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  1. Name- Mariko Tachibana
  2. Age- 9
  3. Appearance- short, large purple eyes, long purple hair in twintails, perpetual smile. Almost always wears skirts or dresses of some type
  5. Stats
  7. Power- 4
  8. Skill- 4
  9. Love- 9 (+2 from Power of Love, +1 from accessory artifact)
  11. SP- 20
  12. RP- 18
  14. Qualities
  16. Power of Love- +2 Love
  17. Moe~ - all enemies take -1 in conflicts against Mariko
  19. Problems
  21. Immature
  22. Naive
  24. Spells
  26. Ranged Attack- Shine Arrow
  27. Level 2 spell, +2 on conflict roll
  28. Pulls an orb of light from her pendant, which becomes shaped like a bow of pure energy. An energy arrow forms as Mariko draws back the nonexistent string, and launches at the target. The arrows can change direction once fired, but not more than 60 degrees in any direction from the original course. Oddly enough aren't lethal, even when they pierce through the heart.
  30. Transformation
  31. Transformation Artifact- A thin golden ring with no stone set.
  32. Theme- Angels, Light
  33. Sequence- Everything around Mariko blacks out, and her ring slips off, and starts growing until it forms a giant ring of light around Mariko's feet, and her outfit changes as the ring works it's way up. Eventually the ring shrinks into a halo and solidifies.
  34. Can't think of appropriate music.
  35. Costume- classic white angel tunic that ends right above her knees, not much back is covered, revealing a pair of small white wings. Strap-up sandals that go up to right below her knees, golden floating halo, few golden bracelets on either arm.
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