[Action] Garrison

Sep 24th, 2017
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  1. You pass through the moat and arrive at the garrison, where eager new potential recruits are waiting for the right offer...
  2. [Action]1. You can recruit 1 member from the garrison(see garrison recruit list in thread). Members of the garrison start with a certain skill, which makes them slightly superior to the commoners recruited from the regions.
  3. You have to pay an amount of gold according to the current recruit laws made by the castellan of the city(check laws list in thread).
  6. [Action]2. Bid influence to become the new castellan
  7. *Requirement#1 the character you are sending must be a courtier/guild leader in rank.
  8. You can pay the amount of influence(see current amount in thread, politics&laws pic) required to become a castellan. Notice that if you own a tile neighboring the garrison(moat) the required amount of influence you have to pay is halved from that written in the thread.
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