against his stomach is more than enough for you to decide to keep going
  79. >He gasps and his eyes shoot up to find yours as you place your free hand on top of his head
  80. >You give his scalp a couple scratches, and his ears flick adorably in response
  81. >Before you take a (relatively gentle) fistful of his mane, and finally pull him closer to your pride
  82. "Say 'ahhh~',"
  83. >You singsong before your tip boops his muzzle, smearing the bead of pre that was already building up, and he takes a deep inhale when the smell hits him
  84. >But he keeps his eyes on yours the whole time
  85. >Just the way he knows you love it
  86. >"A-ahhh--mph~,"
  87. >Your crown disappears between his lips the second they part
  88. >And you groan when he gives your underside a slow lap
  90. "Yes, that's it, lap it all up,"
  91. >A submissive moan escapes his lips as you push another inch inside of his waiting maw
  92. >You keep your hold on his mane as you lose the one on your shaft, now that it's secured between his lips, and bring your now free hand forward to stroke his cheek
  93. "Atta' girl~, take it all in--"
  94. >A loud moan brings your attention to the window, and sure enough, you see the sisters pleasuring themselves to the sight
  95. >Flitter's lower half is still hidden by the wall but the movements of the hoof disappearing below her chest don't leave much to the imagination
  96. >Cloudchaser on the other hand isn't as discrete, simply sitting on the window's ledge, back legs spread wide and hoof circling around her love nub
  97. >The sight is enough to make you throb and remind you that your dick is in a colt's mouth
  98. >This one won't take long
  99. >Your hand moves from his cheek and towards his neck as you push another two inches inside
  100. >And sure enough, his gag reflex kicks in when your tip hits his uvula
  101. >His head tries to jerk backwards but your hand keeps him firmly in place
  102. "Shhh, it's okay, I know you can do it, just calm down and breathe through your nose,"
  103. >You do your best comforting him by stroking his neck as you pull out just enough for him to calm down, to show him that you don't want to hurt him
  104. >You never would
  105. >He hacks and coughs some more with a third of your length still in his mouth
  106. "We're going to try this again, and I want you to take it all in this time, okay?"
  107. >Another submissive moan vibrates around your cock as he nods
  108. >You can't help but smirk at the display
  109. "Good girl,"
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