Obscenerio - Mothponies are terrible roommates

Feb 21st, 2014
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  1. >You fling open the door to your apartment and step inside, closing it behind you
  2. >It's been a long day, and you're just glad to be home
  3. >It's time to relax
  4. >You make your way to the fridge and reach in to grab yourself-
  5. >Nothing at all, apparently
  6. >Of course
  7. >You sigh, close the fridge, and turn to your roommate's door
  8. >You knock quickly, trying not to sound as frustrated as you are
  9. >"Aurelia," you call, "you here?"
  10. >You hear a buzz and series of clicks, and the door opens
  11. >You step inside, and it's as if you've entered another world
  12. >It's ridiculously dark, but the light shining from behind you is enough illumination to see by
  13. >There are flowers everywhere
  14. >Huge white petals seem to glow as they reflect light, and the floor is littered with fresh leaves
  15. >Strands of silk hang from the ceiling, holding up a massive cocoon that serves as a bed
  16. >The windows have been covered with floral print curtains, explaining the darkness
  17. >On the wall sits a poster of the Wonderbolts, which clashes horribly with the entire room
  18. >"Hi Anon!"
  19. >A ball of fuzz pops out from behind the door you entered from and detaches itself, landing on the floor with a poof
  20. >The mothpony smiles at you, her compound-eyes gleaming brightly
  21. >"Ooh, what did you want to see me about?" she squeaks happily
  22. >"I was was just-" you begin, but she cuts you off in her excitement
  23. >"Did you bring the light? I love looking at the light! It's really pretty and it makes me feel funny in my brain and-"
  24. >"Aurelia."
  25. >"Maybe we can look at it together! I love doing stuff with other ponies, but you're not really a pony but that might make it even more fun to-"
  26. >"Aurelia!" you speak up, causing her to recoil and take a step back
  27. >She quiets down and lowers her head sheepishly, both her ears and antenna falling flat
  28. >"Sorry," she squeaks
  29. >"It's fine," you sigh. "I was just going to ask you why the fridge is empty."
  30. >She perks up again. "Oh, that? I drank everything in it."
  32. >Your palm finds its way to your face, where it will stay for the forseeable future
  33. >"I gathered that," you say. "Why did you drink everything in the fridge?"
  34. >"'Cause I was thirsty," Aurelia squeaks as if it's the most obvious thing in the world
  35. >She takes your stare as a cue to continue
  36. >"So did you bring the light?"
  37. >"No," you nearly growl. "Just, please replace what you drink next time, okay?"
  38. >You think about that request for a moment
  39. >"And I don't want the entire thing filled with nothing but juice boxes, either," you add.
  40. >The mothpony tilts her head at you, then nods vigorously
  41. >"Okay!"
  42. >With no warning whatsoever, Aurelia lifts off the ground and springs towards your face
  43. >Your arms fly up, but your vision is already filled with fluff and wings as she fwumps onto your chest
  44. >"So can we do something together now?"
  45. >You reach up and pry the pony off of you, holding her so her head is level with yours
  46. >"Not now," you say. "I was hoping to relax tonight."
  47. >"Oooh, I can do that!" Aurelia giggles
  48. >There's a second of silence as your mind attempts to process this
  49. >It fails
  50. >"How?" you ask suspiciously
  51. >Aurelia inhales deeply, fluttering her wings quickly in your arms
  52. >"What are you-"
  53. >Aurelia explodes into a cloud of fluff
  54. >Dusty scales fill your vision as you drop the pony and try to breathe
  55. >Dryness fills your throat and nose as you gasp and cough, and you blink furiously
  56. >"What the-" you burst into another fit of coughing
  57. >"It's a defense!" Aurelia chirps, fluttering happily inside her own cloud
  58. >You manage to blink enough of the dust from your eyes to glare at the mothpony, but then your mind begins to work and your heart pounds
  59. >"A defense?" you choke. "Aurelia, are you poisonous?!"
  60. >The mothpony makes a shrugging motion. "A little?"
