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lewd f!Kris green for /utg/

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Sep 12th, 2019
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  1. >You've got her this time!
  2. >Kris is wide open, her stance is woefully off and her hair is in front of her eyes! though that's nothing new...
  3. >You close in and ready to make a grab for her!
  4. >You notice her smiling and remember you've seen this exact posture before...
  5. >Undyne!
  6. >You twist to her left, but she cracks like a whip and before you can muster a defence she trips you!
  7. >Rather than pin you, she takes your arms behind her and wraps her legs around your neck!
  8. >You can't help but enjoy being sandwiched between Kris' bare thighs, her shorts riding up slightly as you struggle.
  9. >Then she starts to squeeze.
  10. >She isn't choking you, but rather cutting off the circulation.
  11. >You should tap, but she's already pinned you once...
  12. >Struggling to free your arms is useless, pinned as they are to her sides and gripped solidly at the wrists, so you try to kick out and dislodge yourself.
  13. >Kris responds to this by squeezing even harder, causing you to see spots and sending a surge of panic shooting through you!
  14. >You stop your kicking and instead try to twist onto your front.
  15. >Kris makes a slight shuffle forward and closes her legs further around your neck, knocking the resistance out of you.
  16. >You can't take it anymore and tap, one hand slipping free to hit the ground.
  17. >The pressure doesn't stop however and you squirm helplessly as she seems determined to hold you until you pass out!
  18. >You push your head back against her to look up pleadingly!
  19. >She's looking down at you stonefaced, only a mild flush of red in her cheeks and neck suggesting that she's even exerting herself.
  20. >You manage to croak out something that sounds close enough to 'please' for her to take it as surrender and she releases you.
  21. >You lay on your back, blood pounding in your ears and chest heaving as you catch your breath.
  22. >Your eyes follow Kris as you watch her leave for the showers before you turn onto your side and cover your groin.
  23. >You're rock hard and there's no way she didn't notice...
  25. 1/4
  27. >You're in the changing room afterwards, kicking yourself at falling for Kris' ploy.
  28. >And for not being able to hide your enjoyment of her leglock!
  29. >Deciding that maybe she didn't notice or more likely knowing her didn't care, you pull your locker door open and strip off before grabbing your towel and hitting the shower.
  30. >Working out the stress in the warm water soon takes your mind off the shameful display and you feel rejuvenated.
  31. >You are so relaxed afterwards that your brain grinds to a halt as you return to your locker and see Kris waiting there.
  32. >Gripping the towel protecting your modesty a little tighter, you can only think to stammeringly try to let Kris know that this is the male changing room.
  33. >Kris gazes intently at you, brushing away her fringe and revealing her impassive, crimson eyes for just a moment.
  34. >Fidgeting to ensure that the towel wrapped around your waist is secure, you try to think of a way to reword the sentence...
  35. >Kris interrupts when you open your mouth to speak.
  36. >"I won."
  37. >Forcing a laugh, you tell her she doesn't have to follow you in here to gloat.
  38. >You move past her and open your locker, still feeling those eyes boring into you.
  39. >The back of your neck tingles...
  40. >You tense and jump involuntarily when you feel Kris' hand on your back!
  41. >She presses her chest against you and stands on tiptoe to whisper in your ear.
  42. >"I won, so you're mine."
  43. >Before you can answer her, you feel her hands taking hold of the towel!
  44. >Heart pounding, you wriggle free and yell at Kris that it's not funny!
  45. >She backs off and sits on the bench, watching you intently.
  46. >"Fine. You take it off then."
  47. >Try as you might, you can't break her gaze, it feels like you spend an eternity staring at her like a deer in the headlights.
  49. 2/4
  51. >Deciding that it's another of her pranks and she'll run away laughing if you just do it, you take a deep breath and unwrap your towel.
  52. >Kris doesn't even look down as you drop it to the floor, she keeps staring at your reddening face.
  53. >"Good. Come here."
  54. >Feeling numbed by the bizarre situation, you slowly walk over to her and follow her directions to kneel.
  55. >Kris spreads her legs and pats her thighs. You obey without thinking, finding yourself once again trapped between them, but this time facing inward.
  56. >"If you did it quicker, I'd have taken these off."
  57. >Kris snaps the waistband of her shorts to punctuate her teasing words.
  58. >Gasping at the mental image, you breathe in a deep lungful of her. Her shorts are still lightly dampened with the sweat of your earlier exertions together but underneath the scent of it cooling is a note of something unfamiliar yet distinctly feminine.
  59. >"If you're good, maybe I still will."
  60. >Kris runs her fingers through your hair and begins gently squeezing you between her legs once more.
  61. >As that delicious lightheaded feeling slowly returns, your hand travels to your hardening cock...
  62. >"Guess I'm not the only freak."
  63. >The heat of her thighs seems to redouble as the blood rushes to your cheeks, but you don't think you could leave this 'prison' if you even wanted to.
  64. >Looking up at Kris, you see a devilish smile on her face as she increases the pressure, finding it much easier to hold the choke without you fighting back.
  65. >You aren't sure how long passes, caught up as you are in Kris alternating between bringing you to the edge of consciousness then releasing you.
  66. >Eventually you come to your senses having been dropped onto the floor and see that Kris is standing, the rare sight of her eyes peeking from beneath the curtain of her hair.
  68. 3/4
  70. >She takes your hands and pulls you to your feet, having to support you as you stand and sway dizzily.
  71. >"Have fun, perv?"
  72. >Trying your best not to poke her with your hardness, you grudgingly admit that you did.
  73. >Kris seemingly notices and takes you into her hand, rubbing her fingertip across your head and staring at the strands of precum that stick to it.
  74. >She lifts her finger to her mouth and licks it clean, giving a wet smack of her lips once finished and an almost imperceptible nod.
  75. >Without a word, she drops to her knees and takes you into her mouth, tracing her tongue along the same path her finger followed before pulling you in deeper.
  76. >You move to hold her head, but she grabs your wrists yet again and pins them against the lockers.
  77. >Satisfied you can't interfere, she begins bobbing her head up and down, pressing her nose into your navel and making a soft choking sound of her own.
  78. >When the shock wears off, you try to tell Kris you can't take much of this and warn her you're close, trying to free yourself.
  79. >She fights you for every inch, forcing your hands back against the lockers and making exaggerated slurping sounds as if to urge you on.
  80. >Unable to hold back a curse at the same time as your climax, you try to warn Kris one last time.
  81. >Kris responds by slowly taking you in completely and staring up at you with watery eyes.
  82. >The sensation is too much and you finally orgasm, looking straight into those deep red pools while you cum down her throat.
  83. >After the initial hot spray, Kris pulls back, licking and sucking your tip through the twitching aftershocks, finally releasing you with a wet pop when they end.
  84. >You slide down into a sitting position, panting, watching Kris swallowing and licking her lips.
  85. >She stands up, wipes her mouth and hesitates for a moment before ruffling your hair.
  86. >"See you tomorrow."
  87. >She smiles and you watch as she almost skips out of the changing room.
  88. >You might need another shower...
  90. 4/4
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