  61. >"Are you insane?!" you scream, dashing from the room
  62. >You make it three steps before your legs turn to mush and you fall to your knees
  63. >Your mind starts to swim, and there's a buzzing in the back of your head
  65. >You try to think
  66. >There's got to be something you can do to stave this off
  67. >Your pounding heart will just work whatever it is into the bloodstream faster
  68. >You need to calm down
  69. >Your head feels like it's full of cotton
  70. >"You okay?" Aurielia plops down next to you
  71. >You stare at her, unsure if you should be terrified or incredulous
  72. >"What'd you do t'me?" you barely manage through the haze
  73. >Aurelia giggles. "My scales confuse predators," she squeaks. "Make their heads all fuzzy and stuff."
  74. >You blink at her, unsure if you understand the words coming out of this bughorse
  75. >You just decide to spin until the room stops laying down
  76. >"Sometimes they get all sleepy and relaxed," Aurelia continues, "and if I tell them things..."
  77. >She trails off, mouth still working
  78. >""
  79. >A wicked smile appears on the moth thing's face
  80. >"Hey, Anooooooon," Aurelia coos
  81. >Your mouth makes some kind of noise without consulting your brain
  82. >Aurelia's giggling reaches a fever pitch
  83. >"It's hard to think, isn't it?"
  84. >You idly wonder how words are a thing that happens
  85. >"It's so much easier to let somepony think for you, isn't it? Then you don't have to worry about the hard stuff."
  86. >That sounds good to you
  87. >Do that
  88. >Aurelia's grin is almost too wide for her mouth
  89. >"Do you have the light?"
  90. >The light?
  91. >Yeah, you think you know what a light is
  92. >One of your arms flails on the ground for a moment
  93. >It eventually makes it's way to your pocket, where it secures a simple lighter
  94. >You
  95. >Aren't really sure how this thing works?
  96. >"Ooh, ooh!" Aurelia squeaks "Do the thing! With the hand!"
  97. >You do the thing with the hand
  98. >You don't remember how you did the thing with the hand
  99. >A small flame leaps up from the lighter, and Aurelia focuses on immediately
  100. >Her features soften, her wings fanning out as her entire body relaxes
  101. >She sits there for several minutes, during which you realize why the light is the best thing ever
  102. >Aurelia gasps. "Wave it around a little!"
  103. >Okay
  104. >This will be awesome
  106. >The flame moves around jerkily
  107. >You think maybe your arm had something to do with it
  108. >Aurelia follows the flame intently, her entire head moving to chase it around
  109. >Your own eyes can't seem to stay away from the flame either
  110. >As the fire dances, Aurelia tilts her head and brushes an antenna past your free hand
  111. >It tickles, and your hand instinctively jerks, brushing her antenna in return
  112. >Aurelia stops and looks from the flame to your hand and back a few times
  113. >She lights up with an idea and she inhales in a massive gasp
  114. >"Do that again!" she squeaks, trying to maneuver her head so she can watch the flame and touch your hand at the same time
  115. >Your hand manages to lift itself up and grab the mothpony's antenna
  116. >Aurelia makes a squeaking noise not unlike a little river of eeeeeeeeeeeee
  117. >She flips over onto her back, now watching the flame upside down
  118. >Or maybe sideways
  119. >Spinways
  120. >You think you'll go with that one
  121. >Aurelia continues watching the flame as one of your arms moves by itself
  122. >And the other one strokes Aurelia's antenna
  123. >Wow
  124. >Arms can do different things
  125. >You're not sure how much time passes after this revelation
  126. >At some point Aurelia snuggles up to you
  127. >"Hey," she sighs dreamily
  128. >"Rub my thorax."
  129. >You blink and do nothing for several moments
  130. >The light stops in it's rounds
  131. >For some reason, this confuses and infuriates you
  132. >You try to grab the light with both hands in an effort to make it move again
  133. >Before you can, however, Aurelia seizes the arm and pushes it onto her belly
  134. >Oh
  135. >Bug belly rubs
  136. >You can do that
  137. >Aurelia squirms under your hand, and somehow the light starts moving again
  138. >In moments, your hand is covered in fluffy scales
  139. >It moves up under Aurelia's neck fluff and starts to scratch her
  140. >She continues to eeeeeee
  141. >You blink a few more times as both of you stare into the light
  142. >"Are you relaxed yet, Anon?" Aurelia squeaks in your direction
  143. >Yeah
  144. >You think so
  145. >"That's good, 'cause I think you're on fire."
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